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Intoxicated 07

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2 years ago

# Drunkards

# Episode_07

Erin's injury caused another huge injury in my mind. And that happened Rhea.

I was probably a little emotionally damaged at the very moment when my opposition parties were talking about Erin all over the university. Rhea took that opportunity. "My character is bad, it's wrong to go to bed with my daughters," he said. A long time ago I wanted to sleep with him, but I killed him because I didn't. Rhea was a good student, as I said before. And I probably wouldn't have understood how true and believable a good university student would be if she hadn't said something. I also used Erin to talk about marriage. New daughter, junior daughter; I tortured him for telling him about marriage at the university. Maybe that's why he's injured. The word of injury spread more dirty; Not only did I break my leg, I may have had an abortion. I have already said that I am the best student leader to fight. I was caught by the police several times. So it was easy for everyone to believe these words about my character. Many girls have come to me because it is good to see. Maybe I didn't respond. In the midst of that anger and resentment, a small fight broke out at the university over Erin.

Erin's father repeatedly asked me for a solution. After I was released from the hospital and went to Erin's house, I didn't go to see her anymore. But a week later, Erin called me.

--- I need you urgently, you can come a little now.

Erin's voice made her cry.

I thought of myself as a very hard-hearted man. But the incident about Erin was very disturbing to me. Maybe her tears were making me cry too.

I immediately went to their house. And what I saw when I went is beyond my imagination. Some of the notable student leaders of our university (who are my opponents) are at Erin's house. And the most shocking thing was, Rhea was with them.

What's the matter?

Erin cried and said,

--- They want to hold a press conference with me. What is my relationship with you?

Thinker the whole world is bad to me. But why would Rhea think? My one-time love-mixed passion became a curse in my life. I didn't understand which was a nightmare for me, Erin or Rhea?

Erin's father's condition is beyond description. When he could, he cut the girl into pieces.

To handle the situation, I turned to stone and said,

--- What if you do everything right now?

The solution came through team discussions,

--- I can't play with one girl after another like this. So publicly apologize to Erin and apologize to Riya. And I have to get married to give legitimacy to my illicit relationship with Erin.

It was as if I didn't recognize Rhea at that moment. Had it not been for Rhea, there might have been murder. But because of my weakness, I agreed.

Rhea was surprised. Why should I accept everything so easily?

Erin was just crying at once. Repeatedly saying,

--- I can't bear so much stigma, brother. Nothing. I'm going to die. I did nothing like that. I didn't have anyone at the university, I just used your name to get the backing. Even when I gossip about you, I didn't see you directly!

I was saying in my mind then, it's not your fault Erin. A long time ago, he was taking revenge for making me fall in love with someone by mistake.

Erin and I got married that evening with a broken leg at the university.

The smile of success on the rear face. He texted me, “You kissed me forcibly in a closed room. And I raped your image in front of everyone. "

Erin's father was so traumatized that he grabbed her by the throat and cried in front of her. But I know what pain was going on between his daughter and me then. The university was buzzing then, characterless became a hill for me. Peon's daughter hung around her neck. In this sorrow, my roar will decrease, my roar will decrease, my leadership will decrease. Some even took out a joyous procession.

That day, in front of everyone from the department to the gate, I put Erin in my lap and put her in the car. I was stubborn, I wanted to explain to Shreyan Chowdhury that I can read easily if you put pressure on my neck.

I put Erin in the car and told her father with folded hands,

--- If you're here with us, I mean maybe I can keep Erin well. He's really in trouble, for you ...

Erin's father said nothing and left in silence.

As I sat in the driving seat, Erin said in a vain voice,

--- How did it all end for me, brother? Maybe the whole life. You see, I'm going to die, very soon.

I said to myself, this time your challenge is to survive. All my energy is gone, Erin. You will fight the rest, for me.

My mother was happy that I brought my wife home. How the marriage happened, why it happened doesn't matter to him ...

Erin may not have been able to take matters into her own hands. The body became very bad at night.

I sat on the porch and smoked cigarettes all night that day. Erin started vomiting profusely from early morning. He had to be hospitalized again.

Erin's injury may have been physical. It was possible to respond to medicine.

And there was no medicine for my mental injury. On the one hand, the rear wound was my heart wound, on the other hand, I was severely damaged by Erin. Meanwhile, the political field of my university is also in a bad condition. All in all, my new war began.

And that's where my story begins .....

Let's go ...


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Written by   63
2 years ago
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