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Intoxicated 05

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2 years ago

# Drunkards

# Episode_05

Two days later, I called an earthquake called Erin Jannat.

--- I will say it hard, as much work as there is in ten minutes so that it appears in front of me! There is an urgent need. And yes, ten minutes means ten minutes.

After a while my troops came and stood with their heads bowed.

--- What's the matter? Didn't he come?

My forces are silent.

--- Surprise! What is it like to be silent? He was not found? Didn't come to university?

--- Coming.

--- Then?

--- Boss, Bhabhi threatened the opposite. Didn't believe you sent. He said, everything with your boss is on my phone ..

I had a headache. This girl has also brainwashed my forces.

--- Does the girl have a phone number?

--- Yes or no.

--- Then go again. Give an ultimatum, if you don't show up in half an hour, there is news.

My troops went again and came back as usual and stood with their heads bowed.

--- What happened? Didn't come again?

--- The class is going on. The class will end at forty-five.

I looked at the clock, half past twelve. That means I have to wait. Once I thought I would go to the department, later I thought I would get more attention. Keeping in mind, I said,

--- OK .. class .. After all, it's not right to disturb someone's studies.

My troops smiled at this ...!

I pretended not to see.

But then instead of my anger in a hurry, it was an interesting feeling.

This is the first time a girl has been found, who is at least playing Shreyan Chowdhury ...! Wow!

I waited anxiously.

Erin didn't come in at forty-five.

At two o'clock he gave the news that he would come to the lake of the university.

I took the final mood there badly. The shore of the lake is quite secluded. I will give two slaps to my target. The ghosts of these scoundrels do not leave without a hard slap.

I left the army alone. The stairs to the lake are empty. If Erin hasn't come. Bad girl. When I come back with gritted teeth, then ....

--- Brother, I'm so sorry. I have made mistakes, I have become a crime; Whatever you punish, I'll take the head. If need be, if need be .. I will hold your feet in front of everyone and apologize. Don't hit me anyway ...

I looked around. There is no one around, surprise! Where are you talking from?

--- Brother, I am hiding in a tree. Don't look. I am afraid of you. So I am hiding.

I wanted to tear the hair of my head in anger, is it so monkey girl?

I looked lightly at all the trees around. No, maybe on the back or top of the tree. Tup may jump on my head! It would be foolish to go and find it again.

I didn't know what to do. It may be that the girl is talking by playing the record? I looked again at the ground around me, at the edge of the stairs, at the base of the tree.

--- I told you, brother, don't look for me. I will come in front of you only if you forgive me. Tell me not to hit you.

I said in a frustrated voice,

--- Sorry. Come on, don't hit. It's really uncomfortable to talk without looking at the face.

--- Three told the truth.

--- Why tell the three truths?

—-Don't kill me, is it true .. that's why ..

If I had a bullet in my hand then I would have shot the girl ten times. This whole maze is playing with me.

--- Well, all right, brother, there's no need to tell the truth. Just say, really ..

I said in an annoyed voice,

--- Really. You come out

My words did not end, he jumped from the tree in front of me. And he shouted ma'am ...

I'm amazed at the little girl wearing a nice yellow-green mixed skirt. On one side, most of the hair in the random braided hair is loose. One side of the face is covered in it, the other side is a pink misty cheek in the sun. Dark kajal in the eyes, big sesame floating in the corner of the eye. Lakshi sesame probably says the same thing.

Thick hair close to the forehead on both sides. Just as our eyes tremble with joy when we see the sun shining in the midst of diamonds, so we see that face. Heart-wrenching, mind-boggling.

A few of the left-handed filled yellow-green glass bangles are broken.

I was probably staring at him.

--- Oh mother go .... Oh God go .. My leg is broken brother. I'm dead, brother. Brother Go ... take me to the hospital, Square Hospital.

I thought it was broken .. this girl has no faith.

Oh no. Erin is lying on the ground.

--- Brother, I have broken my leg. Save me, save me ... I'm dying. Take me to Square Hospital.

I approached. I stretched out my hand and said,

--- Get up, maybe a light sprain ..

Erin doubled her screams.

I couldn't control myself, I almost forced him to stand up. Erin burst into tears.

-Take me to the hospital. Square Hospital!

I was forced to take him in my arms. Why Square Hospital?

--- The treatment there is good, brother.

Erin grabbed my throat tightly and started crying.



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Written by   63
2 years ago
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It's a beautiful story. I wrote very well. Keep writting and go ahead. I am with you always.

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2 years ago