5 Ways to Counter Diggie Feeding Strategy

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3 years ago

Diggie is one of the most annoying hero in Mobile Legends. People in lower ranks aren't a fan of this hero because they prefer something strong and can carry the whole team. Well that mindset isn't that bad. But Diggie is the devil in higher ranks. When executed properly and didn't get countered by the enemies, your victory will be inevitable.

Diggie feed strategy is literally a hell to enemy jungle. He will sacrifice his KDA in order to delay the farm of his enemy. It will not actually effect the economy of your team since Diggie's kill bounty will be reduced every time he got killed. So feeding will not boost the EXP and Gold of your enemies. So if they decided to focus on killing you, they will just be surprised about their economy and Experience difference later. Aside from that he is very useful in late game even though he got fed on the early. With his first skill (Time Bomb), you can scout enemy bush to prevent gank and deal some damage. This skill is also annoying in early game cause he can easily kill enemy squishy jungle if they are careless enough. And also his second skill (Reverse Time), he can minimize the mobility of the enemy hero which is perfect for initiating a clash. And lastly his ultimate (Time Journey), which negate all crowd control except for suppress like Franco or Kaja. His ult is a large AOE support skill very effective and useful in clash.

So if this hero is annoying as hell and you forgot to ban him, what can you do in order to stop his never ending harassment? In this article I'm going to give you this 5 tips to counter Diggie Strat.

1. Use Aldous as your Jungle

Aldous is an underappreciated jungle right now. He can clear jungle fast and also prevent him from getting ganked compare to Side Lane Aldous. Aldous is also the perfect counter for Diggie feeding strat. He can easily get stacks after killing Diggie that makes the strategy useless even though he got delayed in gold and experience. Stacks will always matter on Aldous and Diggie will just be a food for him.

2. Use Hilda and Support Your Jungler

With Hilda's passive which increase his damage every time he get Assist or Kill, Diggie will just be useless. You can easily get full stack against a Diggie even just your assist. And to remind you, Hilda full stack is painful as hell even he build pure defence. That makes Hilda a good counter to Diggie.

3. Use Heroes with Heals

Diggie's first skill is a skill that mostly annoy your jungle. He got a lot of damage that force your Jungler to recall and delay the farm. So the best way to counter that is to use healers. Best hero for that is Estes and Rafaela. With their heal, it will not be a problem if Diggie will spam his first skill. So you can ignore him and focus to the jungle.

4. Use Festival of Blood as Your Emblem Perks

Festival of Blood is the perk of your Fighter emblem once it reached level 30. With this you can get 8% spell vamp and additional 1% every kill (up to 12%). So killing Diggie will just be a bonus for every fighter cause it will help them stack their Festival of Blood. Fighter with this emblem is actually get stronger and tankeir once they get full stack. The best hero to benefit this is Benedetta, Yu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu and Khalid.

5. Just Ban That Cute Little Devil

And the last tip is just ban that hero. If you don't have any means to counter that bastard just ban him. I don't know how can players sacrifice their KDA into victory. Well to be honest I enjoy doing it too in my smurf account. I love to see enemy jungler suffering to this little devil. So I recommend to just ban him.

It is just my small tips on how to counter a certain hero in Mobile Legends. So if there's some hero that you want to know how to get countered just comment it down below so that I can make a guide about it next article. Let's reach Mythic altogether.

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3 years ago


There is also another counter for diggie strategy, that is not farming for 2 mins while the core was supported by a hero with healing power like Rafaela. I watched this strategy on MPL which used by Blacklist International. It was a good strategy but great lose of gold in return because once the core who got lots of killed from diggie has been shutdown, the bounty of that killed hero is so much high that it can equalize the gold difference.

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3 years ago