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2 years ago
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What is the meaning of "Plagiarism"? It simply means mimicking other peoples work without given credit to the owner or just let me say without referencing the source.

Truthfully, I see no motive why a lot of people love to spam. I hate spamming. Because some post is fascinating and leisure to read. It can help your reading and writing ability. It can enhance your writing skills.

It can also help you to know more about the English language and improve your grammatical errors.

Please do not spam. It doesn't get you any adequate. It's only head to downvotes and getting banned in the long run.

Confronting well and READING post has a lot of privileges.

1- It helps you to stimulate your reading and writing skills.

2- It also helps you to know more about the English language for those that don't know English well.

3- It helps to know the writers' emotions and also share your feelings on the topic.

4- It helps you disseminate well with others.

5- It helps you realize things you didn't know about.

Whenever you spam, you forfeit a lot of fun recreations on others post.

I have seen a lot of posts and I'm courteous enough to say that we have good quality content creator here on @Read.Cash they get tinier attention. And the majority of the comments on their articles are "

"Good post, nice post, amazing post.

" Thank you for sharing it"

"Amazing Article"

"You are great" etc etc

All these sorts of comments frustrate quality content creators.

There is no leisure in spamming.

Must read the post before commenting. That's it. It's not tough.

Trust me there are a lot of leisure and advantages of reading and engaging in a Post.

I’ve noticed a trend in the platform, where everyone seems to be battling against spamming (contents and comments spamming).

This has got me marvelling a bit.

If everyone is fighting against spamming the feeds and comments section.....who then are the spammers?

Are they strangers from exterior this platform?

Or is it the same people exhorting NO SPAMMING, doing the spamming.

There is no doubt that everybody wants to earn here but earning with sincerity should be preeminence. If everybody will work with sincerity than there will be no need to intensify spamming less culture.

Here is a very important point should be noted that who forced the team of to come up with these strict rules. Some of the Read.cashiers with low-quality posts and comments. Some of the Read.cashiers took this platform for surrendered and they started working flouting the mission of the

How To Stop Spamming?

There are some recommendations for retaining the integrity and significance of

  • Don't support spammers.

  • Honesty is the best policy

  •    Must read the whole post to give integrity comments.

  • Highlight the low-quality general comments in a positive way for development.

  • Help newcomers to understand the rules to pursue the standard of

  • Promote an optimistic community so that members can learn to stop spamming without any dissatisfaction.

  • Select the relevant community that suits you to empower quality posts and comments

I hope by pursuing the above-mentioned points we can stop spamming without harming the optimistic community of

Just post quality and get a good response from @TheRandomRewarder and Sir @MarcDeMesel that's all what I said.

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2 years ago
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