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2 years ago

Hey guys. I'm here again.

Does anyone know about an app that pays?

Let me introduce to you an app that really pays.. this is called BIGTOKEN..


  • Is an application that let you earn money by simply answering/ taking simple surveys.

  • BIG users can earn points that are redeemable for cash via PayPal, Xbox or Target gift cards.

How to earn points?

  • Taking simple surveys

  • Check in your location

  • Connect your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

  • Invite friends

  • Scan receipts

  • Join a team and complete daily team action

Big Rewards

  • This is a new feature that is now available in U.S based Bigtoken users.

Proof of Payout

Latest payout

How to sign up?

  • Download the app (BIGTOKEN) in PlayStore

  • Select your country

  • Put your mobile number

Happy Earnings!!!

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2 years ago