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1 year ago

Abid and Adiba are two siblings. Abid is 14 years old. And Adibar is 4 years old. Abid read in Class Seven, first boy in class quite talented and intelligent. Sister is all of her. Their parents were very busy, they don't have time.

Abid now has to do all the work of the little Adiba. However, Abid does everything with his own hands while he is at home except at school. Feeding as well as feeding, telling stories when Adiba feel sleepy, bringing chocolate chips for your sister with tiffin money. Adiba is crazy to her brother.

Adiba slept till late at night when her parents returned from the office. And Abid and sleepy state. I wake up and wait for my parents to come back and have dinner together. This is the only time in the whole day when the mother gets close to the father. After coming from the office, both of them are tired, ask a couple of things, have dinner and go to bed. Abid hugged his sister with utmost care and fell asleep.

Time goes by at its own pace. Abid and adiba wait for Friday, when they will find their parents and Going around together will be a lot of fun.

Lately, Abid's parents have been arguing all the time. After a while, a heated quarrel started. Abid woke up in the middle of the night arguing. Sometimes there are fights. The room next to Abid is the place where he can hear everything. Even though little Adiba was about to fall asleep, the sound of quarreling came to Abid's ears. He doesn't like quarreling. Abid's friends were taken away by his parents. Abid also wants to get such caress. When friends tell their parents stories. They all went here and there together. At home it makes fun of it. Then it seemed to Abid like a fairy tale.

Abid prays to Allah, may Allah make our family like everyone else's family where I, Adiba, Ammu Abbu will be very happy. There will be no quarrel. Father and mother will not be busy. I will go to many places. At the end of the day, all these dreams seem to Abid.

The amount of parental quarrels is going to increase day by day. Before, on Fridays, everyone would have a lot of fun together, they would go for walks and spend the day with a lot of noise. Now, even on holidays, the two of them go to different places after quarreling over it. The reason for the parents' quarrel today was that they were arguing over who would take whom after divorce. After a long quarrel, Abid will be taken by his father and Adiba will be taken by his mother.

Hearing this, Adib came to the room, hugged his sister and broke down in tears. I cry thinking about how I will be without my sister. Not here, Adib is doing everything, he will go there and take care of Adibar. Adar's sister will end up neglecting her mother. When the little Adiba says in her mouth at all, brother Dibos (divorce) means ti (what)?

Although Adiba doesn't understand the meaning of divorce, Adib understands exactly what divorce means.

Abid then said to himself, "Sister, how can I explain to you that divorce means separation of our happiness. Separation of you and me along with your parents."

Abid made a decision in his mind. A few days ago, I was watching Crime Petal on a channel. Will apply so today.

At the request of my parents, everyone had dinner together. Before going to sleep, my mother and father came to see me for the last time. Abid's sister was asleep for the last time with absolute care and silently shed tears.

The next morning, Adiba's parents woke up crying and saw Adib's frozen body hanging with a fan. Fold a paper over the table. Dad opened the suicide note with trembling hands.

Dear parents,

By the time you read this note, maybe I have become a passenger of another path. If you ask me why I committed suicide?

But I will say for the good of my sister.

You know, Mom and Dad, when you are in the office all day, it is night when you come. We two siblings are waiting to see you at night. Adiba asks a thousand times throughout the day, brother Ammu how much? I would silence him with false consolation. Friends go for a walk with my parents, I look forward to Friday when Saturday will come and like everyone else I will go for a walk with my parents. But Friday comes, you say, this one day a week, I will sleep as much as I want. We don't have to go around anymore.

You go to the office, I'm at school and my aunt is busy cooking. Once you asked what little Adiba does then? When I came home after finishing school, private, my darling sister came and jumped on my chest. Where there is loneliness, wailing. Can a working aunt ever be a mother?

When you return home at night, Adiba falls asleep while waiting for you. If he is awake and goes to you, get a little caress pleasure. You send threats under the pretext of being tired. He came to me and fell asleep crying.

When Aunty of the next house plays with her daughter when she goes to the roof with him, mischievously, caresses her and feeds her, then Adiba asks me, well brother, why don't you play with Amal Ammu Amal?

What is the answer? I have to find thousands of excuses.

Have you ever wondered when you fight, fight? How do we feel?

Your fights are harder to endure than your neglect.

Have you ever noticed

Two eyes silently shed tears from behind the curtain.

We were the cause of yesterday's quarrel, after your divorce, I and Adiba will be with whom. If I decide later, my father will take me and Adiba will take my mother.

Didn't you think how could I live without Adiba?

Now I am tolerating your neglect because we are both sisters together.

Adibar I am now when my mother Adiba will go to the office with her working aunt, then day after day my darling sister will die while enduring neglect.

Can you tell Why isn't our family like my friends' family?

We don't want to be with a mother or a father. We both want to be together with my mother and father. I want a family where there will be no neglect, no busyness, no blindness to career addiction.

And like everyone's family, we will go for a walk with my father and mother, we will have a lot of fun. Like my friend's father, he will caress me and bring me back from school.

But these dreams remained unfulfilled.

I died. There is Adiba. Please Adiba and don't do anything like me because of your negligence. Give me some time, work aunt can never be a mother. And don't quarrel in front of him. I understand how the child feels when the parents quarrel.

I know that in my death you will understand your mistake. If Adiba is neglected and does not have to suffer. But my death was successful. I could not have thought of living without Adiba if I were alive. Adiba that I know. Take care of Adiba. And tell him his brother loves him a lot

And one request to all parents, no other Abid like me should be neglected, should not fall into the lap of death. And please do not quarrel in front of the child. Stay together, not separate family members.


Neglected children


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Written by   447
1 year ago
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Vary nice story friend.

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1 year ago

Vary nice story dear brother

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1 year ago

Nice story...You have told a very beautiful story to the society and thanks for upvoting me...☺

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1 year ago

Ignore someone is most dangerous thing. Sometimes we neglects some people intentionally. If he knows that, you are neglecting him/her. They will hurt so much. Then he can become your enemy or he can hate you. And you explained it in your article so beautifully. I love your story. So great. Hope you'll share more story like it.

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1 year ago