Mobile Legends x Star Wars: Possible Heroes to Get Skin and Is It Worth It?

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3 years ago
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A few months ago, ByteDance announced their acquirements to the company of Mobile Legends which is Moonton. In hoping for better improvement of the game, as well as widening its reach around the world. And finally we can finally feel its effect. Few days ago Moonton announced their collaboration with the famous Sci-Fi franchise, Star Wars. They teased the people with the poster showing Darth Vader and Yoda skin to these heroes;

Argus as Darth Vader

Argus is one of the OG fighter in Mobile Legends. Its ultimate skill is a problematic skill and very useful in team fights because it makes him unkillable for few seconds.

And as for making a Darth Vader skin for him, all I can say is it's not woth it. Unless they adjust his skills. Imagine spending lot's of money for a skin not worthy to be use cause the hero is useless. Wise players, especially in higher ranks can easily counter Argus. He is very squishy and killed easily after his ultimate. So it makes him unpractical and unworthy hero to rank up. So for now, the skin is unworthy and can be wasted if Argus will not be adjusted to be fit in using to higher ranks.

Cyclops as Master Yoda

Master Yoda is one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. He has wisdom, strength and knowledge greater than any Jedi. He is small but terrible fitting to be a skin for Cyclops.

My opinion for this skin is actually 50/50. Cyclops is actually not bad hero at all especially after those crazy skill adjustment. Building a cool down reduction items added with its passive skill, it makes him looks like casting skills non stop. But the only problem for him is it only works until Legends or even early stages of Mythic (it's not even effective). He is very squishy and can be taken down easily by enemies core easily, especially if they are skilled. So is it worth it? Well for me it's a no (for now). They need to atleast make him more durable and fix it's second skill target system. It should be prioritized to heroes just like Mathilda. So for not its a No.

The official design is still unknown. As well as the other heroes to get skins. But I found some interesting theories and speculations that might actually be true. So let me know what you think about it.

Balmond as Chewbacca

This skin is interesting and to be honest it is worth it. Balmond is one of the strongest fighters right now. It can counter Benedetta in the sidelanes and even instantly kill heroes after revival using immortality. And above all else, he is very tanky that makes him a strong side lanes. So Chewbacca skin on Balmond is actually good and it even fits to his appearance and body build. So why not?

Clint as Han Solo

Clint is actually the most underappreciated marksman in Mobile Legends right now. He is very durable as hell as well as annoyingly hurt at late game. It makes him a better pick than Hanabi or Lesley that are very popular in lower ranks right now. And Han Solo is actually much better skin for him. It fits his appearance perfectly especially that Han is known in the series for using a pistol. So for me I'll approved in this one.

Faramis as Darth Sidious

It's actually a good skin if it is true. But before that, I would love to him to be revamped first or atleast an adjustment. They need to change him as a complete mage, not a support. He is a useless support but a good mage. They just need to increase his damage especially the damage to minions. He is a very weak wave clearer even though he is a mage even nana can clear wave faster than him. And Darth Sidious appearance fits perfectly for him so it might be possible.

Alpha as Mandalorian

Another good theory. Alpha is crazy good right now after so many adjustments. And there is something even more yet to come. He can be a very good jungler and can even handle side lanes. He may be a very flexible hero right now. So it might not impossible to be one of the heroes that may get Star Wars skin. And the Mandalorian skin fits him perfectly. So it is still possible.

This collaboration is a great sign that ByteDance is a really good company to acquire Mobile Legends. Well unfortunately this skin will only be available to few countries. This includes; Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan. And for sure you need to spend thousands of diamonds in order to get one of this skins. So well played Moonton, profit stonks.

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