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Sunday & some of the extraneous things in my mind.

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5 months ago
Topics: Sharing, Extraneous

Hello everyone! Happy winter rain to everyone. In fact, it is raining here. Now spring is coming towards the end of winter. Suddenly it started raining. Cold is added with winter.

The picture is my photography, winter rainy night sky.

Hope everybody on this Sunday also had a great day. In fact, this one day of the week, maybe everyone can spend free time. Everyone is interested in Sunday or a special day of the holiday.

Sunday means a different kind of happy day for all of us! Then again, if the family heads get more extra office leave, then there is no more talk! And on this holiday season, it's best not to go out in Corona. And we should all spend time at home with family and shop online. By doing this we kept ourselves safe and we also kept our family safe.

Nowadays in life you can do different things all day long by using the phone. But the night that comes at the end of the day is very difficult to sigh. In fact, I am an unemployed person. My time is spent on online, mobile and games.

I can say that I am alive for this phone. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened. The family must have been, is, and will always be. Since I am unemployed, I have adopted mobile very much. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if the word mobile was not discovered in the world? Then maybe life would have gone into a boring mood or it would have been awkward. At the expense of intelligence, I would discover different things. Hahaha I had a little fun. Being a scientist is not so easy. Still

Although sometimes I get a hint of being upset, I keep myself busy with other things. Not just me but every human being needs it. "

I never give bad or good status. I don't share anything with anyone. When I'm in a bad mood, I keep thinking to myself, not smiling. Sometimes I become careless among my friends and even in their conversations. I don't understand what I'm thinking. I keep thinking but I never know if I'm upset or angry. There are good and bad aspects of a human being. All in all, people.

Maybe many people give me a text saying that I am arrogant, in fact it is a wrong idea. Hey, I'm a man. I am not a robot, that will not upset me. If I am upset, I text with a smile on my face, do not do it again and again. Everyone's mind is not always good. No one knows when the mind changes. Again, I think if a person is alone in himself, then the frequent mood swings in him is a matter of notice.

One thing to keep in mind, I finish all my work properly, then do the rest. Whoever understands that place is right. Like today I am giving an example of a day on Sunday. What have I done?

#Namely: -

I woke up at 11 in the morning. I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine on a Sunday. Fresh all day, a list of what I will do, I prepared the night before. So it was easier to work with. First I swept the house. I have bathed my favorite animals. I have washed all the clothes for 1 week. Basai has two bathrooms, I have washed them. Cleaned my garden in the afternoon. I have prepared dinner. I have done everything and after finishing all the work, I go to the mobile or online world for my comfort.

Who understands the meaning of life. Learn to organize your life, you will see your life is very beautiful. I am trying to make life beautiful by arranging all the necessary work in my life. Life is really beautiful for those who can keep it tidy. Seeing others jealous, no one has ever been able to move forward and will never be able to. Give yourself time to work without working behind others.

"It simply came to our notice then that people did not look for their own faults or mistakes and looked at others first. But they should look at themselves first.

However, it is my intention to address everyone. If you see someone having a little fun, don't laugh, but learn to give him company. It may be that he doesn't smile inside, he comes out and brings back the peace in his mind.

I don't want to write anything today. I want to go to the land of sleep to enjoy the rain and winter outside.

Thanks everyone for reading this article. And again good luck with the winter rain and good night everyone.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
Topics: Sharing, Extraneous
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