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My Phone Best Photography Part-2

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Hello guys how are you all.I hope you are all well.I will share with you some of the best new pictures taken on my phone.I am very happy to receive your comments and i am the second of my photography

Let's share my first picture with you.I hope you like this picture;

I hope you like the picture very much.Now i will share with a picture of a beautiful moments of my university. I hope you like it.Let's see the pic;

I hope you like the picture very much.

Now i will share another picture with you. This is another best picture taken on my phone, let's see the pictures;

I hope you like this picture because this picture flower is very nice.

Now i will share the picture of sunset of my phone with you. It is actually a very beautiful pictures of nature. Let's see my last picture.I hope you will like the picture very much.

I hope you like this picture taken from a place next to my house. And you will support all my pictures and like and comment..

Thanks to everyone and mostly read cash site...

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You have good knowledge about photography. Also your captured photos was too good. But in my opinion photos are extra saturated. So it looks not nutural. I also show that you use mi device to captured photos. So on your camera apps setting you use high saturation and high contrast it’s enough. But you normal they ar more nutural. I hope you understand what i want to say you. Thank you.

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2 years ago