Smoochie Lips

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In the Worthy Kingdom, the Righteous Knight was the protector of the Worthy Castle. He was the hero of the King, who was his father, and the favourite of his mother, Queen Worthalot.  He was the protector of his sister, Princess Veil ( who was also known as “The Veiled Knight” as all who fought against her thought she was a man.) So fierce and cunning were her ways in a battle that not even the beasts she fought were a match against her. The Righteous Knight, “Sir Righty” as he was known,  was the grandest knight of all. No one had ever overthrown him. He was the king’s only son and the kingdom’s idol.

Now, there was a new problem to assert. A grand wild moose had taken it upon herself to suddenly turn into a kissing machine.

It seems that one day she was roaming around in the forest and she came upon a wild goat. The goat had eaten some fermented fruit and was intoxicated by the spirits that went straight to his goat’s brain.

Yes, he was drunk and in a loving mood.....then suddenly,  he saw this grand cute looking moose walking by...

In an instant, he leapt out of the bushes and planted a big kiss right on her kisser!

This startled the moose. At initial, she didn’t comprehend what to perform. Then she realized she liked this kiss so much. She planted her kiss on the goat’s bearded lips.

Well, this turned into a kissing contest. All-day long, all they did was kiss each other. Finally, the goat had enough kissing and he went on his way.

The wild SugarLips moose, however, still wanted to kiss more. She decided, then and there, she would become the best kisser in all the forest. She was very naive in the ways of kissing and this excited her senses. Now, that she had tasted her first Goat kiss...she knew the name she would call herself.

Right then and there she shouted out, “I am Smoochie Lips- the kissing moose!”

Her voice echoed deep in the forest and caught the attention of all the animals.

Smoochie Lips decided the best way to start a kissing marathon was to set up a kissing booth.

She got a wooden board she had found near a deserted old cabin. She also found a can of paint that was left nearby in the cabin. With a brush in her teeth, she painted on the wooden board...”Free kisses today, all you want, I am Smoochie Lips-The Kissing Moose!”

She squashed some red rose petals and painted them on her lips. She felt lucky because she had a large mouth with a gorgeous pair of gigantic sweet lips. They were soft and subtle...and kissable. They were downright delicious.

She placed the sign on the limb of a nearby tree....then, sat on her back legs and waited.

In no time at all ...a group of curious animals lined up; timid at first. Then, one brave groundhog, who had been sleeping for the whole winter...yawned and said, “maybe a big kiss will wake me up!”

He scampered over to Smoochie Lips and she planted a massive kiss on his smoocher. Well, now they went at it, for a full five minutes.

By that time word had gotten out to the whole forest.  “Smooches galore-for everyone for free”

Everybody I mean everybody was lined up for a free kiss: Raccoons and Rabbits,

Foxes and Deer, Bucks and Bears, you name the animal...and they were there.

Two squirrels were chatting...” hey,  I don’t want to sound like I’m nuts... but I just saw Smoochie Lips kissing a Skunk!”

His buddy, Squeaky said, “Ooohhh, that’s so gross!” ....and stinky too!!!”

Chippy replied. “She snatches her snoot with her claw and then slobbers all over him!”

Squeaky, still trembling from the thought, said...”I don’t care, I want to taste those buttery lips, they are bigger than my whole face!”

All-day long the animals lined up to kiss Smoochie Lips. Most were happy with the occurrence. Some even adored it. A limited whimpered, “I was lusting for more. I assumed it would be special but I just didn’t feel the rush!”

Of course, the skunks were ecstatic!!! Every skunk in the forest was lined up for a free kiss. I guess no one, not even their spouses looked forward to getting kissed by another skunk.

Just the opposite for the hyenas. The male hyenas have a complex.. every time they kissed their girlfriends...all they got was laughter from them.

Finally, the Sun was going down and the Moose was still in a kissing mood.

Sir Righty-the Righteous Knight,  rode up on his great grey horse.

Before he could dismount Smoochie Lips ran over and planted a big wet one right on “GreyHunt’s” horse lips.

“Wow,” king of the Smoochies!!  Stallion and Kissy Moose in total lip-lock!

Sir Righty waited patiently till they were finished. GreyHunt glanced over at the knight and gave a “What have I gotten myself into look... on his long horse’s face? Then he shook his mane and gave a Winnie...that sounded a lot like; Whoopppiiii!!!

Sir Righty,  called the moose over to the side of the tree where no one could see them talking. Smoochie Lips puckered up...waiting for a knightly kiss!

Sir Righty,  just put his finger to his lips and said...”Shisssss, just listen to me.”

“Kissing is fine between two consulting adults. Still, you must never force your kisses on anyone. Especially, giving them away for free. A kiss is very special. It should be reserved for those you love. Kissing strangers might seem like fun for a while but it’s not good to make a practice of it.

If you do, then the kiss loses its value. It becomes just another kiss. So, save your kisses for your special friends and loved ones.”

With that said.. he reached over and kissed her gently on her was the best kiss she ever felt.

After that day of wild, out of control kissing, Smoochie Lips had learned a good lesson.

Be careful and selective on who you place your kisses upon. Then,  when you do.... you feel better.  Most of all,  you no longer will have a reputation as a Skunk Kisser!!!!...

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Topics: Love, Fate, Story