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Aren't you also slefish?

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2 years ago

“At the end of the day, aren't you also selfish?

1. I have a girlfriend. We studied together for a few years. As well as. I invited him to a literary group one day a year ago. My own group knocked me and told me very strictly that he was forced to invite me to the group and make me unfriended! (Didn't feel bad because someone might get annoyed!) Last month's incident, that girlfriend started knocking me again and again with a friend request. His page, to promote the group, to invite members to his group, to invite my friends to his page! Didn't replay 6 Then he repeatedly said in the comment, "Check the message, very urgent. Forward my page." Then, I canceled his friend request and ignored the message.

2. A brother. His group was She has done enough for me as Nita Bain to do all the program work with her group events. I did not disappoint him even under a lot of pressure. What happened a few months ago: One of the moderators in his group insulted me unnecessarily in his group! He did not protest there. I have taken permanent leave from the group.

3. An older brother. He insulted me by saying that I was not present in his group in the previous opinion! But I was very sick then. He did not try to find out my condition even though he was in bed. Then, I removed his name from my list of brothers forever.

4. An author . I can still be called a child in writing. I read my writing a few years ago very well. In my opinion, he learned to write only after seeing a few people I am his inspiration (once he himself said). He insulted me in his personal group that day! (Now he is a great writer!) Then I removed him from my list of relatives.

  1. There was a dear man I have helped him in this literary world. Staying by the side. I gave support. Given time. He has shown the courage to insult me ​​a hundred times on a platform called Virtual. In fact he is ungrateful. Then I removed him from the list of my relatives according to this birth. Countless people like me - all around you! They are selfish, they will never correct. Everyone is very aware of their place, but many forget that the rest of the people are also aware. Just avoid these selfish people They are not human, they are selfish. However, there are still more people in the vicinity than these lakes. So this is my endless path! There is love for all.

My mother died three months after she got married in our house. I was not eight then. I am in class three. I don't have a sister at home. My father has been a patient patient ever since. The family seemed to want to become chaotic all of a sudden. Everyone said, this time their family will break up. When everyone was preparing to watch our family break up leela, Bhabhi showed the opposite leela. After my death, she came back as a new mother. Throwing away her body makeup, beautiful nail polish, bangles, tips, she picked up a bunch of cupboard keys, kitchen utensils, father's care, medicine, my reading, bathing, feeding, sleeping, everything, Everything. I do not understand what grief is. Of course, at first it felt a little bad. With the smell of my body, no one else can come to the world! But many can come with love. We do not say that he sees me just like a boy!

The future was more than that. How long have I broken it in the house by mischievousness. Even though my brother was angry for this, Bhabhi was not angry at all. He would rather explain to his brother, 'I have done so many things in my short time. Little people. Tell me, does he still understand?

The brother used to say, 'You are raising Badrat with your head.'

Bhabhi used to laugh. She used to say, 'Look, Badar will be much bigger one day.'

Dad used to call Bhabhi after a while. Once for medicine, once for pouring a little water because the head is hot, how much more for a little sherbet! Bhabhi would do everything with a smile. I never saw him get upset. But Bhabhi had a sadness in her mind. Of course, he never expressed this grief. People used to say, 'Ferry, don't you feel bad that you don't have children?'

Bhabhi used to say in surprise, 'Who said I don't have children? Is Nayan not my child?'

Neighbors used to say, 'These are just word of mouth, not reality. What is the next child and one day one's own child?'

Bhabhi would be silent then. Then he would come home and teach me that day, and Billy would cut his head off and say, 'Nayan, what would you say to me?'

I would think for a long time and say, 'Brother.'

Bhabhi used to blacken her face then. He used to say, 'I will never say brother again. I will say child. You are my child. '

I would bow my head to the right and say yes.


My father died after a long illness. I was studying in class seven then. The future is also very old in this house. So far, there is a smell of truth in her body. From the look, the bride-to-be's roof is completely blended. There is no father. I'm small. This is how the brother became at this opportunity. Nowadays, he can't stand Bhabhi at all. He puts her away saying that she is barren. Don't go to bed. In fact, he says to Bhabhi, 'You won't come to me.

Bhabhi used to say helplessly, 'Tell me where to go. Who else do I have besides you? '

'Vanita chhar. Go away and see the idea. I don't have your place. '

Bhabhi used to say, 'After Maya Mainash's marriage, the address is the same. Her husband's house. I will not go anywhere without this house. '

The brother used to growl angrily and say, 'I will go, I will go. I will go a hundred times. I'm bringing things to go. '

Bhabhi thought that her brother understood and said this on that day. But it was not a few days later. The brother has married a girl in truth. The wife has brought him home. This is the beginning of an indescribable leela at home. Those who were disappointed to see the leela of breaking up our family, now it is as if they just sat down to watch a new scene.


