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2 years ago

A week after Mejo Apa came home, Dulabhai sent a divorce letter. The first time I heard that, my body was tingling. I could not understand exactly what to do. I was completely lost. Apu did not tell us anything about the reason for the divorce. The parents wanted legal help, but it was not possible because of her sister's prohibition. Close relatives started holding meetings, both discussions and criticisms continued but nothing happened. Apu cried in front of everyone and said, 'I want the marriage to break up. Don't cry anymore. Let us be like us. '

After that no word was heard about it. However, there were whispers among the neighbors. Apu endured everything but lay like a pole in her house. Sometimes when he went home, it seemed that only Pranatuku survived somehow, but that did not mean survival.

Within two months of the Upper Divorce, my troubles with Nazia began. Nazia is my wife, our love marriage. We had a year and a half of love and a year of an aesthetic family. He hurried to his father's house in a rage and told everyone that he did not want to be with me anymore. Her complaint is that I have a physical disability that makes her unhappy with me. Naturally no parent would want to marry a boy or girl to someone who is physically disabled. I was very embarrassed. It is not possible to prove one's sexual power by telling someone orally where one's married wife of one year complains. There was nothing that I did to cause it. Silently, I was forced to release Nazia. Because if the wife makes such a complaint, even if she insists on it, she feels self-respect. She may not really be happy to be with me. But I still did not realize that there was a big gap inside.

I used to live separately with Nazia. After the divorce, I stopped going home completely. I wanted to come home alone and hold my breath. Sometimes my parents would call me and cry. Relatives listen to them. At the same time, the divorce of two siblings, their family is now under threat. I am silent after hearing everything. What do I have to do?

I went into depression. I used to spend every night in a horrible sleepless night, smoking cigarette after cigarette. Sounds so unbearable. I deliberately ruined everything. For whom have I kept so much love for so many years? Who did I keep so well? I can't find any answer by asking myself a question. I also don't know why the family of a good girl like Mejo Apar broke up.

I went to Cox's Bazar with two clothes. At least a couple of days if the wind changes a little peace inside. When I went there and saw the scene directly, I was about to catch my breath. Nazia and Mejo Dulabhai are walking towards the beach holding hands. Nazia's face is covered, hijab on her head. Even then, I did not have the slightest difficulty in understanding his gait and gestures. I was hit hard. Even his own eyes seemed incredible. This is what I saw! I didn't see anything wrong!

Going to the beach, Nazia jumped into the water and once the clothes were removed from her face. Then seeing the clear, my head became dizzy. I couldn't. Come back to the hotel quickly. After finishing six cigarettes in one sitting, I keep thinking when did all this happen invisibly to us? I did not understand anything. I don't know about Apur but I have never been able to suspect Nazia in the slightest.

I sat down to settle accounts. The beginning of the story is probably on our Sajak tour.

Thursday night. When I returned home, I saw Nazia packing her bags and sitting down. What a sweet smile on his face. Nazia loves to travel. I don't get Osbe's time again at all. I work for a private company. Nazia had been whining to me for a few days about going for a walk. I didn't have time. I finally promised to go tonight. Mejo Apa Shaila and Sumon Dulabhai go around a lot. We are going with them. Nazia is happy to get on the bus! I was happy to see her cheerful face. There is happiness in seeing the joy of the man of love.

After going to Saje, Apu went out to walk around wearing expensive sari and jewelery. A happy happy look on his face. Dulabhai has big business. He was abroad for fifteen years. Her father and grandfather are also expatriates. A huge house at home and a lot of money, money godown of property. Dulabhai has started business back in the country. In less than three years, the business has begun to flourish. However, when I went with the money holders, I fell into a trap. When he went to eat at the restaurant, Dulabhai gave the bill in advance and said, 'Hey, you are my brother-in-law, will you pay the bill if Dulabhai survives? Ha ha ha. '

I also thought, he is Dulabhai. Like big brother. Not giving direction when giving. If Nazia wanted to eat something, Dulabhai would take out the money before me and order for four. Dulabhai showed generosity of heart even when shopping for small things.

Lying in the cottage at night, Nazia said to me, 'Dulabhai's mind is very big isn't it? How do you do all this cool stuff? '

'Hmm. Apu also does not give a damn about all this. My sister is also very good. If you were, you would have started a quarrel. '

Nazia gets angry, 'So you mean I don't let you spend money? Are you angry? '

'Do it. Don't give up. I said jokingly. Do I have enough money to spend? '

'Say whatever. It doesn't cost much to spend. It takes a mind. '

I didn't take that seriously. If we give importance, there will be a one-on-one quarrel with Nazia today. Because if I say that, I am made small. But I handed over all the salary I got to the Nazis. Even after spending money happily, if he hears me, 'I have to have a mind to spend money.' Hey dad, wherever I get the money, I let him keep all the money. I even took the office fare from Nazia.

Thinking about the words, I grabbed another cigarette. I changed my place, got out of bed and sat on the balcony. I was wrong too. The wife does not have to leave everything in her hands. I let out a sigh. We had a one night e-tour in Saje. In the meantime, we have not been in touch with Apa and Dulabhai for a long time. One day in a hurry, the mother called and informed about the marriage of her cousin at home. Big sister will come a week ago with her baby. Mejo apa, two sisters-in-law's house people, aunts will all come. In general, there will be a commotion at home. Not all relatives have a chance to get together. Don't miss this opportunity. As soon as he told Nazia, he blackened his face and said, 'I don't have any jewelry, and I don't have a good sari.'

