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Hello everyone. I just want to share these free games apps wherein you could earn free bitcoin and have fun playing these addicting puzzle/ arcade games. Very easy to play that can even play by kids.

It was offered by BLING with 1000000+ downloads. No need any referral codes. Just download it to playstore and start playing. Minimum widrawal : 1000 bling points direct to your COINBASE account. Earn bling points by simply playing with these apps (win or loose you still earn bling points!)

Here are the list of bling apps :

  • Bitcoin Blast : Fun and colorful match-three tiles puzzle game. You need to link three blocks with same color in any direction to earn points. There's specific task for each level to be completed such as match and clear, break the cages / blocks,and collect specific colors.

  • Bitcoin Blocks : Match-two color block puzzle game. You need to smash/tap the blocks with the same color. Finished specific task such as collect specific colors,bring down the objects,and break the cages.

  • Bitcoin Food Fight : Very easy to play this arcade game. Have fun playing by throw knives and other items to the food in different places and complete the levels . Collect bling points once bling bar already full.

  • Bitcoin Solitaire : Play the addicting classic Solitaire and get free bitcoin!

    PlayDay Studios has partnered with the Bling Platform to bring you the essential Solitaire game including cash outs for free bitcoin!

    Play these four games to earn more bitcoins. Please keep in mind that you could only earn a fraction of usd cent per week with these apps. You could pay out your earned bitcoins every seven days. All bling points are collected and can be pay out with one coinbase Account. Interval time of playing is every 12 hours after each set. Games contains ads.

I already installed all these apps on my Android phone and i already earned $1.20 in two weeks. Little amount but very legit apps. Really paying apps.

There you have it guys! So if you are looking for games that make you busy when boredoms attacked, I recommend you to play these addicting games. Easy to play while you earn a little.

Hope you like this article. Have a great day ahead.😊🥰🥰

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3 years ago

Yes.. I have this apps too. Very legit. I withdraw here many times already. Not really big, but its OK...soon they maybe increase the points system value.

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3 years ago