The new future is not as cheerful as ordinary girls. He is silent all the time. What she talks about at home with her brother. Kheya Bhabi has become like the furniture of this house. No one ever talks to her, no one ever thinks about her needs. He has to be insulted when he talks to his brother. The brother can raise his hand on the future without any reason. Husband's rights. Husband's right was only in case of his beating. Not in case of unhappiness. She could call an arbitrator at home if she wanted to. Neighbors used to say, 'Call the arbitrator wife. He needs to be severely punished for marrying without informing you.'

But Bhabhi did not agree. He said, 'No matter how hard you try, love will not be realized. I will not be forced to keep people close to me. I will not stay even if I keep them. I will go away one day. '


Suddenly one day happy news came to the house. The new future will have children. Brother, how happy she is! Kheya bhabi is also happy. A child will come to the house. No matter who she is, someone will come to the world to call her brother father and father. He cooked good food for various positions and fed them with his own hands. But feeding these with joy is more time for him. The new sister-in-law whispered in her brother's ear, "Did the ferry sister pray for their misfortune?" Hearing this, the brother raised his hand on Bhabhi without thinking. He told Bhabhi clearly that night, 'I will divorce you.'

Bhabhi cried and grabbed her brother's leg. He said, 'Believe me, I have prayed for good.'

The brother did not believe. That night, he ended all his relationship with Bhabhi by saying one divorce, two divorces, three divorces.


That night I was in a deep sleep. After waking up, Bhabhi kissed my forehead, then said in a tear-soaked throat, 'Nayan, it's all over for me, Ray! I never thought you would have to leave like this! I never imagined that I would leave this house before I died. '

Bhabhi could not finish the words. She broke down in tears. After a while, Bhabhi stopped crying and said, 'I have no relationship with your brother anymore. Everything is broken. Can't you call me mother now? '

How my eyes are suddenly blinking. How tears are coming from breaking the face. After many, many days, I thought of my mother. It seemed clear that my own mother was teaching me to call mother. He says, 'Baby, tell me, mother.'

I would pronounce, 'M m m m m.'

Like that day, I uttered again in broken words: 'M m m m m m.'


Bhabhi left us. Brother and new sister-in-law began to live like them. My life just turned upside down. After the death of my parents, I felt like I had become an orphan after many, many days. It seems that I have no one in this house anymore. I just wait to grow up. I strongly believe that one day I will grow up. That day I will find Bhabhi somewhere. I will bring him back to my house. On that day, of course, he will no longer have the identity of brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The identity will be mother-son. On that day, I will call her clearly 'Ma Ma Ma', not in broken words.


By sacrificing the man of one's choice.

People who love love to move away from their parents

Happiness is still in my forehead after marrying my son

Not sealed. Of course no one had anything to do. Me

Such was the forced marriage

Similarly, forcing my groom to get married



You hear my groom say to me on the wedding night

You will get everything but you will not get the rights of the husband

Someday. My father, mother forced me

Married had nothing to do with you

If I didn't marry you

Deprived of property and for this

I married you. And I'm one

Who loves more than my life.

We studied together for a long time

Relationships. But father and mother did not accept him. And

I am forced to marry this for my old father, mother

Done. Forgive me.

I didn't break down after hearing that. And


I also cheated on the man I love.

And to atone for me for the rest of my life

Will. And my father, my mother wanted the best for me

I am happy to force their opinion

Forced on me. Of course I have to do something

Not all fathers, mothers want his daughter's happiness

Dad, that's exactly what Mao did to me.


Munir when I was talking about my marriage

I said maybe I will run after my father and mother

I can't. Munir said Mitu I am from a middle class family

A boy is also an older boy. I don't have a father.

After my father's death, my mother made us human.

How can I tell my mother in such a situation that I am married

I will do it. I have younger, younger brothers and sisters

So you have to think.

Even after all this, Mitu said I am without you

I will not live. That way you move away from me

Don't go. You give me some time. Let's see what to do


But I told him many times, come on

I ran away and got married. He said no

There can be no solution. Will everyone suffer?

Give me some time ...?


My dad had a heart attack before I gave him time

So I was forced to get married.

I told Munir that he should forget me.

I don't want to wait for him anymore

Pay attention?

Fulfill your mother's dream?

After that I never talked to him again.

Today I suddenly remember how many dreams he has

I saw both of them. But our dreams are dreams

What remained is not real anymore.

Feeling very guilty today.

I am enjoying the fruits of teasing someone.

Well, does he still remember me?

I wonder why I am thinking all this .. !!

I spent the whole night in Supa. Family with what is not mine

I have no desire to bind.


