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Did you ever wish for someone to stay? Did you ever wish that someone will be there for you forever? If only forever exist.

Shen was in her room. Holding her phone and browsing her gallery. She can't help her tears to fall. She missed the person she didn't think will be gone from her life so early. She looked at the face who smiled at the camera so beautiful. How she wishes she can bring back time.

She missed her Mom who died the last year 2018.

Before her Mom died

The year 2017

Shen was not close with her Mom, she's close with her father. She felt jealous of her Kuya who's close to her Mom when it was still alive. She saw how close her Mom and Kuya were. They always talked when her Kuya went home from his school every Saturday.

They were five siblings in the family. Three boys and 2 girls. She's the second one. The age gap between her Kuya and her is eight years. And her age gap to his brother next to her in seven years. So her three siblings were still so little.

She was in her Grade 9 level when she felt her jealousy getting worst. The envy with her brother. Her brother doesn't know but her mother did. Her mother always said that her love for them was equal and that she can't live without her children. Sometimes when her mother says that, she'll not listen. So she will always go to her father. She didn't see her mother's sacrifice.

When she was a Grade 10 level, she noticed that her mother was so stressed. Stress with her father and her father's siblings. Her Auntie's in father's side were harsh with her mother. Her mother was the one who's looking for the business of her Aunt, her father's sibling. She noticed that her mother was stressed by them. Maybe because her mother gets some money from the computer shop she'd been taking care of. Her Auntie's got mad at her Mom because her Mom cannot remit the money intact. Her Mom explains that she had borrow money from the profit of the computer shop because their father has no work. But here Aunts sometimes don't understand. But they cannot tell their brother to work so that they have food to eat and her Mom will not use the money for the computer shop. They don't have the guts to say it to her father, afraid that her father will get mad at them.

The year 2018.

It always happened. Until she graduates high school. She graduated high school as a valedictorian. She hasn't seen any support from her father and only her mother attended. She didn't hear them say they were proud of her. After her graduation, they went to Kuya's graduation. Yes, they both graduate, her Kuya in college and she in high school. She felt sorry for her Kuya because he doesn't have any celebration just like her. Though their Aunts sponsored for a Lechon still can't feel their sincerity because their other cousin also graduated in senior high school. And they felt that it was for him and not for them. They were like that since then and they already accepted the fact that they will not be accepted as their relatives because they're poor. Because their mother was poor.


So they both graduated in March. Her Kuya got busy with his review. He finds work as his temporary work so that he'll able to earn for his review. His review started in June. Their Aunt gives him money for his review, her brother hesitates to accept it. She knows that her Aunts were mad with his Kuya for having a girlfriend. Why would they be mad with Kuya when the girl is kind and also a graduate too. They are really bad relatives, they want to manipulate.

Around the last week of July, her Mom and Aunts have arguments. It was still about the computer shop. They got mad because her mother can't still able to give the money intact. She can't blame her Mom because her father doesn't have work. If ever her father works, he will just stop without any valid reason.

After their argument, her Mom got sick. August, her Mom was being confined. Her Kuya was the one who took care of their Mom in the hospital together with his girlfriend. Her father was seldom visiting her mother and his reason was he looks for money for the bill in the hospital. But her mother's condition was getting worst. Until they decide to transfer their mother to the hospital that has complete amenities. But before they transferred her, her mother said she wants to stay at home. While at home, her mother got her sickness to worsen. So they decide to bring her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed and the result was a brain tumor.


Her Kuya was also there who took care of their mother after her. When it was her Kuya to have relaxed, he went to his girlfriend's boarding house. It was not new to them because they live like a couple, helping each other to reach their goals. But then, her Ate, the girlfriend of her Kuya called and said that her Kuya was sick since the day he came from the hospital. So, she brought her Kuya to the hospital. She was worried about her Kuya. Her Kuya still doesn't know that their Mom was in the ICU the day he went home and it only took 1 day. Their father told her Kuya's girlfriend to bring her Kuya to the hospital where their Mom was confined. Her Ate was afraid and was crying the whole travel cause she's worried about her Kuya. Shen thought, what was happening with their family? Her Kuya was confined for 1 week. And his girlfriend was the one who's taking care of him, she absents for 1 week with her work. When her Kuya was out of the hospital, they planned to go home and their father will be the one to look for their Mom. But before they went home, they went to the window where their Mom was. They saw that she's fighting. They were glad when they saw that their mother's heart was now at a normal rate. So, they went home. They travel for four hours. Someone called her Ate at 11 pm while they're on travel. Her Ate got silent and said to Kuya to sleep.

But, when we arrived home, She was shocked when she Ate told her grandmother, her mother's mom, to clean the sala and the bed. She said that their Mom is going home. But not alive. Her Ate cried while telling those words. Shen didn't react. She just said that their mother was fine. After any minutes, it sank into her mind and she started to cry.

Early in the morning, they saw their Mom. But this time, she's lying in the coffin. She can't believe that their Mom was gone. Her mom was still young at the age of 42. She looked at her siblings. They're still little to lose a mother.


It was three years since the day her Mom died. When her Mom died, she saw what is her father. Her father was a lazy man. And she can't believe that her father is a womanizer. She now knows that her mother was stressed because of her father. That is why her Kuya was not close with their father. And the reason why they always talked with them was because of their father. Her mother was telling her Kuya of what he's been doing. Her Mom was leaning to her Kuya, that is why they're close.

Now, her father has girlfriends. Her father has a girlfriend after three months her mother died. She can't believe her father to find a woman that so easy an early. It's like her father was happy that her Mom died. Her Kuya now was living away from them because he can't bear to be with their father. Though her Kuya was giving them money, it was not enough. She understands her Kuya because her Kuya got a loan to pay their debt. Their father's debt. Also, her Kuya went away because he doesn't like their Auntie's who always pestering her Kuya to pay the debt of their Mom.

Now, she stands as the mother of her siblings. And she now knows how irresponsible her father is. Every time her father will not give money for their food, she'll ask her Kuya and sometimes to Kuya's girlfriend.

She missed her Mom so much. If only she could bring back the time. She will show how she loves her Mom. And maybe, if she knew about her father's vices, she told her Mom to leave their father. Her father was a headache.

She's now reaching her dreams with the help of her Kuya. She always prays that she will reach her goal for her siblings. She didn't mind her father anymore.

It's Mother's Day today, and she missed her Mom. She said in silence "Happy Mother's Day Ma, I wish you still here. I love you and I miss you so much."



It was based on a true story. 😊

Hope you apply it.Happy Mother's Day to all.

Cover image and other photos used were from Unsplash


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A so sad story. I hope she will be fine. And that her father will change for the better.

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Yes pos. Sana maging ok na sila.

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