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The benefits of reading books

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2 years ago

We all know that books develop knowledge but we are all interested to know how it happens. If you don't like reading books, you are really deprived of many things. Many people do not understand the surprising benefits of reading books. Some people find it a waste of time, some people find it boring - many people stay away from reading books for a few reasons. There is no alternative to reading books to build a better life So read more and more books, develop your knowledge.

1. Reading is the best exercise for the brain.

2. Reading, resists Alzheimer's rage.

3. Reduces reading, anxiety and stress.

4. Reading, enriches vocabulary. The collection of books is proof of elegance.

5. Increases reading ability and ability. Strengthens self-confidence.

6 . The successors of the regular reader cannot be worse.

7. Don’t let the book get worse.

8. A powerful tool for reading, motivating and inspiring. . Reading solves daily problems by increasing knowledge.

9. Reading, not expensive. If you can't buy it, you can borrow or beg or read online. But stealing is not right.

10. Reading, eliminates bad thoughts. Books and reading are helpful in personality development.

11. Books, marked as the best and most desirable decoration of the house.

12. The older the book, the more the underlying value increases.

13. Reading, good and effective rest and eliminates loneliness gives peace of mind.

14. Books, even if they are read aloud, the neighbors do not complain.

15. The book keeps both the upper eye and the mind eye alert and alert.

16. Reading eliminates narrowness, creates world-class generosity and universal values.

17. Increases security by creating reading, bullet and terrorist resistant generation.

18. The dinosaurs did not read. See what has happened to them with such a huge body. No matter how strong you are, if you don't read the book, that will be the consequence.

19. Monologues are dangerous. So read as many books as you can.

20. Not books, objects or money. Even if thousands of people read it, it remains the same, it is not broken.

21. Books, past, present and future intensive bridges.

22. Reading, money cannot be deposited.

What do you think is the benefit of reading a book? Is the book a stepping stone to success? Do you know the benefits of reading books? Reading books is to satisfy the infinite thirst for knowledge! Early in his career, Warren Buffett read 800-1000 pages a day! Bill Gates finishes 50 books each year. Elon Mask has acquired the science of rocket science through reading books. Mark Cuban reads books for more than 3 hours every day So it turns out, they succeed. Yet they have an infinite interest in knowing. So the importance of reading books has not diminished for them because they know that by reading books one can possess many qualities.

If the habit of reading books is completely gone from people due to TV, Facebook, WhatsApp or other time wasted things, then surely the future will wait for something terrible to come. Therefore, both parents, society and the government should be aware of the habit of reading books. There is no harm except the benefit of all!

The first revelation that Allah the Almighty revealed to the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in the name of Allah, the Creator. The first word of the Qur'an, that is, the first instruction to mankind, is read aloud. So reading or acquiring knowledge is an act of worship. Reading a book is a work that makes people's lives easier, improves people's judgment, builds the ability to make right and wrong decisions, enhances wisdom and helps to make life better. In fact, it is not possible to conclude that the benefits of reading books.

So Shaykh Hamad al-Ansari said nicely, "Books are much better to me than the palaces of kings!" Our previous Salafis used to read so many books that we cannot even imagine. Don't be satisfied! When I look at a book for the first time, I feel like I am. Looking at a treasure trove of resources. I have read more than 20,000 volumes and I am reading now. We are afraid to think about it!

A few nice quotes about the book -.

*** There is no difference between a person who does not have the habit of reading books and does not know how to read. - Mark Twain.

*** The book that is not read, it is not born dignified! - Pearson Smith.

***There is a need for three things in life - books, books and books. - Dr. Muhammad


*** "A house without a book is lifeless" - Arabic proverb.

*** I will live in the attic with a lot of books, but I do not want to be a king who does not love to read books! - John McLean

8 unique benefits of reading books:

01. Find new philosophies of life

By reading books you will always be acquainted with new topics. You will learn something new from each book. You can think of new ways to solve any problem.

You will know different philosophies towards the world, towards life. You get a better idea of ​​how different people think about different things.

A book is a product of a writer's long-term thoughts, observations and research. In just a few hours, or a few days, you will be able to pick up on a person's years of thought, research, and knowledge - which will help you move forward.

Being familiar with different thoughts on each subject allows you to judge a subject from different angles.

If you practice reading books, you will realize at a time that many new windows of your mind are opening. The windows were closed for so long. You will begin to see yourself, life and the world in a different light.

02. Reading books will make you more discreet

Reading books will enrich you as a person. Reading books will help you to better understand what you are interested in. The more your knowledge grows, the sharper your intellect will be.

You will be able to explain each subject better. The more knowledge you have about explaining something to someone, or understanding it yourself, the easier the task will be for you.

And in this case there is no alternative to reading books. Each new page will make you smarter or smarter little by little. Reading books means training the brain or intelligence. As knowledge increases, so does intelligence.

You can solve any problem faster than before. This is because you will know different aspects of a problem, so it will take you less time to find a solution.

Most of the world's most successful people were, or still are, addicted to reading deadly books. From Warren Buffett, Bill Gates to Vinci, Alexander, Napoleon, Mandela - all of them were great fans of the book.