I accepted the sari. I couldn't really buy a good sari for Nazia. I said, 'Jewelry is the wedding. Wear them too. And I bought two saris. '

Nazia still said with a black face, 'Are they jewelry? I always wear heavy jewelry? I wore it one day, at a wedding. For the rest of the day I need a chain, two thin bangles. Isn't it? '

I shook my head. I don't know much about all this. I said, 'I also want to take a chain. But there is no money in hand. This month's house rent is still pending.

Nazia said quietly for a while, 'Well no problem. I'll buy an imitation chain. Tell me who else will see. Don't be upset about it. '

I bought two new saris for Nazia. A jamdani, a katana. He bought both of them by his own choice. From Gaussia to the inside, he liked a lot of sarees. I also liked the two saris. Go home and make that noise. How many relatives, how many people! Mejo can be separated from everyone just by seeing you. She wears expensive sari, expensive jewelry. Adorned earrings, gold chains glistening around the neck. Sometimes she leaves her hair straight and sometimes she keeps tying it. Exterior decoration her. One pet was not seen twice. Of course I am happy about it. My father always obeyed his nobility. The son-in-law has also chosen his own land. Of course I was a little stubborn. I have no interest in my father's land. I don't like anything extra. But it is also good to see the happiness of the sister. Big sister is very happy with her two sons and daughters. Although she does not have the most elegant clothes and ornaments, the look of happiness is expressed on her face. The kids roam around all day mama mama. I am happy about this. But looking at Nazia, I can understand that she is in a bad mood. Everyone in my father's house is accustomed to expensive clothes and decorations. But I absolutely dislike my father's money. Nazia married me knowing this. So he can't say anything on his face. Still, it was not difficult for me to understand that his mind was frustrated.

I borrowed money from a friend and bought a gold chain for Nazia for eighteen thousand rupees. Nazia was surprised and asked, 'Where did you get so much money?' I said, 'Didn't I say deposit something in a single account in the office every month? I took some money from there by telling sir. '

Nazia said in her mouth, 'Don't do that. Crazy one. What was the need for it? It's a lie. '

Even though he said the word on his face, the brightness of his face told how happy he was to get the chain. I always enjoy seeing his joy. I brought him home and grabbed him and said, 'Wife I love you.' Nazia put me in a small chair and ran away. After a while he ran again and said, 'I love you to Shihab. I love you too You are very good. '

Everyone is rejoicing at the wedding. Big Dulabhai and Mejo Dulabhai went with the bride's wedding shopping. The two of them shared and bought sari for all the wives of the house. Expensive jamdani for my mother, good sari for cousin's wife. I guess he must have brought it for Nazia too. I took the matter in a normal way.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see the sari. Nazia said it cost twelve thousand rupees. I couldn’t hide my surprise. The price of mother's sari will be around four thousand. The rest of the sarees are also limited to three thousand. The price of Nazia's sari there is twelve thousand rupees, which is surprising. I just wanted to know, 'Why such an expensive sari for you?'

Nazia said, 'Hey, did I know that it costs so much. I just like the saree. Dulabhai said he packed it. I heard the price and repeatedly said I will take another one. Dulabhai said, take whatever you like. The future does not think about the price. What else can I say? He took it by force. '

I admit that Mejo Dulabhai has a big mind. Not all moneylenders spend as much as Dulabhai does. But even then, my mind seems to be feeling the price of the sari. I thought to myself, when I get the money, I will give you an expensive gift. Then there will be revenge.

Nazia calls her elder brother Dulabhai. I respect him a lot. And Mejo calls Dulabhai Dulabhai. When he took breakfast, he took it for the two brothers. Respects both equally. I didn't even understand how Mejo got involved with Dulabhai. The head is spinning again. I got up again, changed my place and went to my room. I thought, I will go home tomorrow. I will sit separately with you. Surely he had guessed something. Everything cannot be ruined in this way.

I came home and sat down with my aunt. Apa avoided asking the reason for her divorce and said, 'After all this time, why did you take it again?'

I said, 'Sister, I need to know. How long have you and your brother-in-law been in trouble? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Apa bowed her head and said in silence for a while, 'Sumon has a long relationship with a girl. He will not live without the girl. He used to fight with me every night. There is no bonibana at all. He would lie to me in words. I look dhumsi, I have no form, no quality. He used to say that if he stayed with me, he would die. '

I said, 'Why didn't you let my father sue? There is nothing wrong with you here. '

'Look, brother, I don't like it when someone tells you on the face. There is no peace in lying down with you, there is no peace in seeing your face. Will you still be with him? '

I took her upper hand and said, 'I know how it feels. Nazia insulted me .. but there will be no punishment? '

Apa said, 'Don't stay that way. Even if we suffer, we can no longer seek the loss of others. May he be happy. Pray that your wife will be happy too. '

‘I can’t ask for that. Because neither I nor you are to blame. We will be completely innocent and let the two criminals live in peace. '

Apa said without understanding anything, 'You don't say anything to your brother-in-law. Be well. '

'Apa Dulabhai and Nazia had an illicit relationship.'

