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Middle class

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2 years ago

I'm middle class!

My money is limited. I don't have a sense of style. Even if I can't afford to buy my loved one cosmetics for thousands of rupees; He will try to buy a glass bangle for 100 rupees by saving pocket money.

Although not able to take expensive restaurants in the opinion of others; Instead of going out with friends, he would save that money and try to get him to eat phukka from a phukka shop on the side of the road.

I can't express love with expensive gifts according to others; Going to meet him on foot, he would save the rent money, buy a galap with that money, hold it in his hand and try to express his love by saying 'love is very much'!

According to others, I can't afford to ride in an expensive car. But rickshaws sit side by side around the city.

If you can accept me like this, then hold my hand tight dear!

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You wrote this article very emotionally. I am also a girl from a middle class family. Boys and girls in middle class families suffer a lot but they do not express it.

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2 years ago