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How will you understand a person who's deaf and mute? How will you strengthen yourself just to understand them and have patience for them? Will, you felt pity for them?

We have a neighbor here who has a son. His son is a special child. His son was deaf and mute, he's not like other deaf and mute who's kind and sweet. He is hard-headed and temperamental, he easily got mad and you can't easily please him. He is a brat lad. You should be patient with him when you are going to interact with him.

Last day, our neighbor's boyfriend came to their house. She's my friend. And they are cousins with the child who needs attention, the deaf and mute. We'll just call the child Ange. They were living with their grandma. When her boyfriend came, her grandma got mad. I don't know why but I noticed that every time his boyfriend would visit her, her grandma will be mad at things. She's talking bad about her granddaughter even though there was her boyfriend. I felt pity for my friend cause her grandma was like that. She and her boyfriend sat on the sofa, and her cousin Ange went to their side. Ange started to piss her boyfriend and worst, Ange got some soil and put it in on her boyfriend's shirt. Her boyfriend said no. Ange got mad and went outside. He went outside and ride the motorcycle of my friend's boyfriend. Ange tried to beep the motorcycle and it was noisy. The boyfriend went outside and said to stop what he's doing. And then Ange got mad again. He then went inside the house. While my friend and boyfriend were talked, Ange took a picture of them and sent it to his friends. Though he's a special child, he knows how to use a cellphone. He is a smart kid. The boyfriend got mad and get the phone to delete those pictures. But the kid got so mad and try to get his phone but he can't. The boyfriend tried his best that Ange can't get a phone until he deleted all the pictures. But Ange grab his neck, he was about to defend himself, but Ange is strong despite his size. The boyfriend about to punch Ange but Liza hold his hand and said don't. When Ange can't control himself, he gets a knife. He tried to stab the boyfriend but my friend blocked it so she was the one who cut her arms.

They run to the room of my other friend who's also in that house. Janice is my friend too, she got married to my friend's brother and now has a son. Now, they were inside the room and locked the door so that Ange can't get inside. They were afraid because there was a child inside. Ange got so mad when he can't get inside. Out of his anger, he went outside and stabbed the wheel of the motorcycle owned by my friend's boyfriend. He was not contented and get a bolo, he then stabbed the motorcycle and he kicked it. I saw it with my own eyes because I was on our veranda at that time. I quickly went inside our house. Even I got afraid when I saw him like that, he was like to kill. His father went to rescue him, but his father can't even hold him. He then went inside and he broke all of the utensils in the kitchen. I heard a loud thud and I know it was the door he's trying to open. He went back outside and get a stone. He's really mad. Again, went out of the house and kick the motorcycle. The motorcycle was new and I got pity to the owner for it was damage big time. We heard a call behind our house, it was their grandmother. She asked us if we can go to the proper to call the police. My cousin that time who's in our house was hesitant to go out because his motorcycle was in our veranda and there was Ange outside holding a bolo. If he'll saw my cousin who went away and calls the police for sure he'll get mad at us too. And also, we thought that even if they call the police, they can't put Ange in prison because he's a minor and for sure, DSWD will not allow it.

We heard a motorcycle outside and we saw that my friend's brother riding it. He calls the police. When he's back, there were police outside. They talk about what happened, Ange, that time got a little calm but I know he is not. They went to the precinct and we don't know what had happened.

Late in the afternoon, Janice my best friend chatted with me. She said that Ange was still not calm even when they were just coming from the precinct. My friend was still in their room because she's afraid Ange will stab her again. Let jus call my friend Liza. Janice said that Liza has a big cut on her arms. And that her things in her room were so messy because Ange went there and her new slippers were ruined because Ange chopped them using the bolo. They can't stop the kid. Until evening came. I heard that the father was mad at Liza. He scolded Liza about her boyfriend. Iza just stayed silent.

Early in the morning, their grandmother went to our house. She said, she'll look at our washing machine because she'll buy it too. I thought after she looked at it, she'll go home but she didn't. She talked about what had happened last day.

She said that they're mad at Liza and her boyfriend. Liza told them that it was Ange's fault. That her boyfriend did his best not to burst out with Ange but the kid was so hard-headed. And that his boyfriend was mad at Ange since then. Her Uncle which is the father of the kid got mad at what she had said. He said that why does her boyfriend still visiting their house when he's mad with Ange. Liza got silenced with that. Her Uncle wants her to break up with her boyfriend.

The grandmother also told us that when they went to the precinct, the police got mad at the boyfriend for insisting that he'll blotter the child. He's afraid that he will be killed by Ange. Ange was already 15 years old. But still, they can't put him in prison. They then went to DSWD, but the same response. So, since they can't put him in prison, the boyfriend asked for the damage to his motorcycle. The father got mad and told that he waits for the money if there is. Because the father was a motorcycle driver, so he doesn't have enough money to pay for the damage.

The grandma and the father got mad at my friend's boyfriend and told him that he can't go to their house anymore.



For me, it is really hard to handle children like Ange. It's also my first time to encounter a kid like him. I saw how dangerous he is if not disciplined. Maybe, he acts like that because his father will always rescue him if he has enemies.

What I noticed about Ange is that you should understand him. Show him that you understand him. If you don't like what he did, you can gently tell him. And smile while you are telling him don't and explain why. I am not good at sign language but when I talk to him, I always smile. A kid like him can't express their feelings through words, that is why they are showing it through action, and sometimes they are having tantrums. We as abled people should understand and put some effort to strengthen our patience in interacting with them. Show that we care for them.

How about you? How will you interact with people like Ange?

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