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Disability and our society.

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4 months ago

Our attitudes toward people with physical or mental disabilities are limited to that "aha, oh, poor", less embarrassing attempt to get them to work or to integrate them into the mainstream of society.

When an autistic child is born in a family, his mother still has to listen to "misfortune" and "unlucky" slander.

There are still many of us in the society who can't take such people lightly, just make fun of them.

In fact, it is not the fault of our society but of our own making. Sometimes I am surprised to think it! I suffer, I cry.

#Disability_and_our _society.

People with disabilities in our country are neglected in every step of the society. Newspapers often talk about torture in various ways. Many people think that disability is a curse of society. Many people with disabilities in the family do not let him out. As a result, they died one day due to careless negligence.

But now awareness about disability is slowly being created among the people. People with disabilities are now receiving various therapeutic services free of cost, especially through the Disability Development Foundation run by the Ministry of Social Welfare. Such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy Services. In addition, many private NGOs work with people with disabilities.

What I found out from the internet is that it is not a contagious disease or a mental illness. It's not that he's crazy. There is a cure for it.

This disease was also among many great people in this world. Such as - Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar - they had epilepsy. And like ten common diseases, it is a disease and there is a cure for it. It can be grown, everything can be done.

I repeat once again, "It can be grown, everything can be done". We should start from here and treat them sympathetically without being aggressive towards them.

Hundreds of millions of people are trapped in the net of neglect and superstition.

People with crippled physical disabilities cannot move their limbs. After the death of their parents, it will take a laborer every day to feed and cripple the disabled. The monthly allowance for the disabled is only 750 rupees. US 9 US Dollar only The bill passed in my Asian Parliament is almost the same from 2016 to 2021. It is better to provide one government ashram for the disabled in all the districts. I think if we make it a monthly allowance, the disabled will get monthly allowance from the government. Almost all the disabled people are living in extreme poverty. The handicapped child can be born in the world of any one of you, God, I would hope that these issues would be of special interest to all the disabled people.


Disability prevention needs to create awareness among the people. It is necessary to know the causes of disability and take appropriate action. These include:

- Provide nutritious food for mother and baby

- Increase awareness among the public

- Timely vaccination of children

- Perform regular medical checkups

- If the child's development is not like normal children, then seek medical advice immediately

- To provide various facilities to the persons with disabilities

People with disabilities are not a burden to family, society or the state, they have something to give in this world. Not their neglect, they need a little affection a little compassion. This requires a change in our mindset. Only then can we build a unified society.

So let’s all say in unison, ‘Break the dam, open the door, build a united society.

Honestly, their minds are very beautiful, they are easy, they are simple, they suffer from loneliness, they also want company. We should give them time to keep their minds always happy like flowers.

Even if everyone leaves in life, they will not want to leave you, because they know they have no one but you! "This is their love."

Let's not neglect, let's give love. People with disabilities also want to love them, want to get love.

Children with all types of disabilities, including autism, have a right to life, and to express their talents and abilities.

Those who have the right must be given that opportunity.

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Written by   19
4 months ago
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