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Does life really change?

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5 months ago
Topics: Life changeable

Hello readers, how are you all? Have a nice day. Enjoy today to make Amagir beautiful. My registration life today has really changed. Let's start with the details.

Maybe. Or why so much change? Where do so many beautiful loves go from life?

In fact, it is not right to define everything in the world. Because the scope of the subject is narrowed. But the human mind does not want to accept it. If the subject is broad then everyone defines it as their own. Life is such a vast subject. So its definition is different for different people. I think life is a combination of time and opportunity. Take advantage of which to build yourself up.

Before returning from the educational institution, the teacher said, you too will forget, do not look.

I said loudly that day, never. I will search every day. We are not like everyone else.

But! How many months and how many years are not searched today.

As a childhood friend went to study at another institution, he said, don't forget me. Remember that?

I hugged and said, hey do you think of me like everyone else? I will never forget in life.

But! How many nights have passed today, he is not told good night. How many years, how are you?

When word of a civilized girl spread throughout the area; Then everyone in the area said together that I can feed the girl for the rest of my life without any hesitation. Ish! What a sweet girl.

But today the girl is doing a rude thing and spit in her face all over the area ..!

Leaving her husband, the girl would not sit down to eat dinner. The child slept on his chest. People used to say .. I would die without the father of the child. Can a child survive without a mother's lap?

But today, after the death of the girl's husband, a child is spending the night swearing in love! Today my sister has been a widow for 9 months. Whoever was holding his hand, he did not speak. Allah has taken him to him.

Everybody's thinking changes from tomorrow to tomorrow. Everyone finds happiness somewhere new. Creates new habits by giving up old habits in order to live comfortably in life.

Suffering people no longer learn to live like flowers, but learn to survive as hard as rocks.

But ... where are the promises of love lost?

Life is an unexpected short story.

Friend eating tea in the pond

The moment I leaned on my shoulder, I was overwhelmed. Immediately, I got lost in the darkness in the frustration of not being able to get close to anyone.

After a few months, I haven't seen the postman. But at the end of the week, I could have a yellow letter!

Communication without liability in the sound of a text message on a mobile phone.

If you don't get it in the timeline of your favorite author. Active has been closed for a long time. But you will forget it.

Then at the end of the day you are still the beloved!

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Written by   19
5 months ago
Topics: Life changeable
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