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Truth seeker-03

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All of us started reporting to the police from Bamun, the mess servant. That's all I know, I said. But no one's statement revealed anything that could have guessed the cause of Ashwini Babu's death.Ashwinibabu was a very uncompromising man, and it was not known that he had any friends other than the mess and the office. He used to go home every Saturday. Ten or twelve years have passed like this, There have never been exceptions. For some time he had been suffering from diabetes; A few such simple words were revealed.

Doctor Anukulbabu also gave a statement. In what he said, the mystery of Ashwinibabu's death did not become clear but became more complicated. I am quoting his statement in full:

“Ashwini Babu has been in my house for the last twelve years. His home is in Hariharpur village in Burdwan district. He worked in a merchant's office, earning an estimated one hundred and twenty rupees. It was not convenient for him to stay in Calcutta with his family in such a short period of time, so he lived alone in the mess. Almost everyone in this mess does so.

“As far as I know Ashwinibabu, he was a man of simple nature. He never left anyone's debts, no one owed a penny. I don't even know if there was any intoxication; Everyone else in the mess can testify about it.

“I haven't noticed anything unusual or suspicious about him in these twelve years. He had been suffering from diabetes for the last few months, and I was undergoing treatment. But no signs of his mental illness have been seen before. Yesterday I suddenly noticed an unnatural feeling in his movements.

“I was sitting in my doctor's office at about half past ten yesterday. Suddenly Ashwini Babu came and said - ‘Doctor Babu, I have a secret talk with you.’ I looked at his face in a little surprise; He seemed very upset. I asked - ‘What are you talking about?’ He looked around and said in a hushed voice - ‘Not now, one more time.’ He hurried to the office.

‘After the evening, I, Ajitbabu and Atulbabu were sitting in my room talking, suddenly Ajitbabu saw Ashwinibabu standing by the door listening to us. As soon as he was called, he hurried away with an apology. We are all surprised, I think, what is Ashwini Babu?

“Then at ten o'clock in the morning he came to me like a thief. I can see from his face that his mental condition is not stable. He closed the door and started talking nonsense. Ever said that he had a terrible dream while sleeping, Ever said you know a terrible secret. I tried to calm him down, but he insisted. Finally I told him with a full sleeping pill - ‘Go to bed tonight, I will listen to you tomorrow morning. ’He went upstairs with the medicine.

"That was my last meeting with him, then this morning! Seeing his ideology, I had doubts about his mental nature, But I could not have imagined that he would commit suicide in this moment of excitement. ”

When Anukulbabu became silent, the inspector asked, "Do you think this is suicide?"

Anukulbabu said - "What else can happen?But Atulbabu was saying that this is not suicide - something else. Maybe he knows more about it, so he can tell. ”

The inspector turned to Atul and said- “Aren't you Atul Babu? Is there any reason to think that this is not suicide? ”

“Yes. Man cannot cut his own throat so terribly with his own hands. You've seen Lass - think it's impossible. "

The inspector thought for a while and said - "Who is the killer, do you have any doubt?"


"Can you guess the cause of the murder?"

Atul pointed to the window on the side of the road and said - "That window is the cause of death."

The inspector was startled and said- “The reason for killing Janla? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

“No. The killer entered the house through the door. ”

The inspector laughed softly and said, "You probably don't remember that the door was locked from the inside."

“I remem“The reason for killing Janla? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

“No. The killer entered the house through the door. ”

The inspector laughed softly and said, "You probably don't remember that the door was locked from the inside."


The inspector said in a slightly sarcastic tone - "But did Ashwinibabu close the door after he was injured?"

"No, the killer locked the door from outside after killing Ashwinibabu."

"How could he be?"

Atul smiled and said - "Very easily, you can understand if you think a little."

