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Faucet pay

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1 year ago

Faucet pay is one of the legit earning sites we can earn money. It just need oir full effort and time to earn

How to create your faucet pay account?

Me as one of the users of this earning site you can directly go to my link fill up the registration form and your ready to go

My referal link 👉

How to earn on faucet pay?

There are lot of ways to earn on faucet pay . Check the 3 lines on the upper left side of dashboard click it and you will see this image

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  • Faucet list

    This is where you can see different faucet list where you can check and earn differen types of cryptos,and send it to your faucet pay account

  • Offerwalls

  • Surveys

  • Paid to click

    This are different types of ads where you can play and earn btc direct to your btc wallet

  • FEY staking

  • Multiply

  • Affiliate

  • Advertise

How to transfer funds from faucet pay to your coinsph wallet?

Upon accumulating the minimum amount of cryptos to be transfer to yoor coins ph wallet the first thing you should do is

  • Link the address you want to send your funds from faucet pay

  • Proceed to withdraw

    Fill up the withdrawal

  • Then wait for the process

  • Tips

    If you withdraw bch be sure to use all address and cryptos to bch

    And to easily accumulate amount earn all kinds of cryptos and swap it into one crypto when you withdraw

How to swap your cryptos into 1 crypto?

Just click the

  • Trade


    Fill up

I hope to help you on this little article of mine

My own experience only if there are some things you want to add feel free to mention it on the comment box .

Happy reading Happy earning 😘😘😘

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1 year ago
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