People's decorations with festivals

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2 years ago

I hope everyone is well and healthy. After three long days, I have appeared before you again with a new word.Then tell me how are you all? How are you all in your family?

Hope everybody is healthy and I wish you all good health. Today I will share my story with you.

People always want to be healthy and everyone wants to live with the festival.Life without festivals seems helpless.

And many people have come up with different types of decorations for this festival. Some people have come up with different types of decorations for this festival.

Someone wearing different types of earrings, someone wearing different colors, white clothes, my black clothes, wearing different types of clothes, trying to enjoy life.In my opinion, all people should enjoy life in the right way, so life should never be enjoyed unjustly.

There are many people who love to enjoy life whether they do it or not.Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. Today I will introduce you to the lowest priced hair clip in my store.

This clip is so short that a lot of little kids buy these guys and stick them in their hair and it's really nice to see.It looks like a swarm of beautiful insects sitting on his head .

Extraordinary coloring clip of scalp hair

This is a big clip of hair.There are usually many types of HD in my store, but I will introduce you to a clip of my choice is not actually introduced.These clips are the same people known as crabs.

In fact, this clip is called crab.You will be really surprised to see this boy. It has the shape of a crab and it comes in different colors like red, blue, green, yellow, etc.In rural areas, these hair clips are used to hold the hair of the head, especially women who use this type of click more.

These are not very expensive. They cost only 10 rupees.This type of clip is used not only by the big judgment but also by the little ones but especially the girls like the outfit a lot so they buy this kind of clip more. It is available in large quantities in my store.

Hair clips like buck's lips.

With the satisfaction of this haircut you will really say and my God it is so beautiful and so long that it holds all the hairs of the head.

Usually in our local language this clip is called a bug lip clip because it is shaped like a bug's lip and its teeth are much longer.

Since the tiger's teeth are not very long or I don't know if they have tiger teeth but the teeth have been shaped to shape the hair of the head.It's not really worth seeing. The price of a lift is not very high. It is a low price and the demand for this clip is the highest in our country.Usually these clips are made in our country.

And this country exports these clips to different countries and earns different kinds of money and improves the country. Especially on special festive days women stick such clips on their heads and it looks so much more beautiful


Hair pins don't actually look like clips. The hair follicle pins are like a stick. These hair follicle pins weigh very little, so it is not clear if I have any hair follicle pins in my hand.Hairpin pin prices are the lowest.

Apart from various festivals, people use this type of hair barrier pin in their daily life. The demand for this hair barrier is much higher, especially those who have hair on their head.

The color of the hair follicle pins is naturally black, it is not any other color except black . There are at least 20 types of hair clips in my store.When people come to different types of clips, I get a lot of crowds of people and I can't handle it all alone. In fact, these hair tie clips are very much in demand by people.

I can't say what is the demand of these in other countries but in our country the demand for these hair clip is much higher.

Hair barrier rubber

These hair follicles are usually reddish blue, green and yellow in different colors.They are very thin in color.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.On the day of the festival, people buy such food and tie it on their heads.

Muslims thus tie and celebrate with their hair in their festivals.It's really nice to see two to three year olds, especially the ones with this type of headband again.

Today I am concluding my speech like today. Everyone will be well. I wish everyone well. Today I am concluding my speech.

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Festival really gives us joy and a sound mind to go on

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