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Duality is the Number of Troubles

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10 months ago
Topics: Life, Story

I am a human being with a mouth to speak to, a hand to grasp, a foot to move, a mind to perceive but does anyone know I have one inside me. It hurts a lot. He never goes out so no one understands his pain. The one that is above me, he is in great happiness. She has some dear friends. He can easily share the pain of his mind with friends but inside that I am a big fool. He does not mix with anyone. She can't share her pain with anyone. He kept his pain inside him. She suffers so much that she can't tell anyone.

This life of mine is multifaceted. Repeatedly the color of this life has changed. And some of my living aspirations have been crushed under the wheels of this reshuffle. Let's just let them go. And now I do not think back. Sometimes the upper self irritates this inner ego. And then I beat the inner self. I say, you have none. Why do you burn me in your pain? He is really alone, his pain is very sad.

I know I have to spend a lifetime with this duality of humanity. The fire of the deepest galley in my mind can never be extinguished. Never. So the inside I will burn alone and the top I will beat him with a stick. And say you have no one, you burn alone. May a history be created in your burning fire. A man has suffered so much inside but he could not share it with anyone in his life.

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