Grumpy Castle

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Topics: Love, Fate

At the far edge of the deep forest was the “Grumpy Castle”. The King and Queen were depressed and never smiled. Everyone in this kingdom seemed glum and gloomy.

Even the animals were flaccid and constantly in a bad mood.

The problem was many years ago a bad witch was passing through the forest.

She interrupted at the castle door and asked for locations to the fairyland on the other side of the forest.

The King heard the whack at the great oak door and he opened it wide. To his dismay, he saw the witch. She was dishevelled and dirty. She had been travelling for a long time and needed to rest and have some food.

She asserted to the King, “ I am gawking for Fairyland...can you tell me the locations to get there?”

On this day the king was in an extremely bad mood. He had a toothache and it thawed any smiles that usually graced his magnificent face.

He looked at the witch and said in a brutal tone. “ can’t you see I am in a bad mood. My jaw hurts and I cannot smile as I am feeling gloomy. Run far and never come around here again!”

The witch peeked at the King and said in a serious voice. I shall go away..and you and all your friends and people that live here in this castle shall inherit the temperament that you have shown to me!”

With that said, she cast a spell on the castle and its occupants so that they should stay grumpy all their lives.

And then, this once beautiful castle and all that lived here woke up the next morning with a depressing look on their faces.

No one ever smiled again and this territory was convicted to be grumpy.

The Righteous Knight, who was known as “Sir Righty”,  knew that at the edge of the deep forest was the castle of, “Princess Joy- keeper of the smile.”

He had visited her many times. Each time, she had made him smile. There were days when his spirit was low...then, as soon as the princess saw his face, a smile would magically emerge.

He told the grumpy king of this grumpy castle of Princess Joy’s magical power. “She can produce a smile on even the grumpiest faces” the knight proudly asserted.

The King was dumbfounded at this news. He begged  “Sir Right” to ask Princess Joy to tour his castle.

The next day she arrived in her carriage of white enamel and gold trim. She carried a magic smiling wand. Upon her head, instead of a Tiara- she wore a fitted Crown! So beautiful was she that the birds sang as she walked. The flowers swayed with her every step.

She entered the castle. The King and Queen with their entourages were gathered in the great hall.

Princess Joy raised her wand. She wore a velvet mask upon her face. Then in a swoop of her hand, she removed the mask and smiled.

Her teeth gleamed like stars of perfect ivory. The glow on her face electrified the room. There was a gasp on all the sad faces in the room. This included the cooks and bakers and even the candlestick makers.

All, at once,  began to smile. The King and Queen were happy at last. The name of the Castle was now, “Happyland” and so were its inhabitants...once again...they could feel happiness by the magic of Princess Joy, protector of the smile...

(this is a little tale that will be in the book I’m working on....”Tales of the Righteous Knight”)

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2 years ago
Topics: Love, Fate