Another name for water is life

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Water is another name for life. We all know and understand this.People can never survive without water. Human beings need water to sustain their lives, so we do not abuse water. Water helps to save a person's life.

This is especially true for those Muslims who do not eat one day during Ramadan, when they realize how much they really need water.As a Muslim the value of water is very high because they drink water very carefully and they waste water very little.

How to use water ... Water waste is usually caused by humans. They throw various types of waste into the water which causes water wastage and poor human consumption.

In my opinion I can say that we should all reduce water wastage. In that case I can say that river water, sea water, all animals, we should use it carefully. If we keep the water clean, people can get rid of various diseases lie malaria, cholera, jaundice, diarrhea.In particular, there are some countries where the condition of the water is really bad. From this water, various kinds of pathogens are spread which people have to take the advice of a doctor.

So we should all use water properly so that the water is fresh and suitable for human consumption.There are many types of fish that live in the water due to bad water which die due to unclean water.

And from this month of death people are stinking and people are getting sick so we should always use water properly. Water is being misused in many parts of our country. Due to the presence of iron in the water, people are prone to diseases such as goiter and other diseases caused by drinking water containing this iron.Especially in underdeveloped countries water misuse is most prevalent.

Contaminated water

Water contamination is a bad thing. Due to the contamination of water, people get various diseases so people have to boil it before drinking water. Due to the contamination of water especially in rural areas, they get various diseases because they do not eat it.

We should all be aware and use water wisely as the demand for water is high and we should protect it well.If you are good and healthy, the country will be good and healthy. So water demand should always be well maintained.

When people travel to different types of seas, there are many other types of products, including bottles, thrown on the water.We have so much trouble traveling the seas that our minds are really murdered after seeing this polluted garbage. We will all be free from water pollution and manage water efficiently.

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