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A mistake because the long breath of life

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2 years ago

Leaving his pregnant wife, Nehal fled with all the money and gold coins of the house.

Nehal's wife Dyuti was asleep then. Maybe he was sleeping soundly today. That's why I couldn't think of so many things Or even in these speculations, such strange thoughts for your husband will come - or how! Loved it. But there must have been some void in that love. If not, will he leave his pregnant wife like this? Still, his mind was waiting for Nehal with consolation. Surely the thief Tor came to the house. But where will Nehal go! He was lying next to her. Nehal's whereabouts were not found even after searching the whole house. Phone number off. Dyuti sat down on the bed with some uneasiness. Her mother is sitting next to her worried. When the thief came home! Didn't get it. And where did Nehal go? The tingling of the mind is constantly increasing but he can't look at the girl's face and say anything for now. He is just silently looking at his daughter.

Dyuti is silent and is sitting with her head on her knees. Nonajal is dripping from the eyes. He has no way of speaking with his voice. God did not give that good fortune to Dutti So unfortunate After a while, she raised her head from the fold of her knee and looked at her mother and started crying. Shape-gesture means, why is his fate! Why is that with him all the time! For this she was born a girl! No, that's why it's dumb.

Seeing her daughter crying, Dyuti's mother burst into tears. Without a moment's delay, he hugged Dyuthi to his chest and cried. Dukti laughed out loud. He laughed and cried for a while. Her mother looks at her helplessly. Dutti leaned her head against the bed and looked out the window. Fixed vision 7 He put his hand on his stomach and pressed his lips. For a moment everything became blurred. Water is rolling down the corner of my eye. Loved it! He used to keep Nehal in his family for a year. Just couldn't hear the sweet voice in the throat. How can that be? God did not give him that power. Despite being dumb, Nehal has not seen any bad behavior so far. Then why did he suddenly do that! There is no answer to all this.


Dyuti's father lives abroad. Her mother lives in a pucca house in this city with Dyuthi. Although there are relatives in the village, there is no desire to stay there with the girl Dumb girl. For this, one has to be a bride from the age of three. He seemed to be dumb enough to listen to himself. Even though she didn't understand so much at that time, her parents understood. No one listens directly. Refers to shape-gestures. Shine dumb. How will the way forward with such a girl! On that day, Dutti's father did not stand in front of his relatives even for a moment. He took Dhyuti in his arms and came out holding her mother's hand. Mess at home in Narayanganj, Dhaka. He has a job in Dhaka. Luck was good. At that time everyone in the mess house was staying in their own house For the time being, he took shelter there for a while with his wife and daughter. Then he moved to a rented house in the colony. The family was quite happy. Gradually he bought land there and built a house. He made three rooms for them to stay. Small one storey house 7 Next to it he made three small tin rooms. Tin houses are rented. There are school-college children. He keeps the children with a very polite nature.

Dyuthi's father went abroad. At that moment, even if there is a little problem in all the work, it can be overcome. For a boy in a tin house. Everything is arranged with a lot of responsibility. The name was Nehal. Quite a polite boy. After tuition, he used to run after the book all the time. I used to read books aloud. His voice could be heard from outside. The boy liked work, study and manners very much. Thus almost a year passed. Dyoti falls in the tenth class. Nehal's honors are over. Having a good boy at hand, Dyuti's mother did not want to give up. Fearing that the girl was dumb, she gave the relationship to Nehal. He was afraid Nehal would give him back. But the opposite is true. Nehal agrees to marry. The marriage is completed in a very domestic way. Nehal accepted the brilliance very easily. Since Dyuthi has no siblings, all the responsibility falls on Nehal. Dyuti's mother gave the responsibility to Nehal believing. They will be old for a few more days. If the daughter's family is good. The dignity of this belief that not everyone knows how to keep was not known to the mother of glory. Some people can get confused when they see money, money and property. The opposite did not happen with Nehal either. Shine is pregnant. Even though Nehal shows a smiling face face to face, he knows the inside himself. Thus suddenly one day he withdrew from everything. He has already settled his debt. Money, gold coins, everything is gone. Think of the people on the opposite side of him. Think about his wife and children. Thus time passes.


Dyuthi continued her studies. There is no retreat. She is the mother of one son Everything is forgotten when you look at his face Maybe not completely forget, just have to be acting. Yet he wants to forget completely. She doesn't want to hurt herself or her child by thinking about her.

Although at one time many were looking for Nehal. But did not find any hadith. So that time stopped there.

At first he broke down but later he strengthened himself with the inspiration of his family. He continued his studies from his position

He is very close to Mahendrakshan. Dyuti went ahead with her skills. Her mother takes care of her son. Dyuti takes care of the boy's future. Takes care of the aspects of keeping him well. What happened without a father! Dutti will be the parents. Bank accountant He moved forward as there was no setback. Today he has been able to come to this position for the inspiration of his family and his own morale Colleagues also help a lot. Now when he remembers the past, he smiles and applauds himself. Maybe he wouldn't have promised to stand so far if he hadn't met a deceiver. Couldn't even get that far. Thinking about all this has strengthened his morale.

At Mahendrakshan, a line of laughter was found in the corner of his lips. Dutir likes to help. Two hundred and forty rupees helped.

However, the face of the person who received help is thumping. He looked at the cashier holding the papers in his trembling hands. Suddenly the throat became dry and turned into wood. Dyuthi also calmly helped him again by giving him water. The man drank some water and quickly walked away He called out of the bank and said in an annoyed voice, "The form has been filled. You have to calculate the total amount of money and send it. You said it will cost three thousand rupees, but when I come here I see three thousand two hundred and forty rupees. Don't you know? "

Her mother was shocked to hear Nehal's angry words. Today was the last day to fill out the form. Nehal has not had a job for a few months. But her sister has to fill the form for HSC exam. Otherwise the test will not be given. Raised money with great difficulty. Everything was fine, but in an instant it became random. After coming to Rupali Bank and depositing the money, he came to know that the amount of money has to be increased. But at the moment it is not possible for Nehal to raise a single penny. Still, one extended a helping hand. He submitted the money to fill the form with his own money. He had a contemptuous smile on his face. But in such a situation, in such a place, Nehal was not ready to see such a person. Couldn't imagine the presence of radiance in such a place. Remembering the back, he ran away with regret. When he came in front of the gate, all the anger was poured on his mother. Nehal got up in the car and looked at the papers. Written on a small piece of paper,

"I love helping the helpless."

The gist of this one line sentence was quite profound. Anyone can understand it. Nehal's body trembled with anger and grief. With remorse. He got the answer to his work in a very good way

He was fine. Then why do you have to betray like this all of a sudden! Along with the betrayal, he also lost his wife and child. He took a deep breath and looked out of the car. There is nothing in his store except a long breath.


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Written by   63
2 years ago
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