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Success is never a discount

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1 month ago

Success is never a discount! Size not for sale! The size is never half! All or nothing! All day every day! Your Majesty never gets a discount! Eric Thomas: Success The most important part of communication is, surprisingly, listening to it, not the words. Elizabeth Bryant, Blended FamiliesCommunication Here's a great quote to think about this Tuesday. You can hear more this week and see the difference! Motivation is an important part of life. Without motivation, you cannot get up and spend time on something in your life. Brian Keigy's motivational quote about LifeBe motivates you to do your best this Tuesday! Everything changes, people change, but you will always be yourself. So be true to yourself and don't sacrifice yourself for anyone. Zayn Malik: be yourself Great advice for Tuesday; Never forget who you are and what you are worth. Experience it. Be yourself, not what others expect!

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