Shaila's upper face suddenly turned as black as the new moon sky. Despite a big push, Apa said in a normal voice, 'That's what I suspected.'

I was surprised and said, 'You already know! Didn't you tell me anything? '

Apa said in silence for a while, 'They never understood anything about Sumon and Nazia's behavior. I would have doubted it once or twice. I thought Nazia is a very good girl, you are a love marriage. What else does a girl need when she finds a beautiful boy like you as her life partner? But when I heard that Nazia wanted a divorce from you, I was convinced that she had a relationship with Sumon.

I put my hand on my head and fell into thought. I feel like everything is random. Feeling the inner state of the upper, my soul wanted to burst with pain. This man has survived so long with no great suffering.

Apa said, 'Remember Nazia and you once went to our house? We all ate and chatted together. You haven't been home for a long time. I was busy working in the kitchen. The two of them used to talk and watch TV. Sumon's laughter could be heard from the kitchen. As soon as I went home, Sumon used to say, Nazia is a very intelligent girl. How could a stupid boy like Shihab tell him? ' I would laugh at him and blow him away. Sumon used to walk outside the house with Nazia. I would take it as normal. I thought she looked like a little sister. Don't talk. But who knew they were ruined inside. '

Listening to Upper's words, my hatred for Nazia began to fill my chest. The sari given by Dulabhai was more attractive to Nazia than the chain given by me during Seba's wedding or the sari bought by Nazia. He used to take out the sari and show it to me. She has worn the saree three times in a row at the wedding. But Nazia was completely indifferent to the two saris she had bought. As if he had fallen on two roads.

At the wedding house, I often saw Nazia taking a glass of sweets or sherbet for the brothers-in-law. However, I did not think that he respected Mejota in the same way as he respected his elder brother-in-law. After returning home, he would often say, 'Don't invite Mejo Apa and Dulabhai to your house one day.'

I would say, 'Let the money come in hand. They are rich people, brother, we have to feed them well. '

Thus one day I saved some money and invited Apa Dulabhai to my house. Apa said, come and go first. Then we go. And your brother-in-law said you will stay here for three / four days. But it will not happen.

I agreed with Upper. Upper huge house. Two working people. A woman cleans the house in the morning and in the afternoon and does odd jobs in the kitchen. He ran and brought it and let it eat. Nazia was quite enjoying it. I used to go out of the house and walk around. The surrounding environment is fairly good. Improved area. I used to walk here and there. I didn't even know Nazia and Dulabhai were sitting alone at home talking.

But one thing happened. One night when I went to the upper house, I repeatedly told Nazia to go to sleep. Nazia didn't want to get up from the TV room. English movies were playing on TV. I, Dulabhai and Nazia were watching TV. Apa used to come occasionally and go to the room again. Suddenly an offensive scene begins in the movie. I try to rotate the channel with the remote. Dulabhai says it is running directly from Netflix. I looked at Nazia and gestured, let's go to the room. Nazia still did not want to get up. I got up and walked towards the room thinking that Nazia would come to the room with me when she saw me getting up. But no, he just sat there. I came back and saw Nazia and Dulabhai looking at each other's faces and smiling. There was something in the eyes of both of them. Then a deep romantic scene is playing on the TV screen. I grabbed Nazia's hand and said, 'Don't sleep.'

Dulabhai said, 'Go to Bhabhi. Who knows if my sister-in-law is getting sleep or not. Go quickly. '

I took the word as utter nonsense. Didn't think of anything. Let's go straight home with Nazia. There was no way to understand that the two of them were getting weaker and weaker.

Nazia came home and said to me, 'How big are you watching their TV? What else does it take to have such a big TV. '

'It takes a lot more. If it is a TV, I will need AC, I will need two maids at home. '

'I don't need that much.'

'I know. That's why I married you. You are a very good girl Nazia. '

Nazia took my hand and said, 'I don't really want anything. But what do we have to buy a huge TV? What fun it is to watch a movie on a big TV. It was as if they were standing in front of us. '

Seeing Nazia's bright eyes and the way she spoke, I thought to myself, 'I will save money and buy a big television for my wife. He will be very happy. '

But no, Nazia didn't give me that opportunity. He never even spoke about TV. But he was upset about various things in words. He used to say, ‘Our sofas have become very normal. It would be nice to buy some furniture of an elite type. ' He used to say, 'Your watch looks so bad. Can't you afford an expensive watch? ' Never again, ‘What makes that house feel hot. When we have a lot of money, I will buy an AC. '

Sometimes he would get angry at me, 'Shihab, why are you so famous? What a crappy dress up yours. Wear something good. '

I was slowly noticing Nazia's change. He was not satisfied with anything I did. On the one hand, he was abusive not only in my financial condition, but also in my appearance and body. But this Nazia was crazy for me one day.

I returned home and lit a cigarette. Upper mental state is not good. Seeing him from the outside seems very normal but I can understand what is flowing inside him. I don't know what to do with Nazia, but I have to give Dulabhai a proper education. My sister was swept away in the current of trouble. Of course, it goes without saying that this has happened to a greedy selfish girl like Nazia. I have to do something. Otherwise I will not get peace myself, and I will not be able to bear the upper suffering.

