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2 years ago

Today is just a usual day. Just stayed at home and lying in bed. I am thinking of what will I write today. My head was empty. I thought of knowing and no matter how I think of things I can write, I don't have in mind.

Since I don't know what to write today, I decided to have a general cleaning first. I sa my old books, handouts, and notebooks during my college days. I scammed it and saw how ugly my penmanship was, lol. Something got my attention. My notes about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence. It was all about the theory that tackles the difference in the intelligence of a human. That human cannot have all the intelligence.

There is 9 intelligence that a human may acquire or have: Linguistic, Logical or Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetics, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalis,t, and Existential.


A person having this intelligence is good at using words, they have these great auditory skills. They easily learn through reading and writing. They were also good at speaking and listening. They are good at communication.

Logical or Mathematical

A person having this intelligence do well in numbers and abstract reasoning. They are good at problem-solving.

Spatial (Visual)

A person having this intelligence is good at reading diagrams, figures, pictures, and study charts. They can easily gather information as long as they can see something and then they'll visualize it after in their mind.


A person who has this intelligence is good at physical activities. They're good at the hands-on experience and they easily learn in moving their body.


A person having this intelligence do well with rhythms and tones. They could easily learn through song and auditory.


A person having this intelligence is good at interacting with others. They like to engage in social activities and discussing with other people.


A person having this intelligence is the total opposite of interpersonal. They do well in self-reflection and like to do things on their own. They prefer to do activities without other people.


A person who has this intelligence is good in the natural world. They can easily learn when they're engaging outdoors or things in the real world.


A person who has this intelligence thinks beyond things. Like thinking what's the purpose of a person and if there is.


These are written in my notebooks. I can still remember that day that I am taking down notes on important information about this topic. Our professor let us answer questions that will tell what intelligences we have. The top 3 intelligence that will form in our answers is our intelligence.

While reading the questionnaire, you can tell if you know yourself or not. We had to answer about 90 questions about ourselves. After answering those questions, our teacher told us to put those answers in each intelligence that the questionnaire aligned.

When I was done putting all the numbers of the questions into the rows of intelligence, my top 3 were all 5 of intelligence. How did it happen? My first intelligence was EXISTENTIAL which gain the big score. My second was Logistic/Mathematical and Musical, yes that two intelligences had a tie score. And my third was Linguistic and Intrapersonal, both have the same score too. I asked our professor about it for having a tie, and he said it's okay.

I found out that I am an existentialist, yes, I think it's true because I always thought what's my purpose in this world. How can I change the world? Am I a reincarnation? Do mermaids real? And of course, is there a heaven and hell? Those questions popped out in my mind out of nowhere. Especially when I am alone.

For my second intelligence, I can't say that I am smart with problem-solving especially about math, but I love math. If I will be chosen to do a poem or solve a mathematical problem, of course, I'll choose problem-solving. For Musical, I love music and I can sing too. Though not like other singers there I know that I can sing but I don't know how to dance, lol.

For my third intelligence, I can't say I am a good speaker but I am a good listener. I can speak fluently when I am alone because I love reading. But I can't do it in a crowd especially when there are lots of people. And maybe that's the reason why I am an Intrapersonal person. Since I am an intrapersonal person (introvert one) who loves to be alone cause I feel like I am free to do on my own.



You cannot tell a person that he's dumb and dull. Why? Because we have these so-called differences in intelligence. Maybe, a person you know was not good at math, that's because her intelligence is not for logic but maybe for other intelligence. Like me, I don't know how to dance, no matter how I like the music when I dance my body won't jive, lol. I also not a kinesthetic one because I am week.

You see, each of us are different. And no one is dumb or dull. So don't judge someone because he's not good with things like yours.

If you want to know more about this topic, you can search about it to know which intelligence you have.

Cover photo link: https://intelligence1.weebly.com/howard-gardner--multiple-intelligences.html

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2 years ago


Indeed true that we have differences. We can't judge someone because he doesn't know thing like us. Maybe he/she have different skill that will show which knowledge/intelligence he/she belong.

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2 years ago

Tama po. Meron kasi iba na nangungutya ng ibang tao dahil daw bobo o ano pa man. Pero sa totoo lang, tayo ay may iba ibang kakayahan.

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2 years ago

Tama. Ako nga d marunong sumayaw ehhh ahaha di rin ako masyado sa body movements. Mahina ako doon.

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2 years ago

Aki din po. Hahaha

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2 years ago