Why I prefer a simple friendship?

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2 years ago

There lots of kind of friendship. A friendship that will make you comfortable of all time. A friendship full of dreams. A friendship full of lesson. A friendship that will make you human inside. A friendship that will complete you. Or a friendship that will destroy you.

What kind of friendship do you like?

*Phone call....

"Hello, bhezcy?"

"Hello? Bhezcy!!!!"

"Oh my God! How are you bhezcy?" I asked her with joy in my voice.

"Shunga!!! We're just neighbors. " I laugh with her response. Yeah, we're just neighbors. Lol.

"Bhezcy! Let's stroll out the subdivision. Let's hang out. I am bored here in the house. I want to relax, I've been answering modules for a week. I have 150.00 pesos here. Will eat street foods outside. Mang Kanor, remember?" I asked here out cause I am so bored in our house. I want to refresh.

"You'll treat me?"

"Of course, duhhh!"

"Yey! Okay, I'll just take a bath. You know it's been three days. Hahaha"

"Yuck! We're the same hahaha." I told her and laugh hard. We're like crazy.

"Hahaha, okay bye. See yah!" She off the phone. That girl!

I also immediately took a bath. And after how many minutes, like 30 minutes lol, I'm ready.

I wear my mask before I went out out of the house and went to Janna's house. We're neighbors and it only took 15 steps, lol. But I like to call here on phone, yeah yeah I am lazy.

When I was about to open their gate, I saw here out of the door and run towards me when she saw me with arms open wide. She's crazy, yeah like me,lol.

"Aaahhhh, bhezcy!!! I so so so miss you girl." And she hugged me tight that almost choke me. I push her slowly and laugh at her. She pouted as I pushed her away. "Why, bhezcy? Do I smell bad? I took a bath, you know." She said.

"Naahhh! Bhezcy, social distancing remember? Don't give me that look." I responded to her.

"Oh well, what's new with you. Hahaha that's why, he don't crush you back." She laugh like a bitch. Lol.

"Tsskk! Let's go, or you want me change my mind?" I threatened her but it was a joke.

"Let's go. It's treat time, you'll shut up now. " I said as I saw here smile wide.

We walked out of the subdivision we're living. I know she's excited because she likes street foods, like fish ball, squid bal and yeah 'kwek-kwek' .


When we arrived at Mang Kanor stall, she already choose her favorite street food. She didn't even asked me, lol. After she told Mang Kanor what she liked, I followed. Mang Kanor already knew us, we're his 'suki'.

"Oh, there's new food. Let's try this one bhezcy, it's a scramble , right Kuya?" Janna asked Mang Kanor.

"Yes, ening. Try that one. It's good and delicious." Said Mang Kanor.

"Okay Mang Kanor, give us 2 regular scramble." I told Mang Kanor, I saw my bhezcy so excited to taste it.

"Thank you Mang Kanor!" We smile to Mang Kanor as he handle us the foods.

"Welcome mga ening."

"Bhezcy, wait! Let's picture it. We'll post it to our my day." I laugh at her when she took a picture of the food. Even our shoes, she took a picture of it and we did many pose too.


Two hours after, we can't count what kind of foods we ate. As long as we're happy.

After eating street foods, we stroll around the plaza near the subdivision. When we got tired, we sat on the bench near Mang Kanor's stall, we bought 'palamig'.

"So, tell me, what's you're problem. I think you're ready to tell now." I looked at here wondering. How?

"Duhh! As if you will treat me and ask to hang out outside of our subdivision when you're okay. I know you Allyna! Spit out." She said with rolling eyes expression. I laugh at her.

"Wow, amazing! Hahaha you really knew me huh, bhezcy!" I told her that while laughing at her.

"Of course, I am your beautiful best friend, remember? So, tell me now, as in now." She's insisting now.

So I shared to her my problem. And she said that she's there for everything and that I should be strong. I am so lucky to have a a best friend like her. She's the only person I trust aside from my family. She's the only person who helped me to be a good individual in the society.


Our friendship is so simple. We're not like with others who have everything to make their friendship more with travels. We're contented for having fun in the plaza or in our room where we can be who we are.



As I am writing this story, I am thinking of my best friend. She's now married so we don't have enough time for each other because she's now busy with her family. But we're still getting in touch with each other. We're just one call away.

Before, we were cousin and a neighbor. Everytime we want to hang out, either she will go to our house or I will be the one to go to their house. We're not able to go to the city cause it's far. So, our hang out area was our room or the elementary school which is near to our house. There, we will eat junkfoods and talked about life and our future. I choose to be with her than to our other cousin and friends because she's trust worthy. Though our parents always scold us for always staying in our room. We prefer to stay in our room than go outside. We're comfortable with it.

Now that she's married, I am the one who will visit her when I have time. She didn't finished her studies. She got married at the early aged of 18. She has now a daughter. It was her second daughter cause she experienced miscarriage. I wasn't there for her that time because I am in Manila that time. But she's calling me and asking for help, it is because her parents doesn't know yet that she's pregnant. I was torn that time to tell her parents or not cause I made a promise to her. But because she was in pain that time and it talked about life, I told her parents without thinking of the consequences. Glad that her parents understand. And it was the reason the reason that her parents arranged their marriage.

Our friendship got stronger as days pass. Even if I know people especially when I studied in college, I still chose her as my best friend. And for me, she is still the best. Why? Because we're both willing to help each other if one of us needs help. We're ready for each other. And that's why I am lucky to have her.


I would like to mention my friend @Bruss and @Maymay20 to keep writing and never lose hope. I know you will be successful guys.

And I would like to say thank you to @Zhyne06 for upvoting my previous articles. I appreciate it so much. More blessings to come po.

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2 years ago


Same as you I have a neighbor, it's my cousin and a friend of mine too. We want to share thoughts, walk around. It's so nice to have a friend like that. They're knowing you a lot. In your case maybe she cannot do what to do to accompany you. That's what you said, she's in her own family now.

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2 years ago

But still we get in touch though we're part ways ☺️

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2 years ago

Really? Is it still the same as your previous routine?

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2 years ago

Maybe not like before. But what's important is that we still have communication. That whoever needs someone to talk to, we can talk through phone. And of course, we both have now our priorities. We know that we can't hang out like before, but for me what matters most is that she didn't forget me despite of her being having a family. She did helped me too before, I can't even count how many times she's been there for me. So yeah, she did know how to accompanied me.

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2 years ago

ah okay, you still have communication. That's good. I thought you were doing the same thing as before. Stay strong and God bless both of you πŸ™

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2 years ago

I also prefer to have a kind of friendship like that. No fancy travels, just a good talk with foods. πŸ˜… I don't like travels though, it is so tiresome after the day of travel πŸ˜…

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2 years ago

True po hahahah

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2 years ago

I will ate bisan wapa ko na notice. Thanks for always motivating. I have lot of kinds of friends too ate. And you are one of them. Kiddos to your friendship with your beshe.. more years to come sa friendship God bless.

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2 years ago