Habits that Can Damage Mental Health

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1 year ago

It looks like the pandemic situation will end soon, because I can see that activities are already running normally. Of course, this is good news for us, because the wheels of the country's economy will recover.

And hopefully in the future our lives will be maintained properly, maintain health as much as possible and continue to strive for mental health.

Talking about mental health, of course there are many things that will affect his stability. If possible, we can maintain it in such a way, so that our lives remain safe and comfortable.

Here are habits that can damage your mental health :

  • Keep judging yourself for past mistakes and failures.

  • Don't watch your food, don't drink enough water, don't get enough sleep and never exercise.

  • Excessive perfectionist and being hard on yourself.

  • Overthinking with everything out of control.

  • Often compare yourself to others on social media.

  • Still surviving in a toxic relationship.

  • People pleasing (always following the wishes of others and putting aside one's own needs).

  • Always suppress or deny negative emotions.

  • Too dependent on other people for happiness.

  • Always talking or giving yourself a negative label.

  • Allowing yourself to be stressed and anxious excessively, about things that don't necessarily happen.

  • Don't want to ask for help when you need it.

  • Feeling lonely but always shutting yourself away from the approaching social life.

  • Make the judgments or expectations of others as a way of life.

  • Don't consider yourself important and need to be cared for.

  • Never appreciate yourself.

It turns out that there are also many habits that can damage our mental health.

Well, of course, mental health doesn't just happen, because there are a lot of negative influences around us. It needs consistency to maintain balance.

As Lao Tzu said in his sentence, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Likewise with our mental health. Just effort so that our lives and emotions develop well.

So, how's your situation guys? Do you have stability now? Lets share in the comment.

Hopefully what is written in this article can be interpreted positively, yes! Seeyou🙈💜

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Published : 2022 may 12
Author    : Ainsley

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1 year ago


It turns out that there are also many bad habits that I did not realize. You describe it very well. Thank you for giving me new inspiration

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1 year ago

Thank u so much for ur support!🙈 hope we can do more well again🙈💜

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1 year ago

Bad habit can damage our metal health. I agree with you.

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1 year ago

Yes u right🥺💔

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1 year ago