When I thought of punishing Sumon Dulabhai, I became violent inside. Not too much, just a week to find out how he can be punished. Not only Dulabhai, Nazia also has to enjoy a fruit. But strangely enough, an inhuman spirit came out of me. There may be something animal-like hidden inside every human being. Maybe mine too. I once decided if the video of Nazia and Sumon's meeting could be made viral. But the matter itself seemed awkward. In doing so, our family and a matter of honor is hidden. Because Nazia was my wife. It can not be done at all, but? How is it that Sumon disappeared? Absolutely the game will be frozen. I will catch him and keep him in a godown. Without him, Nazia would be all alone. There is no one in her house except the old mother. No husband, no possibility of marriage. Nazia's life will be hell. I was happy to think that. Mistake When you have done one, I will do one. I started thinking about who can kidnap Sumon. I also inquired about a couple of thugs. I live day and night thinking of kidnapping. At any moment, I may go straight to work.

At one such time, one day in the middle of the night, Mejo Apa called. I was quite surprised to see the upper phone. Receiving and saying, you are so late at night?

Apa said softly, 'Are you thinking of harming them, Shihab?'

I was very surprised. Upper is not supposed to know about my inner self in any way. But what do you think he has such an idea!

I said, 'Apa, I will not harm them.'

'It's better not to. Why did I think that if you do any harm to them under your zeal? See brother, we are not human? Our religion teaches us to forgive. If we, as human beings, do inhuman deeds in crowds with inhumans, then where is the difference between us and them? Forget everything. Make life your own. One cannot destroy one's conscience by thinking of a person without conscience. Tell me? You don't do anything to them. '

The upper words amazed me. His thoughts have to be respected. Although I was quite surprised at his ability to conceive. Apa continued to understand me for a long time. I thought. I may get temporary pleasure by harming them, but I will not be happy for the rest of my life. There is a kind of fun in revenge but it can never bring happiness. I decided to end the Nazi issue here.

I said, 'Sister, don't worry. I will not do anything to them. Let them be like themselves. '

'People are never happy by hurting others, Ray Shihab. GOD punishes everyone as He deserves. When the time comes, they will understand their mistake.

'Ha ha, smile sister. I like your opening words. But I said the last word out of emotion. It is not good to be so emotional, sister. Got it? In this life I see countless people who have never admitted their mistakes. Listening to your words, it seems that I still worship Dulabhai in my mind. '

Apa was silent for a while and said, 'All right. Be well Take care of yourself. '

The call was cut off before I could say anything. Apa did not receive my call again. He cut off the second call. Why did I think Apa was crying. I shouldn't have said the last word to him. Honestly, I have to admit that an inhuman person came out of me thinking about bad things. Of course, it cannot be called human, it has to be called inhuman.

I thought all night. I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. I will never let Nazia's words come to my mind again. I should also hate to think of the punishment for the girl who insulted me so badly. I don't want to waste another moment thinking about its bad aspects.

After a long time, I sat down to watch a movie tonight. I have seen it many times before. I saw it again. 'Pursuit of Happiness'. Yes, I also have to think of happiness alone now. Although I have no inclination towards money and property. I just wanted to have a good family and have a happy family. But happiness is not in the fortune. Huh.

The nights have been very bad lately. I can't sleep, I'm in pain. The agony of old age and the agony of loneliness combine to create a fire. Our two-room home. The bedroom has a bed, a dressing table, and a wardrobe. As soon as he entered the house, he started crying inside his chest. This house is helpless, empty except for Nazia. Nazia would sit in front of the dressing table, get dressed, and run around the house. I just stared. Now all the furniture seems to be dead.

A few sofas in the living room. Nazia used to say that she doesn't like our sofas anymore. It looks cheap. But he dreamed and bought himself happily. I just raised money. Now the whole living room is empty. Wailing all around. When I see it, tears come from inside, I suppress the tears. A sigh comes out.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I sold all the furniture including sofa, wardrobe, bed. The man for whom there is so much is not there. What will happen next?

The whole house is empty. I thought I would leave the house. But now that I have left home, where will I get up again is also a matter of concern. You can't find a good bachelor home. I printed the leaflets and put them on the street wall to rent the house to the bachelor boys. If there is someone in the room, at least my loneliness will be cut off.

Within a few days, the three boys contacted. I told them to get up at a lower rent. One got up in my room, the other two in the next room. I decorated the house with a few small bachelor stools. I removed all the memories of Nazia and her family from the house. It would be great if I could leave the house.

It seems that the landlord gave that opportunity. One day he came home and made me very angry. Why did I evict my wife and give her home to a bachelor, but she didn't have permission? He left with a notice to vacate the house next month. It was good from my side. Now there must be an arrangement.

Of course I didn't have to look for a home. Roommate Habib found a home and told me to get up. I got up there. I go to the office every day, go home, eat boiled food and go to bed and use Facebook. I sit with my roommates and smoke a cigarette, and sometimes I go to see a little movie. After the family life, the bachelor's life did not look good anymore, but he tried to stay well by trying to survive.

Mihika is the proof that I did not fail in this attempt. The girl is my colleague. Newly joined. Sitting next to my chamber. Sometimes he jokingly asks, 'Doesn't Shihab Bhai make love? I never see him talking on the phone. '

I say in a normal voice, 'Shihab bhai divorce.'

