Blacklist International vs Evos Legends | MSC 2021 My Analysis

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2 years ago

Yesterday the upper bracket finals finally happened and it's the battle between the champions of Indonesia and the champions of Philippines. It was supposed to be a close fight but surprisingly Blacklist dominated Evos with a sweeping 3:0 in favor of Blacklist International. But why did it happened though? Is Evos just weak?

Well actually Evos is a strong team. They even beat Execration who goes toe to toe with Blacklist International during MPL-PH. It's just that they have a hard time reading the moves of Blacklist especially with their drafts. Their gameplay is almost the same but the drafts always favor at Blacklist.

Here's the reasons why. Let's take a look with their games.

Game 1

Game 1 is clearly a win for Blacklist. Their draft is just perfect. They have early game advantage because of Brody and Rafaela and a late game insurance because of Alice. On the other hand Evos needs to be aggressive at early game because they have Selena and Popol. But Blacklist know their winning conditions. They pick Diggie to prevent Evos from being so aggressive. Instead of being defensive they go offensive that it looks like they are the aggressive one. It explains why the play safe player Wise become aggressive that always result of him always got killed.

Evos did a good job keeping up not untill 10 minutes mark and Oheb on his Alice got the Items he needed and it makes him unstoppable. Mid game to late game will not favor Evos, so it is expected that they will gonna lose the match if they will not get the first Lord.

Game 2

If you look at their draft, game 2 should look like a win for Evos right? They have a good idea of picking Zhask against Harith. Harith of Oheb will have a hard time farming because of Clover's Zhask. But what's more amazing is Blacklist know what they are doing. Instead of letting Harith farm alone, they assign one player to help him with his farm. They utilize the time bombs of Diggie to force Clover back and let Harith get all the gold he needs. Making it 2 v 1 is better than 1 v 1. And that's where Evos lose.

The supposed to be Harith counter backfired and hurt the Side of Evos. Zhask becomes useless and now they don't have any means to stop the snowball of Oheb. And that Harith just dominated their team.

Game 3

In Game 3, I bet everyone thinks that Phoveus pick is a good pick against Blacklist. That's where they go wrong. By picking Phoveus, they just love a very important role in their lineup. They lose a good frontline or Tank. Yes Phoveus countered 2 heroes of Blacklist (Harith and Benedetta) but you have to think about it. They have Rafaela and Estes that only heals the damage of Phoveus. With this, their Phoveus pick become useless and no one in their team can stop Harith now.

This is a very wasted draft of Evos in my opinion. They got Mathilda and Ling that can heavy counter the lineup of Blacklist. If they just pick Gloo or even Paquito as their EXP laner, they could've fight better. Harith in his purify with 2 healers is just OP and unstopable. They need a heavy crowd control.

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It's still a good game for Evos and later they need to face Execration once more to advance in grand finals. I just still don't know if anyone can stop Blacklist International at the moment. In their whole matches in MSC they didn't lose even once. But who knows, there might be a poison coming.

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