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Being humble is not a weakness, it's a qualification

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5 months ago

Being humble is not a weakness, it's a qualification.

No bone can be humble if he wants to.

Those who make fun of this particularly good quality of others, say acting, call it by colorful names, know for themselves that their maximum incapacity is to be humble.

Every mortal being needs to be humble. It isn't a sign of weakness but of personality. Just as the mind can be conquered with good use, so too numerous deeds can be saved. It's better not to speak if you don't know. Some people's geste makes him want to talk to her a alternate time.

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I advise people to be humble. Nothing could be better. But a lot has to be endured. The funny thing is-if you're humble, people will take advantage of you and also go to another place and talk-you're a complete idiot.

Occasionally it seems that Bidhata has only made them mortal, not humanity or humanity.

There are numerous people around us who do nothing but enjoy their comfort. Do not be silent by neglecting liabilities and wanting others to be careless too!! Occasionally they will hear to you for their own comfort but after a while they will fulfill their interest with you again.

This type of people are veritably devilish. They don't have pride. Pride abandons and gives only to insure their own comfort. To achieve one's own interests with another.

What a weird bone!

And there are some bull type. Those who endure their oppression. After that, indeed if they get angry in some way, they themselves continue to suffer in gilt feeling.

Also he fell into the trap of the devils again.

Please do not let anyone be these devil types in your particular life.

As long as you do your own work in the nest of life. Do not give your burden to another. Do not be lazy and forget your liabilities and do not inspire others to be lazy and lose system.

In our society, if someone's father has a lot of plutocrat, the old gharry sculler, indeed the tea dealer, despite having a lot of age gap with them, is treated as if he rules someone youngish. Indeed after getting a tea dealer old man said.

All of our parents want their child to be a good person, but the proprietor of the house, or the aunt who's helping with the housework, the motorist doesn't pay attention to how the child is treating them.

Also I suppose that little people shouldn't suppose too important.

Someone rich in that family in fact, we say Salam give UncleK. Again say Aunty Thanks.

Before the guest leaves the house, we've a big meeting in front of the child to bandy and condemn. What are we learning from the family?

What will be with handbooks only? Where moral education is zero.

Family education is veritably important. So there you have to educate, good and evil. You have to try to make good people, not big degrees.

Let's sport the humble bones, let's all be humble.

There's a byword, bane can be vended with sweet words, no bone buys honey with bitter words.

So a many times ago I dropped this dangerous policy for myself. The work should be humble with modesty and harsh with dishonesty.

Be humble but also let people know about your tough aesthetics.

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Written by   19
5 months ago
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I think being humble is really a good character. Humbleness doesn't equate to weakness, in fact it can be a strongest weapon one could have.

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5 months ago

But many do not have the opportunity to do this. If they only knew what it meant, people would be better off.

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5 months ago