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Intoxicated part (3&4)

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# Intoxicated

# Episode_3

I came out of the house without saying anything. How did I do all this? I may have gone to the forest to fight. Otherwise, I went to caress Riya. Why does the rear take so long?

That caress is the name of the biggest disrespect in my life. Amma lost her way and went to Riyadh's house to apologize to Riyadh. And I wasn’t at the time to explain then. I was stuck in a daze or a little unconscious. My normal life was gone. Sad and homely all the time. At one point my mother was forced to say,

--- Babu, whatever goes out of the country, try to do something. If you work, you will be overwhelmed.

--- I will not leave the country. I can't leave the whole country for a daughter, mother.

Amma explained very well.

--- If one's own love is imposed on someone, then it is love, Nare Babu, then it becomes forced!

Love for Rhea is not only a burden for Rhea, then my neck also became unbearable. I drowned in politics to forget everything.

And Rhea? Did he look for me? Nito!

But I did not care. Sometimes my disciples would come and tell me about it, but I didn't want to hear it.

The rear thing at the university, I didn't let anyone understand except a few very close to me. I just could not keep his value. Again, if he knows my choice, the whole university will love it. Hirik will fall for the gossip.

My friends used to say,

--- It's one thing for you to get Rhea; Why do you stop boss?

I would not answer.

I would have avoided the matter. Because Shreyan Chowdhury is not so weak that he has to get love by taking his daughter.

Classes, sunglasses in my eyes everywhere in the corridor, always engaged in politics. Always try to stay away from the rear. And maximum effort.

I am the culprit in the rear, I have lost the ability to show my face to him, and I have lost the right to see his face.

I only saw the name Rear on the resultboard in the term paper, at the very top of the list. My mind would be filled with joy. His eyes would get wet happily. Pakka spent a year without my eyes. And by that time I had become the head of the university students. When I go somewhere, four people prepare my chair first. I was arrested once after a fight. In prison I waited a long time, Rhea might come see me.

I am very surprised that the one who judges the seniors by word of mouth, spends the night with a slap in the face. In my Punjabi pocket, in my cigarette pack, in my wallet, under my pillow, and when I woke up in the morning to see my face in that hand mirror and inside my chest, I carried that rear-written punk word everywhere in my mind. I thought Rhea was pointing her finger at me and saying, "This is a hooligan."

One hundred girls call me, turn around. So many girls have cut their hands for me. He opened the chain of his shirt and stood in front. And all my belongings were stuck in Riyadh. Everything is Rhea.

This time in my life, there was an earthquake. Before we talk about earthquakes, let's talk about a small incident.

The boys rushed to the university and started taking care of a new one. Those new people have been newly admitted. Once admitted, everyone's eyeballs. The reason for the care is something like Shreyan Chowdhury! Senior brothers love him, classmates respect him, he is invited to all functions .... Any brother standing on the road fixes his rickshaw .... Great deal sapper!

My troops rescued the news. That was the earthquake of my life.

My most trusted person came and said,

--- Boss, name Erin Jannat. Department of Chemistry. The thing is he told everyone, he's yours ...

--- What is he to me?

My faithful bowed their heads.

--- What did he say? Is she my girlfriend?

--- No, boss ....

--- said, future wife. From the family or your marriage has been arranged. He showed the ring in his hand and said that the engagement is over ... only confession is left.

Lightning, sky and earth broke together in my head.

Let's go ........


# Episode_4

The newcomer to the university has just started politics, wow. I see this is a bigger politician than me.

- Boss! Pick up the girl? But he is buying his own comfort by selling your name.

--- No need.

--- All right, call me politely. At least he recognized the face. Maybe if he ever fell in front ....

I said firmly,

--- I don't need to know anyone's face.

--- Boss, Hebby sings. Let's say, to listen to a song, we heard your name.

--- Why don't you just sing?

--- Guy, but only sang twice at the university .. Sit down with a lost voice ..