Mihika laughs and says, 'Far Mia. Aren't you ashamed to call your boyfriend's face a divorce? People must break up. Is that why people stay single for life? '

I smiled to myself when I heard that. Come on, then I didn't have the impression of being a widow. Of course, nowadays I eat properly, take regular baths and recite prayers. I was slowly getting used to my normal life. It's been four months. It is not right to keep any grief for more than ninety days.

Roommate Habib is looking for a bride for me. Occasionally shows pictures of different girls. Says, 'Brother loves one. You people are good. If you make love for a few days, you will get married. '

I laughed and said, 'If you get married with love for a few days, it will last for a few days. I am no longer in the love team. I don't even think about marriage at the moment. How long life goes on like this, let's not go. '

However, Mejo Apa has changed her position faster than me. He has left the country. I don't know how it is there, whether it speaks of emotion yet. However, I heard from my niece that Apa uploaded beautiful pictures on Facebook. No one can find the sighs in those pictures.

I have just returned home from the office, when a call comes from a number. It only took me a few seconds to look at the phone screen. That chircena number, why he would call me I could not find the answer. So far I have not tried to find out about them. Did he call to say he was married?

I did not receive the call. The call was cut twice in a row. After a while, a message came. I picked up the phone and rolled my eyes, 'Can Shihab meet me? Where are you now Very urgent Please. 'Nazia.'

I was shocked to see Nazia's message. A type of lightning strike is happening in me. Even after the divorce she made the mistake of not feeling the need to talk to me once. She was mesmerized by her own happiness. What's the point of reminding me today? The matter gradually made me anxious. But I'm hungry inside. I deleted his message from the phone and put the number on the blacklist. I don't care why he calls me. She has called in her need. Can do But I don't have to answer the call. I have no need for him. It's all over.

I tried to sleep for sure. But why couldn't I sleep. I think again and again, why would Nazia call? What do you need to call? Things kept revolving in my head again and again. I tried many times not to pay attention, but I could not move my mind. His thoughts lingered inside me. The fact that my mind is still thinking about the person for whom I was born hated made me think a lot. However, I did not remove Nazia's number from the blacklist.

Is it possible to sleep with a squeak in the mind? I can't sleep at all. I also became sure I wouldn't sleep tonight. The roommate is repeatedly asking, 'Brother, what happened to you? Why are you so restless? '

How do I explain my distress to someone? Where I am constantly being small to myself.

I fell asleep in the morning. I dreamed of Nazia's marriage. With a boy. I'm too busy to make him my own. Nazia doesn't want to marry me. But I keep saying, I want Nazia. My world is empty without Nazia. Nazia is looking at me with Mayavara eyes. Looking at those eyes, I had a kind of subtle feeling.

Strange thing, what a dream I had after so long! And the thing about dreams is that the feeling that works after seeing someone in a dream; That's what keeps revolving in my head all day. I was no exception. I spent the whole day in restlessness. I had a kind of feeling towards Nazia. Just like a dream seen at night.

Just as I was leaving the office, Nazia suddenly stood in front of me. The matter happened so suddenly that I could not avoid him at all. I was just rolling my eyes from side to side.

Nazia came and stood in front of me. The eyes have gone into two holes. Nowadays, it seems that her beauty is getting better. The skin color of the cheeks has changed, the hair has changed from black to golden. Scissor touches on the eyebrows. The clothes are quite fancy. So what's the sadness of meeting me? I stared at the ground.

Nazia said, 'Shihab, you have blacklisted my number. Do you hate me so much now? '

That was a ridiculous question for me. But I kept smiling with great difficulty. I didn't raise my head, I gave him a chance to say what he wanted to say.

Nazia said, 'I want to talk to you. Please don't ignore me. '

I raised my head, 'Please tell, can I help you?'

'Why do you say I can come to work? And why are you telling me? '

‘I have a relationship with you now.

Nazia said in silence for a while, 'Let's go somewhere and sit down. I want to talk to you about something urgent. '

'What about?'

'How can I tell if I don't have time? Can't go? '

'Hmm, of course. It's always mine. '

'Shihab, I have come to talk after so long and you will still quarrel today?'

'Saying like I'm your husband?'

Nazia could not find anything for a long time. I've been walking ever since. A cafe two minutes away from the office. I will go and sit there. Quite empty space on the roof of the cafe. Open sky over the head. Suitable place to talk. Also to push Nazia away. That's what makes these bizarre thoughts in my head! I smiled to myself.

I took Nazia to the roof of the cafe. People on one side. We came and stood in the empty space on the other side. The wind is blowing. I looked down from the roof at the street.

Nazia started talking, 'Shihab, we got married in love, didn't we?'

'Hmm. Meaningless love. '

'Why do you say meaningless love?'

"No love is meaningful without the love of parents."

Nazia was probably a little depressed. He sighed and said again, 'What have you done so far? How are you doing? '

'My time? I have improved more than you left. '

'Who cooks?'

'Certainly not married for cooking. I cook myself. '

'When to go to the office then?'

'I go to the office during office hours.'

'When to cook then?'

I smiled. After all this time he is asking me all the strange questions. All questions like kids. I laughed and said, 'What's urgent? Get started. I have to go home and cook. '

'Eat out today.'

'Out? Not with you? '

'Would it be a sin to play with me?'

'I am not sure if it will be a sin. But it will be forbidden for sure.

