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Get-Paid-To Rewards Sites 

There are numerous locales like Swagbucks that pay you for finishing an assortment of little online assignments. Here are probably the most mainstream. 

1. InstaGC 

InstaGC clients can procure focuses for finishing overviews, looking through the web, shopping on the web and watching recordings. You can just money out your focuses for e-gift vouchers. Notwithstanding, your e-gift voucher is open quickly, and you can utilize it coming up or on the web. 

2. FusionCash 

FusionCash has your regular reviews (on the webpage and infrequently through email), web based shopping, video viewing and web perusing acquiring strategies. In any case, you can likewise procure by joining to get calls, evaluating items and testing programming. 

FusionCash has a $25 installment limit, $15 of which must originate from individual income (not references). You can get installment by means of check, direct store or PayPal. 

3. IRazoo 

iRazoo has paid out over $108 million to clients throughout the long term. On iRazoo, you can procure focuses by noting studies, watching recordings, messing around, finishing different offers and in any event, downloading applications. You get paid week by week, and you can money out for gift vouchers to large brands or PayPal credit. 

Study Sites

These destinations center principally around offering paid online reviews. You can find out about more alternatives in our advisers for the best review destinations and the most lucrative study locales. 

1. Overview Junkie 

SurveyJunkie is one of the most trustworthy overview locales, with strong audits and appraisals over the significant client criticism stages. 

What's special about SurveyJunkie is that it'll pay you a couple of focuses regardless of whether you don't fit the bill for a study. Most locales don't pay you for this. The payout limit is low at $5. 

2. Lifepoints 

Lifepoints is an overview site with an enormous stock that is recharged day by day, however you can likewise procure by recording your own shopper conduct in a diary, and by testing items. 

You can money out for gift vouchers or PayPal credit, or use them to give to noble cause. LifePoints is accessible universally and in more than 26 dialects, and you just should be 14 to join. 

3. Vindale Research 

Vindale Research offers a lot of overviews, and some can settle up to $75 on the off chance that they include testing an item. Vindale has a high payout limit at $50, however clients have detailed speedy and simple installments through check and PayPal once they arrive at that number. 

4. PrizeRebel 

Notwithstanding paid reviews, PrizeRebel pays you rewards in the event that you hit every day objectives. Also, they have a worthwhile reference program where you can procure 15-30% of your reference's lifetime profit. 

There is no base payout sum for money, and you can recover for gift vouchers at $5. You can even money out for Bitcoin at $5. 

5. Productive 

Productive's studies originate from scholarly organizations, not organizations. Hence, you add to logical examination as opposed to promoting research. It has a monstrous measure of prescreening inquiries to all the more likely tailor overviews to you. 

With respect to the studies themselves, numerous clients report them to be more intriguing than other overview locales. You have to bring in $7 to money out. 

More Online Survey Site Options 

Here are some overview destinations that are less notable however may at present merit a look. 


Offers numerous open doors for overviews. You can money out by means of direct store (in the U.S.), PayPal, gift vouchers and paid ahead of time virtual Mastercards. 

Ipsos I-Say:

Gives rewards in the wake of hitting review fruition achievements, has prize drawings like clockwork, and offers same-day gift voucher reclamation. It gives a considerable lot of similar compensations as other study destinations, however you can likewise reclaim for stock. 

Conclusion Outpost:

The compensation will in general be low. You can money out by means of PayPal, an assortment of gift vouchers, prepaid visa cards and Red Cross gifts. 

Pinecone Research:

A brilliant review site choice. Used to be welcome just, yet now anybody can join. Has top notch reviews and a wide scope of money out techniques accessible. It additionally flaunts quick client care. 


If SurveySavvy precludes you from a paid overview, it'll give you a passage into a monetary reward drawing. This site offers acquiring techniques other than reviews, as well. You just need $1 in income to demand money out through check. Checks are the main installment strategy. 


You can step through overviews and exam items. You will keep the items. You can money out once you reach $10 (30,000 prizes focuses) in profit. Prizes can set aside a long effort to convey, however, and focuses lapse in 16 months. 


YouGov conveys a pamphlet demonstrating you examines that your answers are utilized in. You can likewise enter and win sweepstakes. Ultimately, YouGov offers a spot where you can impart insights on points that interest you and talk about them with others.