Anukulbabu had been staring at the door for so long, he said - "That's right! That's right! The door can be easily closed from the outside, it has not entered our head for so long. Didn't you see the Yale lock on the door? "

Daroga is an old man, he started thinking with his hand on his cheek, - “He is right. But there is a problem in one place. Is there any evidence that Ashwinibabu slept with the door open that night? ”

Atul said - "No, but there is evidence to the contrary. I know he closed the door and lay down. ”

I said - "I know. I heard him close the door. ”

The inspector said - "But? Ashwini Babu got up at night and opened the door for the killer, this assumption does not seem possible. ”

Atul said - "No. But you may not remember that Ashwinibabu has been suffering from a disease for the last few months. ”

“Suffering from disease? Oops! That's right, that's right, Atulbabu! I didn't even notice that. ” The inspector said a little Murubbiana - "You see a very intelligent man, do not enter the police! In this way you can improve. But in the meantime, things are getting worse. If it really is a murder, then there is no doubt that the killer is a man of terrible alertness. Do you suspect anyone? ” He looked at the faces of everyone present.

Everyone shook their heads silently. Anukulbabu said - "Look, there are often one or two murders in this neighborhood; This news is not new to you. The day before yesterday, there was a murder in front of our house. Seeing all this, I think that all the murders are tied in one thread, - if one side is the edge, the other will be the edge. Of course, if Ashwini Babu's death is accepted as murder! ”

The inspector said - "It can happen. But if you are sitting on the brink of another murder, you will probably have to sit forever. ”

Atul said - "Darogababu, if you want to put an end to this murder, then think carefully about that window."

The inspector said wearily -"We have to think carefully about everything, Atulbabu. Now I want to search each of your houses. ”

Then all the houses from top to bottom were thoroughly searched, But nowhere was there anything that could shed light on this mystery of death. Ashwinibabu's house was also searched as usual, But nothing more than a couple of very ordinary family letters were found. The empty sheath of the razor was lying on the side of the bed. We all knew that he used to shave himself, it was not difficult to recognize the sheath. Ashwinibabu's body had already been transferred, then the door was locked and sealed and the inspector left at half past one in the afternoon.

‘Her’ was sent to Ashwini Babu’s house, In the afternoon his sons and other close relatives came. I pulled the veil over the image of their bewildered mourning. Although we were unrelated, everyone was deeply hurt by Ashwini Babu's tragic death. Without it, there was no less fear of taking their own lives. Where such a thing can happen in the next room, What is the guarantee of our life there? This perilous misfortune was cut short by the filthy apprehension of exhaustion.

I went to the doctor's room before going to bed at night and saw that he was sitting stunned. In this one day incident a black line has fallen on his calm wiped face. I sat down next to him and said - "Everyone in the house is trying to leave the mess."

Anukulbabu said with a faint smile - “They can't be blamed, Ajit Babu! Tell me who wants to be where such a thing happens! - But one thing I do not understand - How can it be said so much? And if there is a murder, So how can it be called murder by a person outside the mess? And if there is a murder, then it cannot be very possible by a person outside the mess. First, how did the killer rise to the top? You all know that the door of the staircase is closed at night. If it is assumed that the man climbed to the top by any means - but how did he kill him with Ashwini Babu's razor? Is this ever possible? So it is certain that he was not killed by an outsider. If so, who is left? - Those who stay in the mess. Is there anyone among them who can kill Ashwinibabu? Of course, Atulbabu has been here for a while - we don't know anything about him. "

I was startled and said - "Atul -?

Doctor Babu cut his throat and said - "What do you think of Atulbabu man?"

I said - "Unparalleled? No no, this is never possible. For what is incomparable to Ashwinibabu - "

The doctor said - "Just look, your mouth is proving that no one in the mess can do this. So what's left? - He has committed suicide, isn't that what is left? ”

"But I also want to have a reason to commit suicide."

"I have thought about that too. You remember - a few days ago I said that there is a secret community of cocaine in this neighborhood. - No one knows who is the leader of this community. ”

"Yes - I remember."

The doctor said slowly - "Now think, if Ashwinibabu is the leader of this community?"

I was stunned and said - "What is he? Is that ever possible? ”

The doctor said - "Ajitbabu, nothing is impossible in the world. On the contrary, this suspicion is compounded by what Ashwinibabu told me last night - most likely he was terrified. Too much fear can make a person unnatural. Who's to say, maybe he's suicidal because of this insanity! - Think about it, doesn't that guess seem reasonable? "

Hearing this fancy theory, my head was completely confused, I said - "I don't know, Doctor, I have no idea. You better tell the police about your suspicions. ”

The doctor stood up and said - "I will say so tomorrow. As long as this problem is not resolved, there will be no peace at all. ”

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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