Complete Family. What does it mean?

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Are you happy with your family? Is there harmony if the family is complete? What really a complete family means?


Here I am, sitting in the bench. I am thinking of the upcoming Family Day that will be held next week here in our school. I am thinking of not coming.


"Yes, Jelly?" It was my friend who's walking towards me.

"You're just here, I thought you went somewhere again. Anyway, will you come to our Family Day next week? "

"Ahm!, Well, ahm, I am thinking of it. I will try, I'll ask Nanay and Tatay if they're free. " I told Jelly. I was a little bit shy while telling those words.

"Ahh, is that so? I think you need to come together with your family. We're compulsory to come." It was Jelly.

"Haayy! There's no new with Family Day for Yanna. You know, since the day she went to this school, her parents never attend any programs and recognition in our school even to attend meeting for her, right? Her parents are always not present. I am wondering why?" It was Cheska, one of my classmates.

"Ahhh, eehhh hihihi my parents were busy, that's why. " I smile at her.

"Ahh, okay. So, let's see each other next week? Good bye, Cheska and Yanna." It was Jelly.

"I also need to go. Bye, Cheska."

"Sure friend. Take care."


I immediately went home after I bid them good bye. I arrived at home safely but when I open the door.

"Nanay? Tatay? I'm he---" My words was cut with their loud voice.

"You're drunk again? You always drunk, you know we don't have money anymore." I heard Nanay shouts to Tatay.

I sighed when I saw them like that again. I put my bag on the mini table near in our door.

"So? You don't care Alicia. Don't you dare raise your voice to me. Be thankful that I still support you here especially regarding foods."

"Hoy! Mario, you're giving not enough money for our children. You always buy liquor than buying food for us."

"I told you, you stop cause I don't care. Don't you boss me."

"You know what, it's not only liquor you're been crazy, but you are also crazy for bringing women here. Don't you ever bring another girl this house. Or can I say this as a house? It's not a motel."

"You have no right to tell me what to do. And why should I followed you? You don't care if I bring women here. I am full with your sh***y mouth. "

"It's because you're doing unfortunate things to this house and to this family. You always gave us problems Mario."

"It's because I am tired of you. I don't like to see your face."

"If that's the case, let's broke up. I am tired of you Mario. I am tired of your vices and attitude."

I heard a loud thud. It's like something was been thrown in the kitchen where my Nanay and Tatay having a fight.I hurriedly run to the kitchen and there I saw broken plates and glasses.

"Don't you ever get near me Mario. If you tried to, I will throw you this knife." My Nanay shouts.

I felt nervous as I saw my Nanay positioning her hands holding the knife like she will throw this to Tatay. I run towards here and hug her. I hold her hands, holding the knife.

"Nay! Tay! Please, stop it already! Please!" I felt my tears streaming down to my face.

"Please, Tay! Nay! Stop this both of you! Have mercy! We're poor and yet you're fighting like this. What's with the both of you? I just arrived at school and then I will witnessed you killing each other? Oh, God, please stop this." I plead to them crying. I also shout at them.

"You told your mother to be sane, Yanna."

"Stop it Mario, you are the one should be the one to stop. I am sane and you are not. I will really stabbed you with this knife."

"Nay! Tay! Please, no , please. I am pleading you to stop. Why are both like that? Aren't you thinking of me. You know what, everytime you both fight like this, I am the one who's suffering in pain. I am in pain. I am jealous with my friends and classmates who have loving parents. I saw how they love each other. But look at you. I am the one who adjust to both of you. Why did you marry each other when in fact you both don't understand each other? It's frustrating that every time you fight, I , your daughter will always be the one to be affected. I am the one who's suffering. Why are you both doing this to me? Why?" I sat the ground and hugged myself.

"D**n this life!" I heard tatay shout and went outside the house.

"Anak, I am so sorry. I'm sorry." It was Nanay.

"It's okay Nay. It's okay." I said.

It's okay, even if I am the one who always been affected by their choice in life.

Yes, we are complete. But we're not happy. Our house was filled with shouts, fight and no love at all. It is what complete family brought to us, CHAOS.



Complete family is a blessing to everyone especially for the children. Who would not like to have an intact family, right? But then, it still depends on what kind of family you will belong.

About the story, it's true that the child was the one who will be affected if the parents have a fight. I am just lucky that my parents were not like that. When they have misunderstanding, I can't hear them shouting at each other. They talk in good way. Sometimes they didn't talk for an hour , and the. After an hour they're okay. Sometimes, my father will go to the farm and the. When he came home, they were okay.

That's why, it's good to know your partner before you vow to each other. Because, if you both were married and during the time that you are living in the same roof, it will be a big problem if you don't know the real attitude of your partner. In that sense, you'll fight because of misunderstanding and your children will be the one who will be in burden.

If you are planning to get married, always remember the consequences and that your priority is your children and nothing else. Family should be the first priority. Do good things for the family. Leave all the bad habits that would affect your family in living peace.

If I am Yanna, of course, I will still chose to stay with my parents despite the fact that they always fight. Because it would be much hard to have no parents at all.

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