Tokyo & Osaka BCH VIRTUAL Meetup Plan Announcement

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4 years ago

In a previous announcement we communicated our plan to suspend the Tokyo BCH meetup with the intention of doing our part for our own and broader community to reduce the risk of Covid-19 outbreak. The situation in Japan is tenuously optimistic as case numbers have not been increasing substantially. However, the risk of outbreak is still heightened, and we hope for all of our members to be safe.

To that end, we are going to offer an option to join our Virtual Meetups for the near term as we see how events unfold. We will be trying out various collaboration tools to find out what best meets our needs. We are also excited to work with the Osaka BCH Meetup organizers with the plan. Our objective is to make the meetup as accessible as possible, with as rich an experience as we can curate. We welcome feedback from members on which tools they find most useful.

We will provide the BCH address of one of our venues for each meetup, so members can feel free to tip BCH to to support the venue. 

Our virtual meetups will start this coming Wednesday March 18th from 7:30pm and we plan to host every Wednesday at the same time when our physical meetups happen. To join, please join Tokyo BCH Meetup or Osaka BCH Meetup group and RSVP for each meetup and we will send you instructions and links to join the meetup. We will also update details for each meetup on including the venues. 

Regardless of how events unfold, we remain fully committed to the pursuit of an independent financial system enabled by Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to everyone for their continued enthusiasm and support during these challenging times.

Announcement in Japanese:

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I am New Here can someone show me around

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