I got angry and said,

--- Fardar this girl's topic so that it is not pronounced in front of me.

I didn't pay much attention to the Erin earthquake. The girl may get a promotion if she pays attention. The most important thing in the world that makes people laugh or cry is promotion. Meanwhile, an earthquake called Erin Jannat got my name in the university. The situation was such that sometimes I would face very embarrassing questions and I would sweat to avoid them. The matter continued to be discussed as spicy news throughout the university. I also took it lightly, a very young girl at first, maybe everyone is feeding a little dhap, eat. He doesn't bother me anymore when he comes to me.

In the middle of the rush to my office, (say office, a small space in the canteen was set aside for me to sit in my meeting, and so I could occupy any classroom in any department for my meeting) Rhea rushed to my office. .

I'm talking about a problem.

Rhea came and said,

--- Can your National Assembly be adjourned for five minutes?

I talked a little. I said in a hard voice,

--- Tell me, everyone here is my own brother.

--- A little bit personal for you. You will be ashamed to say it in front of them ...

I smiled to myself, Shreyan Chowdhury never does anything to be ashamed of. She was wrong with you once, Rhea, I still regret it. But I said,

--- I haven't been ashamed for a long time, today you are a little ashamed to talk ....

Rhea was very angry.

--- If you don't tell them to leave in five minutes, I will ....

To keep the situation normal, I motioned for everyone to go outside.

Rhea came forward to me and sat down, a little closer and a little darker. I know why that sitting was very indecent to me.

Riya picked up the veil around her neck. Didn't he do it carelessly ... I was hesitant.

--- Shreyan is a girl about your knees, and you are up and down to marry him. The whole university is in a frenzy, I feel dirty for myself ..... you walk around like crazy, it's okay ... I'm a university topper, there's a level. But in your case a new girl is acceptable?

I sat motionless. Rhea then came to create her own Igor Foundation.

--- Daughter of Peon of Janata Bank. Maybe he has qualified for the admission test ... The status has not changed. I know, in a hurry, young boys are sitting on the heads of boys, but what is the need to declare it permanent?

I did not say anything again.

Rhea kept talking,

--- Think about your status once. You are the only son in the family. He is the only owner of the huge business left by his father. Tukhor politics boy, and everyone in the university is saying?

SN Textile owner's wife or a peon's daughter? I know your daughters are to blame, you can't handle the tendency. Didn't you want to make a fuss with me?

Riya smiled saying that.

—-Of course you have strength on your body. (Rhea blinked.). Maybe you slept for a while .. so wife for life? Junior is a girl; Twice reprimanded, this girl but I have a video clip. Buss closed his mouth. In university life, how many girls, how many boys sleep with. Bed is one thing and family is another. Do you understand?

The best of many of my bad habits is to get angry in a hurry and that's what happened. I stood up and rebuked him,

--- Rhea, you'll get out of here right now .. If you don't go, I'll slap you out.

Riao stood up,

--- I want to see how much courage you have. Will run after me like a mad dog, keep me in reserve and have fun with another girl ... I don't understand, don't you think, I didn't sleep with you? You didn't say you wanted to sleep ...

I suddenly felt dizzy. The body began to sweat ... as if the body had stopped.

I shook my hand in a trembling voice and said,

--- You go, Rhea. Hold your feet, hold your feet. Please ...

Rhea did not go. He came forward and hugged me and said,

--- Shreyan, if you say so, we can go to the hotel now. I'm anytime for you. I'll give you the best *****. You please give up madness. Understanding the meaning of going to the test of any girl without seeing the health report, when she will get stuck in any disease.

I just jerked and pushed Rhea and somehow staggered out. Coming out, I seriously thought I needed to meet Erin Jannat once. Really need Budd .....

The only thing I saw in the rear dustbin was that ....



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Written by   63
2 years ago
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Very good story. Keep writting dear i am with you always. Just go ahead.

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2 years ago

really awesome article but so long .i will tired to read.😁😁

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2 years ago