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3 years ago

It's been a year and 2 months since we're dealing with Covid-19. It gave us fear and anxiety in our daily life.

Covid-19 brought us to this situation where we are in a survival state. The hardships we encounter cannot be measured. Many were hungry at the same time depressed. Many people have no work and need to stay at home.

We can't deny the fact that there are still people outside. We can't just judge them. Some were mad because for them they're not following the protocols. But did we thought why they're outside? Maybe because they're looking for food that their family needs. Because admit it or not, the situation of every people now was not the same. Good for those who have savings or work that can be done at home and still able to have their salary at the end of the month. But, how about those people who have lost their job because of this pandemic? Let us open our minds to everyone. We cannot judge them because hunger also is our enemy here. The need nowadays is to help each other. Never drag down other people, instead help them to survive.

This past few months, we thought that we're getting back to normal because they already raise the GCQ and MGCQ, but this past few weeks, the positive case had increased. And now, we were back to lockdown. Many were worried and devastated by what was happening. Admit it or not, we already missed the days when we're not afraid to go out without wearing a mask and face shield. We can't even talk to our loved ones when we arrived. The need for quarantine and the need to stay away from other people.

Still, we're glad that despite the pandemic, we learned those people who have love and concern for other people though they're strangers. There are still people who are willing to help others.

Last December 2020, there was a family who went to our barangay and shared their blessings with everyone. Since it was December, they give groceries that can be used during the Noche Buena. Though it's not the first time that there was someone give blessings to others, people in our barangay was so grateful. The thought that Christmas would be sad especially for those who can't afford to buy goods for the celebration of Christmas, and yet the blessings came. The truth that it was hard to find goods for celebrating Christmas due to how many months of GCQ where people can't find jobs or work especially that we're in the province. Still, thankful to those generous people who thought of others to celebrate Christmas despite the problems brought by the pandemic.

It was the goods that been given to the 200 households of our barangay. 5 kilos of rice and a grocery item.

The official see to it that people will follow distancing and wearing a facemask. Glad that our barangay was covid free at that time because our barangay captain did his job will for monitoring our barangay with the help of the officials. And the people in our barangay followed him and respect him so much.

Christmas was indeed merry for having generous people around. It is not the first and the last that someone gives goods to our barangay. There are lots of sponsors who share their blessings with everyone.

This past April, we're back to GCQ. And last week, we're in lockdown again started last Thursday. It was sudden that we were not able to buy goods. All the department stores were closed until now. My father now was worried because we only have a little rice now to be cooked. We don't have viand also. But yesterday, we received goods from the barangay. They give it house to the house of each household to prevent from spreading the virus, they wore a facemask and face shield as one of the protocols. Glad we had the chance to receive goods during lockdown where people can't go outside to look for food.

Today also we received another batch of relief goods from the barangay.

Though we are in this situation, we're still grateful for those who are willing to help.

Still, I want to be back to our normal life where we don't need to wait for other's relief goods. I pray that everything went back to normal where we can move without fear and able to work for our family's needs

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3 years ago


Hopefully the pandemic will end. So that we all back to normal life ... Here in our area the pantry became popular. Do you also have a pantry?

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3 years ago

Yes we have here though it's far from our home.

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3 years ago