Nazia probably felt a little humiliated. He relaxed for a while. I chased, 'What's the urgency? Can it be said? I don't have time. '

This time Nazia said without hesitation, 'Shihab, I have realized my mistake. There was so much joy in my life with you, you kept me so well. I don't know why I thought of leaving you because I was deceived by the devil. '

I laughed and said, 'I didn't think of leaving, I left the sentence.'

'Shihab, please don't misunderstand me. I was so good at your love. I don't know why I went away. '

'Misunderstood now?'


This time I sat down and said, 'Your complaint was that I was physically disabled. Can't satisfy you So, sleeping with someone else, you must have noticed that he is not able to give happiness like me. So you must have made a mistake? '

Nazia's face turned horribly pale. Looks like she'll cry right away. Said, 'Shihab, why are you saying these dirty things? I was satisfied with you. I don't really know what happened to me. You have to show a reason to leave, so I showed that reason. '

I clapped my hands and said, 'You have to be praised. How intelligent you are! The hardest insult to a boy is that you are divorced. Now you say it was your mistake? What a ridiculous thing. '

Nazia bowed her head for a while and cried, 'Shihab. In fact, I could not accept the money, so much poverty. I just kept thinking why we don't have a lot of money, why we don't have it. I didn't really want to complain about you. '

I said, 'I don't have money, poverty? Didn't you see this before marriage? My father has a lot of money. I never used my father's money. You fell in love with me, didn't you? '

Nazia, shut up.

I said, 'Has there ever been a lack in my family? Did I not feed you? However, I do not want to talk about it now.

'Shihab, I have actually come to apologize to you.'

I smiled and said, 'The issue of forgiveness is later. Say something before that? You left me because I didn't have money. So, who sees the money? Who promised to keep you lying on the money? '

Nazia's face became more pale. But he denied the allegations and said, 'I don't see anyone's money. That's how I left. '

'So? So you assumed that after the divorce someone else is sitting to worship you with money? Will it hang around his neck? '

Nazia cried and said, 'Why are you insulting me so hard? Please don't insult me ​​like this. I haven't seen anyone's money. Not what you think. I had no relationship with anyone.

'Wasn't it?'

'No. I didn't even think of marrying anyone. '

I was surprised. Seeing Nazia's perfect performance. Is he going to tell lies like truth?

Nazia said, 'Don't you believe me?'

I laughed and said, ‘I don’t believe you now, you want to know how much I hate? I wish I could push you down from these six floors and throw you down. Anything else to say? '

Nazia raised her stunned eyes and looked at me. I said nothing more. I told the waiter to go with two cups of coffee. Nazia didn't say a word anymore. Crying silently. I can't believe it's her crying or just acting! How did he admit that he had no relationship with anyone? What makes people so deceitful.

When the coffee was gone I picked up the mug of coffee. I sighed silently a few times and said, 'I'm leaving. Remind me if you need anything else in the future. At least don't do the drama of coming into my life anymore. '

After paying the coffee bill, I quickly left. Nazia will now stand still there. I know. I have known Nazia for many years. She can't stand being told anything hard. Become very emotional. The head becomes random. Just stop and cry. Doubts remain about whether he will be able to go home. I don't have time to worry about Nazia today, but I feel bad for her. The girl was once very good. I don't know if he can be called better after learning acting. But will he still sit there and cry? Will it break just like before? When I got angry and left, I came back three hours later and saw Nazia sitting in the same place as before.

When a boy gets married, some significant changes take place in his life. I had too. Such as creating a great deal of distance with old friends. I used to hang out with my friends after finishing the office. We would sit together and take a break from laughing in between tea and cigarettes. What kind of chat was going on there. I got married first among my friends mainly due to Nazia's pressure. Then the distance increases. Nazia's strict rule to return home early every day. He stays at home all the time, after finishing the office, my mind starts to flutter to accompany him. Forgetting my friends, I would run home. Friends would occasionally call and chat, there was no opportunity to go. I didn't even dare to tell Nazia. Once or twice I realized the opportunity and said, 'Let's meet some friends.'

Nazia said, 'Don't they know you have a wife? Why do you call at night? '

I replied, 'It's just evening. I'll be back before ten o'clock at night. Would you be angry if you spent an hour with them? '

'No. What is there to be angry about? You just don't have the time to give it to me. Besides, there is time for everyone. '

I could not think more than who I gave time! I was about to say something when Nazia said, 'You go to the office at nine in the morning. Return at eight o'clock at night. Tell me what I do at home all day? I like being alone? Is it wrong to ask for the night time? '

I also have a life of how I explain to Nazia. There are some girls who understand everything, they don't realize that it is necessary to give a little time to the other man, to give him a little like himself. They think their life. But the boy who works hard all day in the office and returns home, the best friend he can have, the food of the mind when he chats with friends, the energy comes to the body, they will not understand it. They just want time, time, and time. But their reluctance to give men a little time off.

I said once or twice, Nazia, think of doing something. Whether sitting at home or outside. So that your time is also busy, but he said, nothing will happen to me. How many girls are doing business online. I can't do that. How to run.

Thus all the friends from my life have gradually disappeared. Occasionally there is a tuk-tuk talk on the phone, a couple of replies to the photo comment on Facebook, so far e. After my divorce, I did not contact anyone on my own. I still wonder why the man for whom I left my friends left me. How ungrateful people can be.

