Homemade Juice For Premature Ejaculation

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Quick ejaculation is when you reach orgasm before sex or less than a minute after you start. Man does not have a specific time to ejaculate during sex, but quick evaluation and losing an erection soon are unhealthy. Based on research, it has been observed that premature ejaculation is caused by many factors. Below are as follows: 

> Depression

> Stress

> Inherit genetic traits from parents

> Relationship issues

> Insecurity 

> Guilt

> Reactions during sex

> Body shape

> Anxiety

> Negative thoughts about the concept of sex

> The unusual level of sex hormones

> Prostate or Infection

> Neurotransmitters imbalance





   Tiger nuts (fresh or dried)





👉. Rinse the fresh Tiger nuts ( If dried, first soak for 5-6 hours to soften the nuts) also slice the coconut into small pieces put them in a blender, add water, and blend. If preparing large quantities, you can blend separately.

👉 Using any method of sieving you know, drain out the milk and keep it aside.

NOTE: It is important to put in the fridge or add ice cubes to prevent fermentation.

👉 Remove seeds from your dates, cut into pieces and soak or splash for 30 minutes to make syrup. (like honey)

👉 Slice the banana, pineapple, and apple into small pieces.

👉 Add sliced ginger (strip or not)

👉 Blend the mixed fruits

👉 Add your Coconut and Tiger nuts milk and your syrup (made from Dates)

👉 Mix (smoothie) and refrigerate or add ice 

👉 Serve Chilled.

🌟 Ginger has powerful medicinal properties that may help it fight against chronic diseases.

🌟 Dates, Coconut, and Tiger nuts help improve weak erections, low sperm count, and quick ejaculation. It also helps women who are experiencing infertility and any ovulation problems.

NOTE: The smoothie is great for men, ladies, and children.

Click here for more details about the benefits of eating Dates (DABINO) daily.

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