"SmartBCH is My Journey"

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First experience of SmartBCH :

At first when I hear about #SmartBCH I feel a little strange because I have never heard such a name. An older sister suggested to me that you enter this #BCH here and have the ability to make a much better profit here.

I heard about my sister and got some ideas about #SmartBCH in a new way from YouTube. I will definitely present a YouTube link among you. This is a channel of my sister.

YouTube link:👇


From here I get a lot of ideas and learn a lot about #SmartBCH and it awakens in me a very responsive consciousness. And I am preparing to bring some #BCh to #SmartBCH.

Bitcoin Cash The website I used for Smart Bitcoin Cash:

For the first time I brought some #BCH #SmartBCH through Coinflex.com website link 👇


However, I got into a lot of trouble. The first time I transferred dollars from a bitcoin.com wallet to the Coinflex website, there were a lot of obstacles in my transaction. And I contacted the admin on the Coinflex website about why this problem happened and they activated my account after a lot of hard work. And I have been able to transact very easily ever since.

How much #BCH did I first bring to Smart Bitcoin Cash?

I first transfer 0.012 #BCH to see if the transaction is correct. Although I told you there was some hassle then I can transact properly and then transfer .14 #BCH to #SmartBCH wallet. It was a big experience for me and I was ready to buy tokens from #SmartBCH.

Which tokens did I buy first?

I first bought the token for the first time as Green Ben #EBEN. It was a great experience for me to come to #SmartBCH and buy this token. And this token I bought with only 0.046 #BCH.

The second token I bought was called #Honk It also gives me a new experience and I can learn a lot about this token. For the first time I bought this token with 0.046 #BCH.

I later bought Bitcoin Cash Argentina #ARG which helped me gain a new experience. I join their telegram group in their Twitter group everything and keep up to date with new information. I first bought this token with 0.035 #BCH.

Next I had some bitcoin cash in hand and from there I bought a token called #LAW and I bought this token with 0.046 #BCH.

Achieve My Profit At Smart Bitcoin Cash.

When I bought a variety of tokens, I felt very embarrassed that I might not be able to make a profit. But it was my misconception that for the first time in a few days the market for tokens called #EBEN was high. And I made some profit and sold the token. Which was a new experience for me and I was very happy.

This is the second time I've made a profit. I sold #HONK Token when the market was high. And I make some profit from there too. And I slowly started to make a lot of profit.Which was a very happy time for me.

And I sell #LAW tokens for the third time when the market is high and I make a very good profit from it. But later the price of law became higher even though I had nothing to do. But I was happy to make a good profit.

I haven't sold my Bitcoin Cash Argentina #ARG token yet because the token market is not so high yet. Which is why I still put it on hold.

The new tokens I bought at the moment:

I think of buying a new token only when I make some profit and some #BCH is deposited in the wallet of #SmartBCH. And of course I'm thinking of buying some good tokens this time around.

The new tokens that I bought.

I bought a cat token which was a very good token. The CashCats #CATS token price was a bit low when I bought it. And from there I bought some #CATS tokens.

I bought some new #EBEN tokens again at a time when the market was a bit low. And I know #EBEN is a very strong token and its future is very good. That's why I think of buying a token and buying a token.

The current market status of the tokens listed in Smart Bitcoin Cash:

The tokens were very good when I bought them and I bought the tokens for a long time. But I never thought #BCH would suddenly be so market down.

As the #BCH Market goes down, the tokens I buy go down the market, and I'm losing a lot now. Although I bought the tokens for a long time, I never imagined that #BCH would be so market down.

The value of almost every token is greatly reduced. Marketcap.cash 👉https://www.marketcap.cash/ has reduced the price of almost every token. When this goes here I know in full detail what the value of a token is.

Where I used to trade tokens.

I mostly browsed two sites

My current experience of Smart bitcoin cash.

Many thanks to #BCH for what I have experienced so far. If I didn't have #BCH I probably wouldn't think of going to #SmartBCH

So I have a lot to learn and hopefully I can do a lot more in the future with #BCH. And of course I can make a big profit with #SmartBCH.

Bitcoin Cash is a very good currency and it has changed my life a lot. Hopefully in the future I will be able to build a better future with #BCH.

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