But those friends came to fix my life. I had a best friend, Sajjad. Came to the office one day. In the afternoon. I was busy at work. I said, what are you! Sajjad has become very fat. I heard he got married. I greeted him.

Sajjad said, everything will be later, why did you unfriend the ball first?

I let out a sigh and said I didn't want to unfriend. In fact, I wanted not to communicate. I'm divorced. You will mock.

Sajjad put a mire on my shoulder and said, 'Why have you been so strange all your life? Let's go out. I will give you water today. '

'No, I can't stand it.'

'I will give you fresh water, brother. Don't drink. '

'What's so significant about a goat's head?'

When Sajjad came out, he called a rickshaw and brought me to the restaurant. I ate kachchi on my stomach with two friends. I was listening to the story of Sajjad's married life. He did not ask any questions about my divorce. It was as if there was no chapter in my life called divorce or family. I forgot everything for a moment.

Ten days have passed since I met Nazia. His number is still on the blacklist. Moving does not mean. But sometimes he calls, I understand when I get a notification from the blacklist. I don't want to waste time thinking about that. But as the night progresses, the pain increases. I have heard before that if you get married, the boys can no longer be alone. I realized the word in my bones. Even for a talking partner, you need to have your own people.

Sajjad finished eating and said, 'I have a sister-in-law. To see Hebby. Passed from Chittagong University. The father-in-law said to see the pot for him. I also closed my eyes and thought of you. I have never seen such a simple man in this life. My sister-in-law is also simple. I have never seen a dress. But the talent is lacking. '

I was surprised. Sajjad spoke to Shali as if I had never been married before. She is telling me about her first marriage. I remained silent for a long time.

Sajjad said, 'Tell me when will you go with me? Friday? Saturday? Punjabi Parabi. I like you very much in Punjabi. '

I did not answer any more. As he was leaving, Sajjad said, 'Listen, friend, forget what happened in life. Start all over again. Life is yours. It's a mistake to ruin it. '

I said goodbye and left. I came home and sent a message to Sajjad's number, 'I am not thinking about marriage now. I will be alone for the next two years and then I will think. '

After sending the message, I saw a message from Nazia's number, 'Shihab, I am very sorry. Please don't forgive me. And I will never hurt you. I will never do anything to you again. Forgive me I love you very much Shihab. '

Seeing the message, I woke up so late at night, I wanted to drop the mobile. I managed to control my anger. Why Nazia wanted to come back suddenly, it was not thought about. Thoughts did not come in disgust. Has he really realized? Or is he just playing with me?

The matter began to creep into my mind. I texted Mejo Apa requesting a video call. Apa called half an hour later.

After a long time, I was very surprised to see Mejo Apa on the phone screen! I became completely speechless. You look terribly beautiful. I said, 'I see you have become a heroine.'

'Oh no. I care a little. How are you? Do you love me? '

I was surprised again. Mejo Apa was very shy. He could not talk openly with anyone about normal things. When I saw him being asked to make love in the first place, I was shocked.

Apa said, 'Why did you go to Chimse? Do you cover yourself with tea every day? '


'Don't cover with tea. Life will also be chimes. '

'Did you eat?'

I laughed. Apa said, 'I was a bull. How much did I eat? Anyway, here comes the income. Which turns out to be a few days. I have a few girlfriends. Jose Jose is one of the girls. If you see me, I will tell you that I will take you to the country at once.

I laughed out loud, 'If you stay well then it will be Apa. There is a lot of work pressure in my office. I will come to see you once in winter. '

'Well come on.'

'Apa, do you know any news about Dulabhai?'

The upper face lit up like a flame in an instant, 'Don't take that pig's name in front of me. And why are you calling Dulabhai? He is the son-in-law of any of your sisters? '

I was shocked for the third time when I saw the upper rage. Upper was not a little angry before. Dulabhai's words ignited the flames. But I could not stand in front of Nazia and say two difficult words that day. I do that one!

Apa said, 'I will take care of myself. What is khas nowadays? '

'Bua cooks. Sometimes I cook and eat by myself. '

'Khabi outside. I will hang out with colleagues and friends. Let's go here and there. Do you understand? '


'And if the girls are interested, I will pay attention. I will find out. I will make friendship. If someone loves you, you will live too. It is not right for you to spend your life like this. '

I let out a sigh and smiled. It's not bad, I'm fine. Just sitting alone pressing loneliness. Apa said, ‘I will go to a meeting. I understand I am making a business plan. Let's see if a good company agrees to sponsor. What else does life take? '

I smiled softly and said, 'Okay sister. Go to the meeting. Rakhi. '

I left the phone and sat in silence for a while. How strangely a push can change a person's life. But I'm still what I used to be, and people like me may be the same all my life.

I was sleeping very comfortably on Friday morning. Sajjad wakes up at the call. Who knows where the guy got my home address. Later it seemed that I had given him the address. I said, 'You this morning?'

'Today is not Friday? Let's go with me. '


'Father-in-law's house.'

I said no. Sajjad will not leave anything. He forced me to wear Punjabi and drove me away. Looking at his father-in-law's house, it seems that Karta belongs to a middle class family but is quite fancy. Her little girl is more fancy. Wear a dress with a nakshi kantha design. He sat down in front of me and said, 'Will you have some tea?'