A few days after the wedding, my father-in-law suddenly fell ill

Gone. And this opportunity is all my father-in-law

He gave the property to his son Abir.

The only son has no brothers or sisters. So

There were no partners.


A few days later, my father-in-law died. Maybe

His mind had known him for a long time

Don't live. So solve all the problems before leaving


After 3 months of marriage, my husband Abir rushed

I was not surprised at all. That

One day the husband and wife are related to the man

Not made. My head about how many he got married

There is no pain. Her daughter was very beautiful

They would be jealous only after seeing so many things

Two, two did not leave. And in this place they are mine

Far ahead of


Abir told me Mitu you me

I will never tell you to leave. You are mine

My parents chose me. You brought me

I'm sorry, please don't get me wrong.

His mother did not accept his wife. In the end

In my words, he accepted the marriage

I was often told that your life is ours

I have finished, mother. Forgive us, mother.

I just said one thing, no one is responsible for me

For the situation. It was written in my destiny.


The next morning under the door of Abir's room

I wrote a letter. I love you

I will never curse Abir. Who are you with Rimi?

Be happy And from today you are free.

You will get a divorce letter in time

Be well Just a word to your mother

Tell your wife to take care.

In fact, even if only for a few days, who are your parents?

I thought my parents were in trouble.


Then I went to my father's house. My parents wanted

So let's make a case. At least I fought a legal battle. But I did

Didn't agree. I have to force what is not mine

Don't want

The father who was a heart patient is his daughter today

Seeing this situation, my father is just suffering

He did not let me understand. Dad

He often said that my daughter is here for me today

If I had given importance to the choice of Dasha


I told Dad it was going to happen.

I will not regret it. I will again

I will start studying. My parents agreed. Only one

Seeing the situation of the girl, they are themselves

Was remorseful.


A few days later, Abir and I were completely legal

Divorce. But I did not stop.

I continue my studies in a new way

I am a divorced girl

I also had to listen to a lot of things. But I.

Didn't stop. Forward with much courage



It's been 5 years. My girlfriends

Boys and girls are also studying now.

Occasionally he would come home. And my parents

They used to look at their children

What happened. Today my daughter has such a child

Would have. I would just comfort them.

Let me then get a job in a private school

Got it. The old memories are going well

Trying to delete.

When I went to class, I saw a man

The boy is caressing his forehead

I saw Munir. See you after so long. Many changes

Gone. It must be his son just like him

Seeing. Seeing tears in the corner of my eye

I was surprised myself. My mind is still for him

Cries. I'm going to the classroom with my eyes closed. Such a time

Munir called by name. That chircena voice in the chest

The inside was capped.


I have something to say to you. After the holidays

I want to talk to you. I was surprised

He wants to talk to me after all this.

Good thing it's my older sister's son Shishir. Yours

He has been newly admitted in the school. Take care of him


That's why I misunderstood for so long.


I told him well after the end of this class

I don't have any more classes today. Do you wait?


I left the room after class

Time came from behind and scared me.

The boy has not changed a bit yet

All that is left is yours.

How can the man remain the same as before?



Principal Ma'am said today is your holiday

So I was surprised. I asked ma'am


Don't ask so many questions ..?


Muni is standing outside with his nephew.

He told me to get in the car. I said why?

I will not run away with you out of fear.


The car went straight to the front of our house and stopped

I was more surprised.

What's so surprising about this is your home.

I entered the room and saw her mother, sister and even the principal

Ma'am, everyone is at my house.

What's the matter

I was surprised to see everyone together.

Bhabhi of the landlord brought me decorated.

After so long I realized with Munir or me again

Will get married. What will be so happy in my forehead. It is

Is the dream true?

Her mother gave me the ring. Talk to her

Didn't get a chance to say.

The marriage was over. I called him

I asked why he married me after so many things

Besides, even after I know all about divorce

Agreed. I do not want anyone to have mercy on me.

But he has only one thing. Be like me

Love is just like before for you.

Dad, I explained a lot to my mother but it didn't work

One inertia is at work.


I made a new bride again. I really remember today

I'm getting married. So what have I done for so long

I waited for this day.


Munir told me on the night of the wedding. All my life

Who else is happy when you think for others

In fact, trying to do it

And give it to me. What do you think I do

I will not look for you. I look for you every day

I found out that you are not good then

I have prepared myself. Your divorce

I have suffered for such a situation. Yours

I fell asleep and cried.


You still don't understand me. After your marriage

To this day I have no love for you

There was no shortage.

You are the queen of my heart. In return for many sacrifices

Finding you. Our love so easily

Can't finish.

He is crying and I am also crying. This is the cry of our happiness.

Dream of building a new house

Looks lucky ..

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