03. Reading books strengthens imagination and creativity

You ask any great writer, what is the most important thing to become a writer? Almost everyone will say - the habit of reading.

There is probably no better way to strengthen your imagination and creativity than to read a book.

When you read a book, you have to imagine the events, the characters - everything.

When you read a book you enter a new world. Little by little the picture of that world and its inhabitants will become clear in your mind. As well as your imagination will continue to be sharp. New ideas will keep coming to your mind. Many time-honored writers admit that many of their new stories came after reading ten more stories.

Similarly, whether you are a painter, a director - or any other kind of creative work, reading a book will multiply your creativity.

04. Reading books improves memory

The human mind is a wonderful thing. The human mind is stronger than any super computer. The human brain can understand and remember everything much faster than any animal or machine.

But very few people can use this amazing power properly. When we are just sitting around, we get a lot of nonsense and unnecessary thoughts in our heads. As a result, we cannot use the true power of our brain.

As you continue to spend time reading books, constructive thoughts will always accumulate in your head. That way they won't let unnecessary thoughts come into your brain.

When our conscious mind is constantly going to useful and constructive information and messages, the mind will try to hold them. The pages of the book always contain some useful information or words.

As you read, you will find that you need to remember these. When you try to remember, you will see at a time what you want to remember - that is easy to remember. Practicing memorizing things in the book will improve your overall memory.

05. You can easily take knowledge from successful and knowledgeable people

As I have said before, a book is a product of the long-term knowledge, research and thought of one or more authors.

An author who has written a book after 10 years of research and thought - you can get that ten years of knowledge in a few hours or a few days if you read that book.

One line of a book can change your life. But the writer may have had to think year after year to bring that line to mind.

Many successful people write about their thoughts and philosophies, especially in self-help books. As well as writing about how they solved a specific problem on the way to success. By using that method, you may be able to solve a similar problem very easily.

But if you don't read the book, you may have to struggle for a long time to find that solution. Or maybe you can't find the solution. Suppose again that you suddenly want to know more about the Egyptian pyramids. Now, if researchers hadn't worked hard to write books about the pyramids, you might have had to work hard to acquire that information and knowledge over the years.

Or because of lack of time and opportunity it would not be possible for you to know. It may take you ten years to figure out how to turn a new company into a big company, but a book called Zero to One, written by a successful businessman, may save you many years.

As a result of reading books, other people's knowledge and experience will come to you, which will increase your knowledge as well as your decision-making ability manifold.

You may now feel that five hours behind a book is a waste of time. But think, the knowledge gained in these five hours may give you five months or five years ahead.

You may never meet face to face with successful people like Peter Theil or Bill Gates. But a book written by them, or written about them, may be enough to know their thoughts, to know the secret of their success.

A book may be the best way for you to know how a great scientist who died a hundred years ago lived, how he thought.

06. Increases language skills

It's just that reading is important for beautiful writing - but that's not the point. You may notice that people who read books speak more neatly and beautifully than others. The vocabulary of a person reading a book is several times richer than that of an ordinary person.

He can also explain different things better than others. Because he has knowledge about different things. If you have skills in language and words, you can say even a simple word very beautifully. People will also look at you with respect. In the book, different authors express their thoughts in different styles.

You can never understand how diverse a language is if you don't read books. If you make a habit of reading books, you will become familiar with this variety of language, and that variety will be reflected in your speech. You will always be familiar with new words.

Suppose you want to learn English well, learning English stories, novels or any other book will be much easier for you than memorizing a lot of grammar. In addition to learning new words, you can easily grasp the language style - so that you can learn Perfect English without having to learn grammar.

07. Books increase interest and belief in achieving goals

When you read about a man who has achieved his goal by overcoming all the huge obstacles, it will give birth to a great stimulus in you. No matter how bad your situation may be, you will always be eager and confident to achieve your goals. You will always be in the midst of motivation.

There are many who dream of doing something big. But the fear of failure prevents them from moving forward. How useful a good motivational book is in this case - he who has not read it, will not understand.

Peter Theil's "Zero to One", Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" - such books have changed the lives of many. Courage and faith have taken the place of despair and fear in their minds.

You can get the confidence and strength to overcome the stress, frustration, sadness and move forward from a good book. Even a book of such stories will create a good feeling in your subconscious mind, from which you will gain confidence and inspiration.

08. Reading books reduces stress

No matter how stressful you are in your personal or professional life, a good book can make you forget all the stress. When you enter the world of books, your subconscious mind begins to think that world is real.

This is because our brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality, so it shows the same reaction in both cases.

So, whenever you get lost in the realm of imagination reading a good book, your mind will act accordingly. Psychological studies have shown that when people read a good book, the muscles relax a lot, and the heartbeat is much more normal. As a result, the tension is much less felt.


There is no substitute for reading books to take care of the intellect. Almost all successful people in the present and in the past practiced this practice seriously. Just as the body needs nutritious food and exercise to grow, so does the growth of intelligence require the practice of knowledge and imagination. So make it a habit to read books even if it is difficult (if not).

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Written by   63
2 years ago
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They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend more your time with, reading a book is I a way spending time with the author! A good way to level up our life!

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1 year ago

Books are our best friend . I love to read different types of book. It helps us to know so many things.

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2 years ago