Bitcoin Cash Meetup Organizer's Guide Summary

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I'm keeping my posts with the same theme in one place, so it is easier for you and myself to find.

<New Organizers>

How To Organize a Bitcoin Meetup in 20 mins - Read here
This article explains how to organize or plan a meetup, including booking a venue, posting your meetup on, and announcing it.

Organizer’s Guide: Organizer’s Job During A Meetup - Read here
This is recommended for new organizers who don't have a clue what they are supposed to at a meetup. Although there are no right or wrong ways to do meetups, hope this helps by giving you a general idea of what a typical meetup looks like so you can be confident at your first meetup.

<Advanced Organizers>
How to Airdrop BCH Using SLP Tokens and Dividend Tool at Your Meetup - Read Here
If you are looking for something fun and educational to do for your meetup, airdropping BCH using SLP tokens is a great way to get both old and new members some BCH, and show them how useful and fun SLP tokens can be. This will require some preparation and organizing prior to the meetup, but thanks to some new tools and functions it should be easier than when I first wrote this post a few weeks ago.

<My Presentation at Bitcoin Cash City Conference about Meetups and Merchant Adoption>

<Coming soon...>
I also hope to write on below topics soon:

- How to write a good Meetup writeup for each event
- How to get sponsorship for your meetup
- How to boost attendance for your meetup
- How to organize special events for your meetup including special guests, talks, and give-away
- Meetups and merchants (How to onboard merchants using your meetup)

If you are interested in other topics I appreciate it if you can leave in the comment below:)

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