Baby bree is a superhero

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Once upon a time there was an ordinary young girl who went to school and done everything right but one night she gets bitten by a special spider.

In the next morning she wakes up with tons of special powers like great fast healing and super strength amongst other powers, the spider dies afterwards but then Bree does not care she has grown an inch taller and with a clear mind.

She begins at super speed to get ready for the day ahead and once she had showered and gotten ready.

Bree went out to get her bus for the trip to St. Lynn Ross School for girls and as Bree is 14 years old she is in year 8 and once and for all the fact that she hates school doesn't help her case but Bree who never let's it out begins to notice things are amiss when she can hear other people's thoughts about stuff.

Some of them rude and some of them are happy but most are disgusting and Bree cannot get them outta of her head even her own thoughts have gone quiet now.

Bree has only one option she has to concentrate on herself to block everyone else out but that is harder said than done as once again the thought of people keep come back tenfold.

She is trying her hardest to block even the most disgusting image someone just thought and it was all about her and them.

Bree walks off the bus in silence that is until her BFF Suzy comes along to walk beside her and together they enter the school grounds just in time that was before the first lesson bell begins to toll.

Bree and Suzy walk in to class talking and then sit down at the back while lessons are going on Bree concentrates on her math problems and suddenly it is all there the problem solves itself right before her eyes.

Bree is shocked but with her attention and grades are good but Bree couldn't fathom why her grades were exceeded the average grade curriculum level but bree's teachers praised her.

Nevertheless the teachers were very supportive of Bree. Afterwards, Bree goes from lesson to lesson with no complications or complaints from teachers.

Soon Bree was running at full strength on the treadmill like a cheetah on steroids.

She never gets tired or seeming to stop until the machine stops for her. Bree then suddenly felt ill and teleported home in no time at all but that was after she gathered her stuff from the gym that is.

Bree lays over the sofa and holds her head In pain but as soon as it came it. Bree doesn't know what happened there.

Bree just made an appointment with a doctor and goes the next morning and there is a shock for her as the doctor examined her and now revealed that she has powers that her DNA had ultimately changed.

Bree now grows up a superhero helping others, stopping crimes and growing up with lots of money but Bree is not all that happy because she has been changed that she is not no longer normal, that her life has finished and now she has been chosen Bree has no where to go but a school for the gifted Bree now knows that she is different.

Part 2 coming soon.

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