Sajjad said, 'Milk tea.'

The girl did not go to make tea herself. Aneksana sat and talked. I saw Sajjad's mother-in-law brought tea. The girl said, 'I can't make good milk tea. I can just throw the tea bag in the lemon water. ' He smiled. I am sitting politely. I feel uncomfortable.

The girl said to me, 'What is the sweetest mistake in life?'



I smiled. The girl said again, 'And do you know the most helpful mistake in life?'



That's why he knows about my divorce. I did not say anything further. But seeing the attitude of the girl, I am sure that she has taken the issue of divorce very easily.

I asked Sajjad if his father-in-law knew about my divorce. Sajjad said, 'That will happen later. Let's see you first, let's talk. You better understand that. Then there is no problem.

I did not give that opportunity. Sitting in front of her father-in-law, I first said, 'Uncle, do you know about my divorce?'

He was quite furious. I said, 'I live a very simple life. I don't like luxury or anything extra. My wife wanted to have a lot of money, to live in a very luxurious way. That didn't happen to me. So gone. You need to know everything. I am a very soft, simple person. Never hurt anyone. When people get a chance, they hit me and leave. '

A beautiful expression appeared on the man's face. He said, 'I was just like you. However, good people don't get rice in the world. However, many people do not want to accept that it is possible to be happy without getting rice. I don't think so much about these. You talk to my daughter, get acquainted. Then if you like each other, we will discuss. I don't see anything to be so serious about. '

I liked the man's words very much. I felt quite comfortable with myself. After lunch I left for home. Sajjad has saved his sister-in-law's number on my phone. Name released. Says get acquainted. If the two of you feel like yourself, whatever you decide. Of course, I did not say anything about it. But to be honest, I like the girl's simple behavior. There is elegance in the face but no elasticity. Self-conscious look. Intelligent face.

A few days passed. I could not decide whether to call the number saved in the name of release or not. So the call did not become. In the meantime, the number of Nazi SMS suddenly increased. He has sent numerous texts with his remorse. I could not find peace even after avoiding them. I was really annoyed. After searching, I found out that Sumon Dulabhai has a relationship with another girl. That too is quite deep. Phone conversations or meetings are not very common. The girl calls Sumon from time to time and demands some things from him. Sumon sent money to his address. And when he wants, he goes to spend the night with the girl. This hard truth about Sumon Dulabhai was completely beyond my imagination. When Nazia realizes how long Sumon will leave her even if she marries him. Or if a girl's husband goes to spend the night with another girl and sends her money, she will never be happy, no matter how rich or big her husband is. That is why Nazia retreated. And begging to come into my life again.

I asked Mejo Apa in a video call, 'Sumon used to send money to a girl and sometimes she used to show it. Did you know all this? '

Apa said in a calm manner, 'She had so many younger sisters. Facebook sister. But Sumon used to help them with any money. The girls used to text him saying, "Brother, I am in danger." He would send as much money as he needed. I was told I was doing people a favor. But I knew in that look that he had sex with her from time to time. He would not admit it to me. However, she fell in love with someone and confessed that she would marry him. I found out later that it was Nazia. '

I can't find anything to say. Excited, I said, 'You have won, sister. You've lived your whole life. And Nazia? Ha ha, he's stuck. When he found out that Sumon's character is not good Nazia will never marry him again. Now he wants to come back to my life. '

I did not see any expression on the upper face. He said, 'Let him do whatever he likes. What do you think? Has Nazia misunderstood him? '

I said in silence for a while, 'Hmm. I think Nazia is remorseful. Seeing the message sent by him, I can understand that he really understood his mistake. But I will not make the second mistake by accepting him again. Do you know the reason? When love falls on someone, even if he becomes holy, he can no longer be loved. It can be forgiven, but love does not come from within. '

Apa did not say anything. I put down the phone. I feel sorry for Nazia. There was so much pain inside Upper, but he didn't say anything to anyone. This first Mejo Upper personality impressed me tremendously. I couldn't help but be fascinated.

Two years later

We have a cute boy. My wife Mukti is fascinated by her son's name matching her name. I feel peace when I look at the boy's face. There seems to be no more peace in the world than being a father.

Mukti is shopping at the store. I am standing with fascination in my lap. Suddenly I saw a rickshaw going on the road. A girl sitting in a rickshaw. Wearing cotton three backs, black spots under the eyes, the hair is raised, the head is almost bald, the skin on the cheeks is covered with spots like mechta. Market bags kept at the feet of rickshaws. Bored vision towards the path. The rickshaw passed quickly. I was speechless for a moment in my mind. How much a mistake changes a person's life. A thousand times more than it puts down. I wish Nazia's life of remorse would end soon.

Mukti came and said, 'Let's see a cradle for Babu.'

When I went to see the cradle, I saw a dazzling sofa. I said, 'Will you buy this sofa?'

Mukti glanced at the sofa and said, 'Nah. My cane sofa is good. It looks aesthetic. And if you buy a sofa, it will occupy the whole space of the house. It is better to have a vacant house. The fascinated whole house will be able to run around and play. '

I was fascinated and stared at the release for a long time. He is busy taking the cradle in his lap. And I am busy seeing the happy faces of two mothers and sons. I can see how happy I can be to see this girl.


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