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Life is enjoyable in thought.

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4 months ago

At 3.48 am. I can't sleep. So I am writing and posting articles. How are you my readers?

Still," life" noway refuses, If you want to enjoy life. As a result, who needs to apply their own studies. Everyone needs to suppose about their own life, how beautiful life is.

Enjoy" life", if you want. All that's demanded is a" feeling of gratefulness"for life.

I suppose about life now. Because I do not suppose much of myself. Due to our bad habits. The work isn't veritably proud. But my studies on life are different.

Everybody asks the same question in diurnal life, what will I do in the future? I can not answer because I suppose God is the master of unborn plans and my job is to keep going. I would like to say one thing, the substance of which is that if it continues, the path is paved automatically. So I keep going in the stopgap of making a path.

We all want to enjoy our own life. But there's no end to our solicitations and there's no end to our desire to get! Life isn't pleasurable if we're upset about commodity or not getting commodity of our own! We can enjoy life to the fullest when our brain makes us happy or pressure free.

The rapacity for plutocrat in life is big rapacity. Utmost of us have a laid aft station when it comes to painting a picture about life. I can not calculate the happiness of life indeed after calculating. The reality is, the demand for plutocrat noway ends. After I started getting that bone from @Read.Cash I allowed it would be nice if I could get hundreds more. It has been seen that indeed after getting lakhs of rupees, the demand for that plutocrat has noway been lower. So I do not go after plutocrat, I go after my small dreams. I don't give up my small dreams, because I know that fulfilling these small dreams is my investment to fulfill big dreams. Because when I fulfill one, the desire to fulfill the other is doubled. Also, I suppose I've to work harder because I've a lot of left in my pail list. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

I noway like to use dupe brand bags or products. I believe in the original. However, I feel comfortable usingnon-branded particulars, If I can not go the original brand bags. But I walk around with good brand stores. And I just turned around and saw myself moment, one day I'll be suitable to come and buy that day. This is how I inspire myself.

I try to look at life in a simple way nowadays. However, I would do it, If I allowed I'd do it. I do not like to put life in the rules because it seems that the beauty of life is lost unit. However, I've to get up in the morning without paying 14 times, If I've to get up at 6 in the morning and spend time with family or musketeers for numerous nights the day ahead. Because I suppose it'll waste my precious fun time.

I believe in Memory Making, not Destroying. To give a small illustration, also my SSC test 2012. There will be a musicale, my test the coming day. I went to the musicale all day reading. Numerous at the time were surprised and allowed I was crazy, but I may not be suitable to explain to numerous, and yet I can not suppose of life beyond reading, beyond spending.

Still, I drink coffee, I'll not go to sleep without drinking coffee for fear that my sleep won't come again, If I want to have coffee at two in the morning. Because I suppose I am the master of my mind, the fact that a coffee will control me isn't comfortable for me. Perhaps that is why I fall asleep after drinking coffee.

I believe that the name of the mind is whatever you say, job. To this day I believe that what I've done has noway worked against me. In fact, it's important to believe in dreams and tone.


Our life is easy but those who want to control us, those who suppose we've to follow their minds make our way delicate. Obstacles will come and go. But if you change your mind, you won't come back.

There's only one reason to talk so much. Our life is veritably simple. Again veritably delicate. Now a lot depends on how you want to see life. In my opinion, if you want to lose your life, you should lose that one time, at the time of death, until also, you should keep the control in your own hands by believing in god.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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