Defeating Obstacles

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3 years ago
Topics: Personal Growth

In reality humans were born with series of obstacles obstructing the race to progress. The odds is always contradict the development or otherwise but it is very simple to know how to meet an apparently immovable and undefeated obstacles.

In completion of human race, obstructing particles usually emerge at different stages which always bring setback. In either ways it occurred, it can only be broken by merely taking your stand and letting the obstacle to break on you.

How to stand up to an obstacle? Just stand up to it that's all, don't give away under it, and it will finally break. Something has to break, it won't be you but obstacle.

This can only be done when you have faith in God and in yourself. In a nut shell, faith is the chief quality formula you need. It is enough, in fact more than enough in defeating obstacles.

My favourite bible passage: Philippians 4:13 "I can do all thing through Christ which strengthened me". With this you can develop a new brand powerful faith in God and in yourself, you will know yourself, your ability, determination and your power to do things, to which your attitude shift from negative to positive. With greatest assurance, you can say to yourself under any circumstances that I can stand and break obstacles.

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