Who will adopt a mother?

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Who will adopt a mother?

Do you remember that girl from Dhaka University named Nayan? After the girl died in a car accident, the reporter of Ekushey TV went to report and cried loudly after hearing about her mother. Then no one knew where that mother was, how she was. I knew. Today's article is about the mother of eyes. Will it take a while to know him?

Two years ago, I went to a university for a job. On that day, a convocation ceremony of that university is going on again. An hour before the program started, I went to the university's registrar's office and finished my work. When I was going back, I suddenly saw a huge crowd on the road. I usually avoid this kind of mess. But as I passed by, I saw an old woman lying on the street, and my sleeping conscience seemed to be awakened. I approached and picked him up. Then I said, where will Ammaji go?

The old woman looks at me. Some say, just stare. I asked again, will Ammaji reach somewhere?

He looked down at the ground and just shook his head and said, no. I will stay here. I haven't eaten anything since morning, so I got weak and went to bed.

Hearing the language of his mouth, I remembered my grandmother. My grandmother used to wear a white stone bracelet in the old woman's hand. That's how he used to speak softly. I forcibly took her to a food shop. I asked her, what is Ammaji doing here?

I was shocked to hear what he said. I speak in my own language.


The old woman's name is Safura Begum. Village Maijdi police station in Noakhali. She was married in 1975 in a frozen Magh. His father was quite well off. She gave a lot to her son-in-law after marriage as dowry. After two years of marriage, he had a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, on the same day, her husband was killed in a collision with a truck. Safura Begum's life then became miserable. Everyone in the village started calling her daughter Apaya. Even his mother-in-law used to talk nonsense to him from time to time. When the girl came to her mother crying, she said, why does everyone hate me?

Safura Begum used to say to her daughter, God did not give eyes to everyone to see mother light. You are the light of the whole world. Not everyone can see you.

One day when her father-in-law fell ill and went to bed, the girl went to see her grandfather. Safura Begum's Nanad then slapped the girl and told her never to bring the girl to anyone who was ill. He is a misfortune, he will eat whoever he goes to.

Safura Begum left the house with her seven-year-old daughter Nayan on the same day. Her father died a year ago, so she had no choice but to go. He moved to Dhaka city. He has lived in Arambagh slum for many years. He used to go to people's houses and work and teach the girl. The girl would sometimes caress her tired body at night and cry. He used to say, why do you bother me so much?

My mother used to say, I do it so that everyone can see your light.

The success of the mother-daughter struggle came at a time when the daughter had the opportunity to study in the Department of Physics, Dhaka University. After that the daughter and mother were not allowed to work anywhere. Almost every day my mother used to buy Singara from the sweet canteen and feed it and she used to tell me that on the day when I would pass, I would go and tell everyone that if a person finds light in everything in this world, it is my mother.

On a sunny day in 1993, the girl was taking her mother to her university. The university administration will hand over the certificate to him today. Safura Begum did not leave her daughter's hand. Because the girl has become very restless today. He scolded the girl and told her not to jump on the street. The girl laughs and says, mother, today everyone will see the light of your daughter. You must be the mother of graduate Meyer.

Safura Begum did not cry at all when the girl's bloodied frozen body was lying on the road an hour before the ceremony started at 1 pm. He was just turning his hand on the girl's head and saying, mother will not go? I'll call your name later.

The driver of the car that crushed his darling daughter was then grabbed and beaten by everyone. The road was closed for disturbances. The screams of the people, the hue and cry, everything was fixed in front of Safura Begum. Next to him was the caressing body of his daughter. For 25 years he has seen this body grow little by little. Lying on the girl's chest, he was trying to get the very familiar scent. Alas, it was lost somewhere.


I heard all and said to her, Ammaji often come here?

He nodded and said, "No, I don't have the strength to go anywhere." I told my story in a university study pool where I beg. He is urging me to come here today.

After a while I saw a boy come to the old woman with a toothache and say, you are here and I am looking for you somewhere. Come on. Come with me.

I followed them. Surprised, I noticed that the boy took the old woman to the place where the convocation was taking place in their seminar building. The Vice-Chancellor of the University gave some instructive remarks at the beginning of awarding the certificate. Then he said, I want to start giving this certificate today with a student. Her name is Sharmin Jahan Nayan. He graduated first class from the physics department of this university twenty-two years ago. Sadly the girl died in a road accident on the day of receiving the certificate, so we could not explain to her her honor. After a long time we found his mother. This mother cannot be honored with any certificate in the world. However, Safura Begum, a struggling mother of this university, is very happy to explain her daughter's honor today.

Safura Begum was then taken to the stage by several students. One girl took off her black gown and hat and taught it to her mother Safura Begum. After handing over the hand certificate, everyone requested Safura Begum to say something. After bringing the mic to him, he said with wet eyes, I come here in the middle of the day. I see students. Some people beg me. Someone eat. I look at Ogo. I think I can see the light. Lots of light. It feels good to see my light. I think there is Mayata Baicha.

Safura Begum said nothing more. As soon as Mike left, a group of boys and girls stood around him. A girl approached and cried and said, "There are seven of us here." None of us have a mother. We have been looking for a mother for a long time who we will take care of, take care of, put to sleep at night. Will you give us a chance to take your responsibility?

Safura Begum looks at everyone again with her emotionless eyes. I quickly leave the place. I don't go to the eye doctor for a long time. The eye is sometimes irritated!

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My Mother is my life...

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