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Reading books

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2 years ago

What happens when you read a book?

All the scholars will say in response to all the bitterness in the face of others.

The readers know what is in it.

Reading a good book is like being surrounded by the sweet feeling of being close to a loved one.

Filled with miracles.

The source of the word 'book' is the book. The book comes from the Arabic word ‘revelation’. Its name is so miraculous that the book will fly with me right now out of the known world, into the world of unknown adventures.

There are two types of books. If there is a book of knowledge on one side, there is a book of juice on the other side

What we call the book of essays, its target is our brain. That sharpens our intellect

And the goal of the book of stories, novels and poems is our heart It takes our mind beyond its six boundaries. People create love for the world.

If the book is the source of knowledge, then the book means the reflection of life's happiness - sorrow, joy - pain.

Thoughts of human life - the real reflection of consciousness is printed in ink letters on the pages of the book.

It is true that the Internet can provide quick information, but not the deeper knowledge that I need.

I can get it in the fastest time with the click of a computer.

In other words, the Internet gives me what I want

But there are surprises on the pages of the book, which I did not find or even think about.

But the book gives me what is necessary to understand the world around me.

Reading books is not just about getting information, it is about taking part in the process of creating knowledge in many formats.

The beginning of an argument or quarrel with the author of any book, an experienced tour in a world of thoughts, before reading the book, I and the next person are two different people!

The next man can understand the world more meaningfully than the previous man.

The eternal desire to know the unknown and to know the unknown is met by reading books.

A good book is one of the ways to nourish the mind. Books increase the scope of human knowledge.

The book is a symbol of knowledge, the book is a symbol of happiness. All the knowledge of the world is hidden in the book.

So to enter the realm of knowledge, you have to read books, if you want to know yourself, if you want to know the world, you have to read books.

Let's get into the habit of reading books.

I read books myself, I encourage others to read books too.

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Written by   63
2 years ago
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Wow.. You have so many interesting books. I love to read these types of book. Well done.

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2 years ago

Books are our best friends... They always stay at our side... They don't leave us like false friends at the time of danger... We should read books more and more to enrich our knowledge.. By the way.. Tnx for sharing such an interesting article 💝💝... Plz view my article too...

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2 years ago

yeah, your written skill is very well.keep it up dear

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2 years ago

really awesome article dear friend

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2 years ago