It is impossible for humans to survive without oxygen

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Why can't we survive without oxygen?

Humans usually live on the basis of respiration. Humans cannot survive without respiration.

Oxygen is really much more essential for survival. Oxygen People cannot survive without the oxygen involved in human life.

We all want to live in a beautiful way, but we never notice that oxygen is a thing without which man can never live, without which man can never walk.

A tree helps people survive in many ways.We will take proper care of the tree in any need.I will take care of the tree at the right time and water the tree at the right time.

So that the trees can grow and give us oxygen.An environment where there are no plants doesn't really look like an environment.Planting trees saves the environment.

Have we ever wondered where we are actually coming from?We all need to know that humans cannot survive without oxygen and that oxygen is usually derived from plants and natural resources so we should not be harsh on natural resources.

Stop deforestation for oxygen

There are many times when we make furniture by cutting many kinds of plants from our mind to make our furniture.In fact, we don't have a conscience.

If we had a conscience, we would never do such a thing. The way a tree helps us. In fact, we can't help a tree in that way.

Banu which is actually a bad thing because people cut down different types of plants from the forest to meet their daily needs and make their furniture and they live happily ever after.

There will come a time when people will say that due to which all the trees will die then there will be lack of oxygen in human beings.Then people will cry, people will die due to lack of oxygen.It is very important to keep our plants alive as we cannot survive without oxygen.

It is important for people to make furniture for their daily life. We think deforestation should not be done at all because deforestation has many kinds of animals that have lost their nests.

There are a lot of birds that live well and if we cut down that tree it would be a huge loss to those birds they would lose their nest. So we should take proper care of our sisters and refrain from deforestation.

Planting more and more seedlings

Planting more and more seedlings.We should all plant saplings in the same way that we destroy trees, that is, we have to cut down one tree and plant another sapling to fill the deficit of that tree.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.And need to collect a sapling that will grow the sapling.If only saplings are planted, the tree will not grow big. You have to take care of the tree by planting trees.

The roots of the tree should be watered in the morning and in the afternoon and fertilizers and pesticides should be applied to keep the insects away.Because trees cannot grow under the oppression of insects.

We must plant seedlings before we destroy the plants. Now if we take care of the tree, the tree will give us fruits and flowers which are very necessary as food in our daily life.Trees never harm people but harm people.

We should all take care of the trees and water the roots and control the weeds.

Finally what I want to say about planting trees

We read in childhood that trees are man's best friend. Trees give oxygen to human beings. Since trees help human beings so much, we also have some responsibilities.We should also take care of the trees, we should take care of the trees but we will get oxygen and be able to live a healthy and beautiful life.I am finishing my speech by saying that everyone will be fine and healthy.

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