Today's weather is really hot

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2 years ago

I wish you all the best. With this heat in front of you, today's heat is not really acceptable. This weather seems to have added a lot of heat to people.

It is getting very hot these days, the weather is getting harder and harder to accept and people are drinking so much water during Iftar that they have really endured too much heat.

I did not see in the weather message that it will be very hot from today to next 3 days, it is above 45 degrees.This is a really unbearable thing because the weather above 45 degrees is much more difficult to tolerate because not everyone lives in an AC room.However, ignoring this weather, the Muslim nation has fasted in this month of Ramadan out of love for Allah.

They don't care about the heat of Ramadan, they just ignore the heat in the hope of gaining Allah's pleasure One thing that can be said from this fast is that they are devotees of Allah, they believe in Allah and they obey every word of Allah.

Such as the demand for water today

The demand for water seems to be an impossibility for people to survive this summer.We know that the infinite blessing of Allah is water.

We know that the infinite blessing of Allah is water. Man can never survive without water.Water saves lives. What kind of sherbet do people have this summer? One hand and their body's water needs are being met.

In this summer, we should all drink more and more water.This summer, people are sweating so much that there is a shortage of water for human beings. Therefore, we human beings should all drink equal amount of water.There are those who are drinking only a small amount of sherbet with water this summer and such as lemon juice then lemon juice etc.

Playing these gives them energy and eats a variety of saline.Muslims are different because they are observing Ramadan this month and they are fasting without eating in the hope of gaining the pleasure of Allah alone.They do not drink a drop of water without eating on this hot day, they drink water in the evening for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala and they wish Allah Tala and their own well-being.

It really seems like a lot of people are trying to satisfy their curiosity about whether it's a hot day or not.I am also a Muslim. I am also fasting today and I am fasting without drinking water.

What do I mean by this hot weather.

All of you stay healthy this summer and stay indoors without going out this summer and keep busy working inside the house and perform prayers and salat.

And before the evening prayers, you must drink water during the call to prayer and with cold water and sherbet.I wish you all the best. I am finishing my speech today.

All will be well. Stay healthy. Thank you all. I wish you all good health.

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