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Mirza's house murder-01

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1 year ago

There are two detectives sitting at the headquarters

Detective Chief Sanjivan and Detective Ranju

Detective Ranju is playing games on mobile

And intelligence chief Sanjivan is smiling at him

Suddenly the headquarters cell phone rang and Ranju looked at him angrily because he had lost his game.

Ranju: Ambassador Teriki

Sanjivan: Take the phone

Ranju: Hmm,(Ranju knows that intelligence chief Sanjivan never picked up the phone from the headquarters).

Ranju is moving towards the phone.

Ranju: Who says hello?

From the apash of the phone: Gee I'm Ruhan is it two detectives (In a crying voice)

Ranju: Yes, I can help you.

The boy named Ruhan: Yes, someone killed my father. Come to Mirza's house immediately.

Ranju: Give me the address of Achcha (Detective Ranju immediately wrote down the address)

Detective Chief Sanjivan: What happened Ranju?

Ranju: Mirza was killed at home. We have to go there.

Chief Detective Sanjivan: That is a new case.

Ranju: Hmm.

Sanjivan: How far is it from here (Detective Chief Sanjivan Ranju was questioned)

Detective Ranju: 14 kilos from here.

Chief Detective Sanjiban: Then you can't go by bike.

Ranju: Hmm.

Sanjivan: Then get the bike out.

Ranju: Hmm, I'm going.

Two detectives got on the bike and sat down

Detective Ranju is riding a bike

(In the meantime, let's say the two detectives are good friends)

The bike was moving at its own speed. Some detectives reached Mirza's house through some excavations

Chief Detective Sanjivan: Is that Ranju?

Detective Ranju: That's according to the address.

Sanjivan: Hey, there's a police car there.

Ranju: Hmm, that's what I'm looking at.

Sanjivan: Let's go inside.

Ranju: Hmm, let's go.

Shafiq meets Sar as soon as he goes inside (Hey, I don't understand Shafiq)

Seeing Sanjibon, Shafiq Sar said, "Hey Sanjibon, you are here."

Sanjivan: Yes sir we were called.

Shafiq: Well then you have to give the case.

A boy from Eri came in front of them and said, "Sir, I called you."

Ranju: Then you are Ruhan

Ruhan: Yes

Sanjivan: Then where is the body?

Ruhan: Going up the stairs and seeing the detective chief looking at the big big house, it looks like a man with a lot of money.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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It was great to read the story. Thanks for writing this beautiful article.

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1 year ago