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One day with a best friend.

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5 months ago
Topics: Fantastic,joy

After a long time, yesterday I went for a walk in the garden with my dear friends. The main purpose of the visit was to meet the favorite faces. In this busy world, it is not always possible to meet everyone when it comes to weighing instruments. But in the stable time we are busy. Even in the midst of this busyness, the mind wants to walk hand in hand with a friend, open the mind and open the stored words to the narrative friends.

Friend means something special. Friend means dependence. Friend means cheerfulness, open meeting and acid-honey naughtiness.

Everyone has friends and if there is a friend, we will meet, talk and have anabil majlis. The friend is the source of all the longing of the heart, the source of all affection.

It was nice to meet Chirchena's face after a long time. Whether it is a settlement or a chronology

For a short time And thanks to those dear faces who have been able to break the fence of busyness and give a little time. But when I went to the park, I was very surprised. Everyone seems to be isolated. It seems like a lot has changed. That's what the family is like. I have never seen anything like this before !!! That's why I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I saw that their whole life with their children is going through a unique time. Although I could not go to them at the right time due to my busy schedule.

I shared some pictures with my friends and their kids.

Friends baby

Very sorry for that. Anyway, I'm not blaming anyone. Time changes everyone a lot. I know what it's like to take time out of life. Wrong, that's normal. I'm just saying the minor facts. It seems to me that the gap between all of us, whether directly or indirectly, is widening these days. Not just with friends, but with everyone. If it continues like this, no one will be able to recognize anyone in the near future. In that case, the loss of a large amount is ours. Despite our desire for each other, we can no longer find peace of mind in many things. Because then they will not remember or recognize me for their joys and sorrows. That's when the idea of ​​helping will not come to mind. But not otherwise. And it is very important for us to reduce this gap.

So a tour means simply

And we need to close this communication gap a lot. That's why a tour means simply arranging a picnic, maybe not bad at all. For a long time there was no traveling. But there was a time when we could not think of anything but travel. Where there was no barrier difference. Everyone was shouting together all day long. There was no such bond in the name of family. So what if you have a picnic next month? There is no better way to bridge the communication gap. Picnic is the best medium.

#Note: Don't think that I am ordering someone. I just highlighted the real fact. You may have friends with whom you can't talk openly, so you can't meet. Even if you want to be good, you have to find time.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
Topics: Fantastic,joy
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