Pohela Boishakh is another name of Bengali festival

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Today is a special day for Bengalis. This day is called Pahela Baishakh. Today is Pahela Falgun.Today is a special day for Bengalis. This day is called Pahela Baishakh. Today is Pahela Falgun.This first Baishakh is usually specially organized by the people of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc. and they eat different kinds of food.

It is really much more fun.On the first Baishakh especially the shopkeepers pick up new goods from their shops and they arrange new goods.And from this shop they collect debts from the creditors and earn a lot of money.

Pahela Boishakh is an important day. This day is called the first day of the Bengali month On the first day of Baishakh, people harvest their hard-earned crops. On this day, the first people harvest their paddy and produce rice from the paddy.And they make different kinds of food from this rice.

On the first day of Boishakh, various shopkeepers are happy to give sweets to the creditors.

Bengali in fish rice

On the first Baishakh, especially in fish and rice, it is called Bengali.On the first day of Boishakh, Bengalis eat panta rice with hilsa. And on this day people come together to celebrate, condemning so much violence.

We celebrate and get along well with everyone and get along well and sit down and eat with them.Pahela Baishakh is usually celebrated in a few special countries and other countries do not have such a Pahela Baishakh.

On the first day of Boishakh, different women wear the same kind of clothes.It's really much more fascinating to see them walking around together.And on this day they eat onion paste with hilsa fish and panta rice.

Onion and mas with panta rice It really likes Bengali a lot and I like it a lot too. If you don't eat it you will taste it much more delicious.

The way the first Baishakh is celebrated in our area

In our area, usually on the first Baishakh, everyone sits under a banyan tree and starts singing and dancing along with it.It's really nice to see it, it's much more captivating.

Pohela Boishakh is a public holiday and no one goes to work on this day. On this day, everyone rejoices together with their families.Everyone has a family but those who do not have a family miss their family a lot these days.

Those who celebrate this day without family suffer a lot and they miss their relatives a lot.In fact, Bengalis are very emotional, they cry over a few things and fall in love a lot.

On this day, the dead are remembered and honored.The little ones buy the bass and play the bass with the fu and it looks so much better.There are many people who go to the house of their relatives on the first day of Baishakh with sweet hands and arrange their various kinds of food and eat it together.

I think going out with the family on this day is actually a much more beautiful day.On the day of Boishakh, especially women walk around a lot.On the first day of Baishakh, various shopkeepers decorate their shops with flowers and many other things and arrange music lights.

They give music lights and arrange music and party together.Bengalis can't say this day because they are emotional and everyone hangs out with everyone.On the first day of Boishakh, the farmers cut the paddy from their fields and thresh the paddy and keep it at home.And from this crop, rice is used to make rice powder.

Again, many cakes have been made from rice powder.They make cakes from rice powder and they enjoy making cakes together as a family.This happiness can never be enjoyed without family so I wish you to love your family and stay healthy.

On this first Baishakh day, on the first day of the year, all of you stay well, stay healthy and get along well with your family and celebrate this day with them.I hope you like this day a lot. This day does not fail.

Everyone celebrates this day.This day is celebrated outside our country and in different countries especially this country based day is not celebrated but there are some families outside the country they celebrate this day.

They also celebrate this day like their country and they miss the family in their country very much.

Finally what I want to say

TThis day is a day that reminds us of the festival of the Bengali nation and everyone rejoices together. In fact, it is a very good day. You can rejoice if you want, especially the people of Asia.

In fact, if the people of a family are well because of the celebration of this day, then the day should be celebrated.I wish you all the best. I am concluding my speech today. Thank you all. Everyone will be healthy and take care of themselves. Respect your family.

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Happy pohela boishakh day lots of love and respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️ dear

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