Money Back Shopping Sites 

Swagbucks stands its ground regarding money back remunerations rates for web based shopping, yet destinations committed exclusively to paying you for shopping now and again have more stores and better payouts. 

1. Capital One Shopping 

Capital One Shopping (once known as Wikibuy) is a multi-faceted prizes site that offers an assortment of cash sparing highlights. It'll value think about across a large number of retailers, check for coupon codes on the web, screen for value drops and procure you "Credits" on qualified online buys (which can be recovered for gift vouchers). 

2. BeFrugal 

BeFrugal is one of the biggest money back shopping destinations, working with more than 5,000 stores. Basically head to the site, discover your store, navigate, and shop to bring in money back. You can get your prize installment through check, direct store, PayPal or gift voucher. 

3. Rakuten 

Rakuten offers astounding money back rates at all your #1 brands on the web and available. It likewise offers a standard pivot of twofold and triple money back stores to supercharge your prizes. 

Furthermore, Rakuten's program augmentation guarantees you never miss an offer, regardless of whether you don't shop through the site. Installment is made each quarter by means of check or PayPal store. 

4. TopCashback 

In contrast to other money back destinations, TopCashback underpins itself exclusively with advertisements and advancements. Along these lines, it pays you 100% of its payments it acquires for alluding you to its 4,000+ accomplice stores. 

As per exploration, this reliably brings about the most noteworthy money back rates on the web. Truth be told, the information in our audit shows that TopCashback pays 2.6% more on normal that Swagucks, Rakuten and BeFrugal. 

Payout can happen by means of direct store, gift voucher or PayPal, and there's no base installment limit. 

5. IBotta 

iBotta pays you for your shopping for food. You just sign into the application and select proposals at your nearby merchant. At that point, you purchase those things, snap an image of the receipt in the Ibotta application, and get paid for each offer you finish on. 

Watch Videos

It may seem odd that companies will pay you watch videos, especially when you can just ignore them as they play in the background. However, these firms need this data to monitor overall user behavior online and to target consumers with advertising more efficiently.

1. Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel gathers data about your Internet usage to construct a broader picture of overall internet user behavior. In exchange, it pays you. You can earn a reward of up to $50 per year by merely downloading the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app onto your smartphone and then watching videos/using your device as you normally do.

2. AdWallet

On  AdWallet, you can earn between 50 cents and $3 per video, and videos only run for a few minutes at most. Like paid survey sites, AdWallet requires you take a short survey and answer a few questions about each video. It also collects demographic and other info from you to match you to relevant video ads.

You earn raw cash, and you can withdraw it once you reach $10. You can also redeem for gift cards or donate to charity.

Play Games

Most people’s idea of getting paid to play games involves becoming an e-sports pro or working in a game development role. But you don’t need to get that far into video games to earn some money playing. Instead, consider these apps that pay you to pass the time.

1. Mistplay

 Mistplay pays you to play and test mobile games curated to your tastes. You earn rewards points for each game you play, and you can boost your earnings by logging in every day and earning badges in the app. It’s only available for Android devices at the moment, but an iOS version is in development.

2. AppNana 

 AppNana lets you download paid apps and games for free. Then, you can earn Nana credits by playing these games and using these apps. It’s an interesting idea, but you have to rack up 45,000 Nana credits to cash out $2 via PayPal, which users report is no easy task.


Microtasking involves splitting a large, complicated job into small, simple parts for many people across the internet to complete. The people working on the tasks are the microtaskers.

1. Mturk

Amazon’s Mturk is the most reputable microtasking platform. As an Mturk microtasker, you’ll do several tasks involving data verification/clean-up and processing, information gathering, and video/image processing. 

2. Clickworker

As a Clickworker microtasker, you perform tasks including creating/correcting text, searching and categorizing data, proofreading, copyediting and taking surveys. Clickworker uses the various microtasks you complete to train AI on how to perform different actions.

3. Appen

As with Clickworker, Appen lets you help train AI systems by microtasking. You can complete microtasks and sign up for longer projects. Appen actually provides many of Swagbucks’ microtasking activities.

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